The 7 Best Roasting Pan For Prime Rib

When it comes to prime rib, it’s often considered a special occasion dish that deserves careful preparation. Ensuring that it’s cooked to perfection is paramount. An essential component for this culinary endeavor is a top-notch roasting pan. Fortunately, Food and Meal have meticulously evaluated numerous options and have handpicked the finest choices to assist you in finding the ultimate roasting pan for prime rib. This article will be provide to you about The 7 Best Roasting Pan For Prime Rib.

How To Choose The Best Roasting Pan For Prime Rib?

In this buying guide, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect roasting pan for a standing rib roast. We’ll also tell you what to look for when buying a roasting pan, so you can find the one that will be best for your needs.

Material: Nonstick Vs Stainless Steel

When it comes to roasting pans, there are two main types: stainless steel and non-stick. For home cooks who enjoy preparing prime rib and other large cuts of meat, it’s essential to have a pan that can handle the task.

A durable pan that doesn’t scratch or wear down quickly is crucial. Additionally, a spacious surface area is necessary to accommodate large roasts or cuts of meat.

In terms of stainless steel versus non-stick, both options can get the job done. However, stainless steel pans tend to be pricier, while non-stick models are generally more affordable.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each type of pan:

  • Non-stick pans are convenient and easy to clean, but they may not be as durable as stainless steel. They are generally affordable but not dishwasher-safe. Cheaper non-stick pans can have issues with peeling or flaking, and makeshift solutions like using foil or parchment paper can lead to sticking problems.
  • Stainless steel pans are known for their durability and longevity. While they may require more effort to clean by hand, many models feature a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking and can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. It’s important to note that stainless steel pans are often pricier compared to other options.
Best Roasting Pan For Prime Rib
Top roasting pans for perfect prime rib


The purpose of a rack is to elevate your roast or bird, allowing for better air circulation and ensuring juicy and evenly roasted prime rib. It also helps prevent the meat from drying out.

There are two common types of racks available: flat racks and V-shaped racks. The choice between the two is a topic of debate among cooking enthusiasts.

Flat racks provide a larger surface area, allowing for more space around the roast. On the other hand, V-shaped racks help maintain the roast’s uniform shape, which can aid in thorough cooking.

Flat Bottom

Make sure that your chosen roasting pan has a completely flat bottom to be suitable for stovetop cooking. This is super beneficial in making gravies or sauces to scrape every bit of drippings.

It’s also advised that the roaster has no troughs, wells, or ridges for the same reason.

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Maximum Oven-Safe Temperature

Generally, roasts are cooked below 400 degrees, but on occasion, you may want to sear or brown the roast, you might need a higher temperature. A good roasting pan must withstand 450 F degrees at least to avoid wrapping

Best Roasting Pan For Prime Rib
Using roasting pan

What Is The Optimal Size Of Roasting Pan For Prime Rib?

Oven Size

To determine the size of your oven, you have two options. You can measure it from the front to the back, or you can use a ruler to get the precise measurements. Whichever method you choose, ensure that you include the width and height of the oven, as well as the depth (the distance between the top and bottom).

Roasting Pan Dimensions

Select a pan that fits an eight-rib roast or a 20-pound turkey, typically around 16 by 12 inches. Unless you have a smaller oven or limited kitchen space, rectangular roasting pans are better than oval ones as they provide more room for additional ingredients.


Essential handles for effective prime rib cooking require a balance. They must be sturdy for carrying yet not too weighty for maneuvering. Consider factors like handle thickness, ensuring they can bear the pan’s weight, especially during stovetop use for prime rib prep. Lastly, choose handles of a comfortable size for a solid grip, even with oven mitts, minus any cooking discomfort.

