On February of 2015, the section for the foodies got its independence from the information-giving site. It now gives food recipes their own right to communicate with their readers and foodies who have the strong craving for succulence. It becomes a partner in creating wonderful dishes for you and your loved ones.

Food and Meal embraces different kinds of recipes from around the world. From the humble street foods to the meals worthy for fine dining experience all are ready to be tasted and tested within your kitchen. The foodie behind this blog firmly believes that every recipe is a must try at home. One does not need the restaurant to experience taste and nutrition, but they start right at the hearth of home… the kitchen.

The blog is ready to bring you to all corners for the world—Asia, Mediterranean, American, European, African. Each region, country or continent has their own signature dish within the pages of Food and Meal. Vegetarian, pasta, soup, hors d’oeuvre, salad, kosher, desserts and beverage step by step recipes unfold herein to guide every reader and foodie all throughout cooking. Every foodie by heart will get lost to the wonders and temptations of every recipe written within the site.

Further, enjoying good food shouldn’t be a lonely experience. It should always be enjoyed with your loved ones whether friends or family. With every recipe within Food and Meal’s pages, you should be able just as that. Hope you enjoy reading and making the recipes written here!

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