Food And Meal is a website dedicated to sharing reviews on kitchen appliances, meticulously researched recipes crafted by our restaurant‘s team of chefs, kitchen tips and tricks, and articles on nutrition. The website is built and managed by the staff and experts of the Hana Hotel Travel Company.

Who Are We?

Our members are comprised of the global department staff of Hana Hotel Travel Company. Notably, the ready-to-eat food production department for restaurants is headed by Mark Zoch, the Hospitality Supplies department is managed by Kelly Atkinson, and the restaurant department is led by Chef John as the head chef.

Additionally, we collaborate with contributors, part-time employees, and freelancers from all over the world. So, Our team is a passionate ensemble of experts, pioneers in their respective domains, which include product experts, Product Quality Engineers, nutritionists, data analysts, researchers, seasoned head chefs, budding talented chefs, experienced product reviewers, functional nutritionists, writers, editors, mixology specialists, and marketing experts. Our diverse expertise ensures the delivery of accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date information.

Our aim? To educate and inspire our readers.

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Since its inception, Food And Meal has gained significant recognition in the culinary and hospitality world. Our insights, reviews, and expertly curated content have made headlines in some of the most prestigious publications and platforms. Here are some places where we’ve been spotlighted: Wikipedia , BuzzFeed, Hanami Hotel Danang, Houston Chronicle, and Yahoo!. These accolades underscore our unwavering dedication to providing accurate product reviews and standout culinary insights to our audience.

Meet Our Expert Review Board

At Food And Meal, we prioritize accuracy and reliability in every piece of content we share. To ensure the highest standards of authenticity, each article undergoes a rigorous review process by the Hana Hotel Travel Company. Leading this review are two distinguished individuals: Mark Zoch, a respected health coach from Houston and the founder of The Dinner Dude, specializing in providing prepared meals, and Chef John, a seasoned chef boasting over 20 years of culinary expertise.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. In collaboration with Hana Travel Company, we are privileged to work alongside a panel of eminent professionals. This includes Household Product Engineers, Nutrition Experts, Health and Healthcare Experts, Consumers and End Users, and Environmental Experts. Their invaluable insights and guidelines empower us to produce content grounded in evidence, reflecting the utmost quality of kitchen appliances. Additionally, their expertise guides us in curating recipes that resonate with culinary excellence and relevance. With such a robust review system in place, we ensure that our audience receives nothing but the best.