The Best Roasting Pan For Cooking Prime Rib

Best Price

Viking Culinary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Roasting Pan

4.7 (926 ratings) $239.95
Viking designed this roasting pan with the home cook in mind by integrating several unique features. The unique Inverted handles allow the roaster to fit into ovens with ease, minimizing space versus roasters with handles Extended outward. The Inverted handles also make the roaster ergonomically easier to put into and take out of the oven.
Inverted handles take up less space in the oven
Great heat retention and distribution
Sturdy and durable
Can hold meats at least 20lbs
Will not fit in small ovens, specifications listed as 16 in x 13 in but pan is actually 17.5 in wide
Handles may get in the way when cooking larger meats

Prepare to be amazed by this exceptional stainless steel roasting pan designed specifically for prime rib. Not only does it boast an impressive aesthetic appeal, but its performance is truly outstanding. If you’re seeking a top-tier pan, your search ends here.

With its generous size, this roasting pan can effortlessly accommodate a hefty 20lb turkey. But that’s not all – it also comes with an impressive limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring a worry-free purchase that stands the test of time.

Crafted with a three-ply metal construction, this pan features a magnetic stainless steel exterior and an aluminum core, while the interior is made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. This unique composition guarantees even heat distribution and makes the pan induction-ready. It’s truly a versatile kitchen companion.

Included in the package is a V-shaped cooking rack, coated with a PFOA and PFOE-free nonstick coating. This thoughtful addition ensures easy cleaning and enhances your cooking experience. Additionally, the double-riveted inverted handles provide a secure grip, allowing you to transport your delectable creation with confidence.

Best Price

Viking 8.5 Quart Stainless Steel Oval Roaster

4.7 (919 ratings) $219.00
The Viking 8.5 Quart 3-in 1 Roaster is a versatile cooking vessel; use it as a conventional open roaster for poultry, meats or vegetables, add the lid to convert it into a 9 Quart (to rim) covered roaster, Dutch Oven or stockpot.
Induction ready 3-in 1 versatility as roasting pan, dutch oven and casserole dish
Stainless steel interior does not react with food which preserves food flavor
High sides may cause longer cooking times

If you’re seeking a roasting pan that offers more than meets the eye, look no further. The top contender for your consideration is the Viking option, which not only excels as a roasting pan with a rack but also doubles as a versatile Dutch oven or stock pot.

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Although it is advertised to handle a 14lb turkey, we found that fitting a bird of that size onto the roaster rack was a bit challenging. However, rest assured that the ample size is more than sufficient for flawlessly roasting a prime rib or a bird weighing up to 12 lbs.

But here’s where it gets really exciting. The 4 Qt. lid that accompanies this roaster can be used independently as a versatile casserole dish or even as a sauté pan. This remarkable flexibility adds tremendous value to your culinary endeavors.

Allow us to introduce the Viking 3-Ply Stainless Steel Oval Roaster with Metal Induction Lid and Rack, boasting a substantial capacity of 8.5 quarts. Its three-layer construction combines the durability of stainless steel with the exceptional conductivity of aluminum. This perfect fusion ensures optimal heat distribution throughout the entire vessel, guaranteeing exceptional cooking results.

Best Price

Farberware Nonstick Steel Roaster

4.5 (257 ratings) $29.87
Constructed from heavy-duty steel, with sturdy stainless steel handles that won't move when you move your roasts from oven to table.
Easy to handle
Easy clean up
Flat rack can cause foods cooked breast-down to be unsteady
Nonstick coating can flake away when exposed to higher heat

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly choice to roast your prime rib, the Farberware pan is a fantastic option. Crafted from heavy-duty steel, this pan is designed to withstand warping, ensuring years of reliable use.

What sets this pan apart is its nonstick coating, both on the interior and exterior. This feature guarantees effortless food release and quick cleanup, making your cooking experience a breeze. Don’t let its modest size deceive you; the Farberware pan is equally adept at roasting other delectable dishes such as chicken and pork.

Moreover, the pan boasts sturdy handles that provide a confident grip, allowing you to lift heavy meals with ease.

Best Price

Anolon Triply Clad Stainless Steel Roaster

4.6 (1017 ratings) $130.00
Roast delicious meats in the Anolon Tri-Ply Clad 17-Inch x 12.5-Inch Stainless Steel Nonstick Roaster with Rack. The roaster's durable three-ply construction features an aluminum core between layers of stainless steel for excellent heat distribution and the sophisticated roasting pan exterior boasts easy-to-clean stainless steel.
Large handles make for easy lifting
Aluminum core allows pan to be used on stove for browning
Easy to clean
Very sturdy
Does not come with a lid

Look no further, as the Anolon roasting pan surpasses all expectations when it comes to selecting the perfect companion for your prime rib. With its generous size of 17 inches, you’ll have ample room to add vegetables to the pan, should you desire to do so.

