1. What is Food And Meal?

Food And Meal is the leading platform that provides comprehensive consultation for kitchen equipment installations tailored for hotels and restaurants. Founded initially as the Food And Meal restaurant in 2015, we became part of Hana Hotel Travel Company in 2022. Our mission revolves around delivering valuable insights on kitchen utilities and sharing expertise on restaurant setups and operations.

2. Who is behind Food And Meal?

Our team is a diverse group of experts, including nutritionists, data analysts, researchers, head chefs, product reviewers, mixology specialists, and marketing experts, among others. Their collective knowledge ensures we offer accurate and current information to our readers.

3. Has Food And Meal been featured elsewhere?

Yes! We’ve been recognized by reputable publications like BuzzFeed, Hanami Hotel Danang, Houston Chronicle, and Yahoo!. These acknowledgments are a testament to our dedication and expertise.

4. How do you ensure the accuracy of your articles?

All our content undergoes a rigorous review process. Each article is vetted by our Expert Review Board, spearheaded by Mark Zoch and Chef John, and undergoes further scrutiny by the Hana Hotel Travel Company.

5. What is the content creation process at Food And Meal?

Our content creation follows a structured four-step approach:

  • Extensive Research
  • Engaging Content Development
  • Expert Fact-Checking
  • Final Review and Publishing

This meticulous approach ensures that our audience receives high-quality, well-researched information.

6. How do you engage with your community?

Building a passionate community is vital for us. We actively interact with our readers via comments, social media platforms, and other channels, ensuring we’re always in tune with their needs and preferences.

7. Do you have an affiliate partnership?

Yes, while browsing FoodAndMeal.com, you might come across product links. We have partnered with various kitchen-focused companies and receive funding through affiliate links. However, our primary goal remains to offer unbiased, in-depth content.

8. How is user privacy protected on FoodAndMeal.com?

We prioritize our readers’ comfort and privacy. The data we collect is used to enhance our services and user experience. For a detailed overview, please refer to our privacy policy page.

9. Where can I read the terms of use?

Our terms of use provide a detailed understanding of how our content should be interpreted and utilized. We recommend consulting a culinary professional for specific advice or diagnoses.

10. How can I stay updated with the latest from Food And Meal?

To keep up with the latest content, news, and expert advice, consider subscribing to the Food And Meal newsletter.

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