Author Profiles
Kitchen Appliance and Bedding Expert at Winning Appliances
Trisha Morgan is an expert in kitchen appliances and bedding. She served as the Kitchen Appliance Manager at Harvey Norman for 14 years from 1998 to 2012 and later as a Cooking Appliance Specialist. Since 2013, she has been a product expert at Winning Appliances.
Author Profiles
Head of UK market development at King Living
Paul Pudan is a global retail expert with significant roles at prominent brands like Liberty of London, Laura Ashley, and House of Fraser. He held leadership positions at Courts across multiple countries, transformed Harvey Norman's operations in Singapore, and spearheaded King Living's UK expansion. With a knack for navigating diverse markets and introducing innovative retail strategies, Paul stands as a notable figure in the retail industry.  
Author Profiles
Kitchen Appliance & White Goods Specialist at Harvey Norman
Paul Faiman - Kitchen Appliance Specialist and Retail Professional, is a Kitchen Appliance & White Goods Specialist at Harvey Norman Superstore in Chadstone. With a strong background in retail, he excels in sales, store management, and negotiation. A graduate of Caulfield Grammar School, Paul is known for his operational expertise and commitment to top-tier customer service.
Author Profiles
Store Manager and Product Expert at Winning Group
Amy Timbs holds the position of Store Manager at Winning Group, where she has been contributing her expertise for over 4 years. In addition to her managerial role, Amy has an extensive 12-year tenure as a Product Expert, showcasing her deep knowledge and commitment to the industry. With a track record spanning over a decade, Amy stands out for her leadership skills and her ability to provide detailed product insights, making her an invaluable asset to the Winning Group team.
Author Profiles
Product Quality Engineer at DKB Household UK Ltd
Edward Bailey graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2009 with a BSc Hons in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing in Engineering, focusing on Mechanical Engineering. He has worked as a Technical Engineer Placement at Thames Water and a Technical Assistant at Jarden Consumer Solutions. Currently, he serves as a Product Quality Engineer at DKB Household UK Ltd since 2017. Edward brings a wealth of experience and expertise in mechanical engineering and product quality to his role.
Author Profiles
BSc (Hons) ACIM M.APS, Head of Ecommerce at DKB Household UK Ltd
David Goodman, BSc (Hons) ACIM M.APS, graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in Geography in 2000 and later earned a Professional Diploma from Guildford College in 2005. He received certifications from the Association of Professional Sales and INLPTA in 2018. With professional stints at Tele Atlas and Brother UK Ltd, David is currently the Head of Ecommerce at DKB Household UK Ltd since 2021.
Author Profiles
Senior Manager Operation and Warehouse at MAYSTAR BEAUTY SDN BHD
Ben Tan, with a degree from the University of Plymouth, has 20+ years in supply chain management, excelling in logistics and warehouse operations. He's worked extensively in manufacturing and FMCG distribution, undertaking roles from QC to logistics. Ben is skilled in tools like AutoCAD and is known for his results-driven, self-motivated approach in the dynamic market landscape.  
Author Profiles
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, integrative and functional nutrition expert, speaker, author, educator at Maryland University of Integrative Health
Dr. Dana M. Elia is a seasoned nutrition specialist from Lancaster, PA, with over 27 years in functional nutrition. She founded Fusion Integrative Health and Wellness, LLC, and has been affiliated with top institutions like Maryland University of Integrative Health. A leader in her field, Dr. Elia has authored notable publications and books on nutrition. Outside her professional life, she cherishes outdoor activities with her family and dog, Champ.  
Author Profiles
Naturopathy And Yoga Consultant, Acupuncturist, Diet and Nutrition expert, wellness doctor at Government Ayurvedic Hospital and yoga and Naturopathy Wellness center
Dr. Shekhar Choudhary, a BNYS graduate, is an expert in Naturopathy, Yogic Sciences, and the Indian Nature cure medical system. He possesses skills in acupuncture, acupressure, physiotherapy, and Ayurvedic techniques like Nadi Priksha. With experience across various Nature Cure Centers, Dr. Choudhary is also well-versed in allopathic treatments and holds an MSc in Clinical Psychology from CCS University, offering both psychological counseling and consultation.
Author Profiles
Clinical Nutrition Expert and Educator at Maryland University of Integrative Health
Dr. Jessica Titchenal is a renowned expert in nutrition and functional medicine with advanced degrees including a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) and a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health (MS). She also holds a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential. Dr. Titchenal is recognized for her deep expertise in the field and is a passionate educator in health and wellness.

Meet our writers

We hold our content to high standards. Our writers spend countless hours on research to produce in-depth articles and buying guides. Additionally, our authors have rigorously tested each recipe multiple times to curate the most delicious and easy-to-follow cooking instructions for our readers.

Read more about our team here

Our Comprehensive Process

At Food And Meal, we adhere to a meticulous methodology to review kitchen appliances, guaranteeing our readers trustworthy and reliable product evaluations. Our process includes extensive hands-on research, rigorous assessments of factors like functionality and durability, incorporation of user and expert feedback, validation from our Expert Review Board, comparative analysis, continuous improvement, updates, and comprehensive data analysis.

Editorial Policy

Maintaining the utmost standards of quality, accuracy, and relevance is central to our editorial policy at Food And Meal. Each article we publish undergoes a stringent review process by our Expert Review Board, consisting of functional nutritionists, writers, editors, and certified kitchen experts. This rigorous approach ensures that our content is engaging, accurate, and aligned with the latest practices and understandings.