Featuring a heavy-gauge construction and a full aluminum core, this pan ensures even heating throughout, guaranteeing a flawlessly cooked prime rib and other delightful dishes. The nonstick rack included with the pan is a convenient addition, facilitating effortless cleanup while preserving the delectable crust on your prime rib.

What’s more, purchasing this roaster grants you peace of mind, thanks to its full lifetime warranty. Rest assured that you’re making a durable investment that will provide years of exceptional roasting experiences.

Best Price

All-Clad E752C264 Large Roaster

4.8 (833 ratings) $179.95
Take home cooking beyond the ordinary with All-Clad's Stainless Steel Roti Combo, a roasting pan set that's ideal for vegetables and chicken. Like all All-Clad cookware, this roasting pan is crafted with premium stainless steel. The Roti Combo features classic style, ergonomic design, and durable construction for long-lasting performance. The set includes a nonstick V-shaped roasting rack.
Fast, even cooking
Able to transport from oven to stove for making gravy
Doubles as a great lasagna or casserole pan
Not induction compatible
A bit heavy

For devoted fans of the renowned All-Clad brand, we’ve discovered the ultimate All-Clad roasting pan for preparing prime rib. This professional-grade roasting pan boasts a timeless design that guarantees long-lasting performance.

With 2 ¾ inch high sides, this pan effectively reduces splattering while ensuring the cooking time remains unaffected. The V-shaped nonstick cooking rack is a standout feature, equipped with secure handles that are spacious enough to accommodate easy transportation, even when wearing thick oven mitts.

Crafted from 18/10 stainless steel, this roasting pan is non-reactive, preserving the authentic flavors of your dishes. In terms of size, when you’re not using it for roasting prime rib, its impressive dimensions of 13 inches x 16 inches provide more than enough space to accommodate a large Thanksgiving turkey or any other culinary creation you have in mind.

Best Price

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster With Rack

4.7 (1310 ratings) $89.99
An essential piece of cookware for family dinners, parties, and holiday celebrations, the Cuisinart Roasting Pans are designed to hold turkeys, chickens, and large roasts. Riveted stainless steel handles make placing the roasters into the oven, and lifting them out, safe and hassle free. Solid stainless steel racks allow heat to circulate and let meat or poultry drain as it cooks.
Holds the high temperature
Superb heat distribution for even cooking.
Thick, durable, and sturdy
Suitable for big eaters and fit perfectly over two burners
The complete flat bottom makes it perfect for making gravies
Cleans nicely with a dishwasher-friendly advantage
Reasonably priced
The V rack is not non-stick
Some users reported a finishing problem.

Introducing the meticulously designed roasting pan by Cuisinart, a trusted name in kitchen technology renowned for its exceptional cookware. Crafted with professional precision, this roasting pan features a triple-ply construction, boasting a stainless steel core and a brushed stainless exterior. This innovative design ensures remarkable durability, eliminating concerns of rusting or deterioration over time. The double-walled construction not only guarantees longevity but also offers the benefit of even heat distribution throughout the entire cookware, thanks to the Heat Surround Technology. Say goodbye to pesky hot spots! With this pan, you’ll achieve beautifully browned, perfectly cooked prime rib, adorned with a tantalizing crust and irresistible crispy skin. Not only is this roasting pan resilient, but it can also handle high temperatures with ease, safely accommodating up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven.

Whether you prefer a medium prime rib roast baked at 350 degrees or wish to cook a massive 20-pound turkey, this pan has the ideal size and capacity to cater to your needs. The solid stainless steel handle not only stays cool to the touch, safeguarding your hands from burns, but it’s also riveted securely to the pan, ensuring stability and ease of handling.

