How to Make Kenyan Mahamri (Recipe) – 10 Steps

Kenyan Mahamri Recipe

You might not be familiar with mahamri snacks but in Kenya or in East Africa, this is just an ordinary treat.  Mahamri look like diminutive, bulging square or triangular dough which is fried until they attain the golden brown hue.  In its native land, mahamri taste best when servedwith chai tea.

How to make Nigerian Jollof Rice – 7 Steps

West African Party Jollof Rice

Usually gracing the parties in Nigeria, Jollof Rice (also popularly dubbed as ‘party jollof rice’) is a hands down favorite of plenty guests.  Its taste can be further enhanced with grilled or fried chicken, beef, fish, prawns and Moimoi, with Nigerian beef or chicken soup alongside the viand.