Content Creation Process

Content Creation Process at Food And Meal Our content creation process follows a meticulous four-step approach to ensure the delivery of the best possible content:

  1. Extensive Research: Our team conducts thorough research, consulting numerous sources and experts in the field to gather comprehensive information. Whether it’s about kitchen appliances, recipes, health, or kitchen hacks, we delve deep into every topic.
  2. Engaging Content Development: Our skilled writers distill the gathered information into engaging, fact-based content, providing valuable insights in one easily accessible location.
  3. Expert Fact-Checking: Depending on the topic:
    • For kitchen appliances: Our kitchen appliance experts meticulously fact-check the articles to ensure accuracy and reliability.
    • For recipes, health, and kitchen hacks: Specialists from our Expert Review Board step in to ensure that every piece of information is accurate and up-to-date.
  4. Final Review and Publishing: All articles undergo a final review by Hana Hotel Travel Company to ensure comprehensive and accurate coverage. Chef John and Sir Mark Zoch are responsible for the content.

This structured approach guarantees that our readers receive top-notch content, backed by thorough research and expert validation.

Community and Engagement

Building a vibrant community of individuals passionate about kitchen and home cooking is at the core of our vision at Food And Meal. We actively engage with our readers through comments, social media platforms, and other channels, fostering an open and interactive dialogue. By listening to our audience’s needs and preferences, we can deliver tailored and relevant content that genuinely resonates.

Our Vision & Commitment

Our vision for Food And Meal is to be the unparalleled global resource for all kitchen appliance-related matters. We strive to cultivate a worldwide community of cooking enthusiasts equipped with the knowledge and tools to optimize their kitchen experiences and lead healthier culinary lives. In collaboration with our Expert Review Board, we remain committed to producing high-quality, evidence-based content reflecting the latest research and trends in kitchen technology.

Education and Resources

We offer an extensive range of educational resources to our readers, including detailed answers to kitchen-related questions, up-to-date appliance reviews, the latest news and trends in kitchen tech, and expert advice through our Food And Meal newsletter.

  • Detailed Responses: Find in-depth answers to common kitchen-related questions and discover helpful tips. Up-to-Date Appliance Reviews: Make informed decisions with our unbiased and current kitchen appliance reviews. Latest News and Trends: Stay informed about the latest advancements in kitchen technology and industry developments. Food And Meal Newsletter: Subscribe to our newsletter and receive expert advice directly to your inbox.
  • Kitchen Education Our commitment to kitchen education is unwavering. We provide extensive resources covering topics such as appliance features, frequently asked kitchen questions, recycling old appliances, and tips for various cooking techniques.
  • Appliance Features: Gain a deeper understanding of appliance functionalities through our detailed explanations. Frequently Asked Kitchen Questions: Find comprehensive answers to common queries related to kitchen and appliances. Recycling Old Appliances: Discover environmentally conscious ways to dispose of old appliances with our detailed guidelines. Tips for Various Cooking Techniques: Optimize your cooking and improve meal quality with our practical tips tailored to different culinary techniques.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner looking to improve your culinary skills, Food And Meal is dedicated to assisting you on your journey towards better cooking. Engage with us, subscribe to our newsletter, and join a passionate community dedicated to the transformative power of a delicious meal.

Advertising Disclosure

At Food And Meal, we strive to provide informative and helpful content about kitchen appliances and utensils. While browsing our website, you might come across links to various kitchen products available on Amazon. It’s important to note that Food And Meal does not collaborate with brands for commission; we only share these product links. Our main goal is to provide the most accurate reviews, information, prices, and verified ratings. We do not profit from these links.

We have partnered with various kitchen-focused companies and have chosen to provide these links to keep our content free and accessible to all our readers. This allows us to concentrate on delivering in-depth content and conducting independent research on kitchenware topics.

Our team of writers and editors adhere to strict guidelines to maintain transparency and integrity. We are not driven by the desire to earn commissions; our primary objective is to enhance our readers’ understanding of diverse kitchen-related topics.

For those interested in delving deeper, please refer to our full advertising policy.

Privacy Policy

At, we’re dedicated to a comfortable reading experience, and that includes protecting the privacy of those who visit our website. The data we collect is primarily used to enhance our service and your user experience.

For more details on our privacy policy, please read our privacy policy page.

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Every article on our website is written to inform the reader. However, it should not replace the advice or diagnosis of a culinary professional. If you have questions or concerns about your cooking or kitchen appliances, please consult a specialist.

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