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When you’re finished cooking, removing the pan from the burner is a breeze. Cuisinart’s roaster is thoughtfully equipped with a tight-fitting cover designed to seal in moisture and nutrients, resulting in more flavorful and healthier dishes. You can bid farewell to the hassle of dealing with burnt-on food, as this cover effectively contains any potential mess within. This induction-ready cookware by Cuisinart is compatible with all standard stovetops, including electric, induction, gas, and ceramic. To make your cleaning routine a breeze, this roasting pan is dishwasher safe, featuring an easy-clean surface. Simply wipe it down with a sponge and warm water, then rinse it thoroughly in the dishwasher for a hassle-free cleanup experience.

Best Price

Calphalon Contemporary 16-Inch Stainless Steel Roasting Pan With Rack

4.7 (655 ratings) $149.99
Clean lines and curves crafted from lustrous, brushed stainless steel combine sophisticated style with the professional performance you expect from all Calphalon cookware. The roasting pan has a heavy-gauge aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel by means of high-heat, high-pressure impact bonding for extreme durability.
Sturdy and heavy in a good way
Easy to lift food with the handles
Perfect size for almost any oven.
Excellent temperature distribution for browning.
Unbelievably easy to clean
Lifetime warranty
The bottom isn’t flat Not suitable for induction cookers
The V rack is slightly unstable
Unfoldble handles
Slightly large
This roaster has been fantastic in our experience, and it’s no wonder it was nominated as the best by America’s Test Kitchen. Its heavy-duty aluminum core with brushed stainless steel layers ensures durability and excellent heat distribution. It’s versatile for making gravies, browning, and roasting various dishes. The included non-stick rack holds up to 25 pounds of meat, perfect for large holiday dinners. The pan is safe for ovens and broilers, but not compatible with induction cooktops. The handles are convenient and easy to use, making it safe to lift when full.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the best roasting pans for prime rib:

1. What makes a roasting pan suitable for prime rib?

  • Answer: A good roasting pan for prime rib should have a sturdy construction, even heat distribution, and a size large enough to accommodate the roast comfortably. Additionally, features like a roasting rack and handles are beneficial.

2. What material is best for a roasting pan for prime rib?

  • Answer: Stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminum are popular choices for roasting pans. They offer durability, even heat distribution, and are easy to clean.

3. Does the roasting pan come with a roasting rack?

  • Answer: Many quality roasting pans for prime rib come with a roasting rack. This elevated rack allows air to circulate around the roast, promoting even cooking and browning.

4. Can I use a roasting pan for prime rib on the stovetop?

  • Answer: Some roasting pans are stovetop-safe, allowing you to use them for making gravy or deglazing after roasting. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for stovetop compatibility.

5. What size roasting pan is ideal for a prime rib roast?

  • Answer: The size depends on the size of your prime rib roast. A pan that is 16 to 18 inches in length and 13 to 15 inches in width is typically sufficient for most prime rib roasts.

6. Are there roasting pans with lids for prime rib?

  • Answer: While lids are not common for roasting pans, some models come with a fitted cover. Lids can help retain moisture during roasting.

7. Can I use a disposable aluminum pan for roasting prime rib?

  • Answer: While disposable pans are convenient, they may not offer the same durability and even heat distribution as more substantial roasting pans. A sturdy, reusable pan is often recommended for prime rib.

8. Do I need a nonstick coating on the roasting pan for prime rib?

  • Answer: A nonstick coating is not necessary for roasting pans used for prime rib. The focus should be on durability, heat conductivity, and easy cleaning.

9. How do I clean a roasting pan after cooking prime rib?

  • Answer: Allow the pan to cool, soak it if necessary, and use a gentle scrub or brush to remove any residue. Some roasting pans are dishwasher-safe, but check the manufacturer’s instructions.

10. Can I use a roasting pan for other cooking purposes?

  • Answer: Yes, a versatile roasting pan can be used for roasting various meats, poultry, vegetables, and even for baking or broiling. It’s a multi-functional kitchen tool.

When choosing a roasting pan for prime rib, consider the size of your roast, the material of the pan, and any additional features that enhance its functionality. Reading customer reviews and checking product specifications will help you find the best roasting pan for your prime rib cooking needs.

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