20+ Air Fryer Recipes for Your Healthy Meals

Recently, air fryers have appeared a lot in the kitchen of modern families and it is loved a lot by homemakers. So, what is it and its mechanism of action?. And with a convenient air fryer, what kinds of food can you prepare for your family, what are the best air fryer recipes you should know to cook delicious meals? Read all this post, you will have the answer right away!

What are an air fryer and its operating principle?

Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals

What is an air fryer?

Air fryers are an excellent alternative to traditional frying. They do not use oil and heat up food quickly. They also do not add to the calories. The air-powered device can be very convenient, as you can cook your favorite foods right in your kitchen! The cooking time depends on the type of food you want to cook and the temperature of the unit. Depending on the type of food, the frying time will vary.

This cooking equipment uses very little oil, often no oil at all, which is an important benefit. This means that you can enjoy deep-fried foods without having to worry about the health risks. In addition to using 80% less oil, air-fried food is also better for your diet and can be a great way to satisfy your family’s cravings. These air-fried foods can also be delicious because they cook quickly.

The operating mechanism

Air Fryer'S Operating System

An air fryer does not actually fry your dish. It’s because “fry” means food cooked in hot oil. Depending on each kind of food, the cook will use a suitable amount of oil. The food can be deep or half fried in oil, then the hot oil helps the food be cooked well. 

However, it has a heating element that directs the heat toward the food, creating a deep frying experience. In addition, a fan connected to the heating element pushes the air in the cooking chamber upwards, causing a strong airflow in a vertical direction. The heat energy produced by the heater reaches the food molecules, creating the nutty taste associated with fried foods.

Because the food is fried in the air, a big disadvantage of an air fryer is that it uses a very low amount of oil. Since it operates on the principle of convection, food items must be separated from each other to allow hot air to circulate evenly. This means that a full basket will not brown evenly. Therefore, you need to cook in small batches, so you can enjoy the benefits of cooking healthy food without the added calories. 

Best air fryer for family

These air fryers have been carefully selected based on their features, performance, capacity, and overall customer satisfaction. Whether you have a small or large family, these appliances offer convenience, versatility, and healthier cooking options. Join us as we delve into the details of each air fryer, highlighting their unique qualities and benefits, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect air fryer to meet your family’s needs in 2023.

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How to use an air fryer optimally?

You may think that this kind of cooking equipment is really easy to use because all you need to do is put the food into the equipment, collect electricity, adjust the desired temperature and time button, and then your foods begin to be cooked. However, not everyone knows the way to use an air fryer effectively that helps extend the life of the equipment and enhance the flavor or attraction of the dishes. Listed below are some tips to use your electric air fryer safely and effectively. When using this equipment, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How To Use An Air Fryer Optimally?

Heating the pot before using

It is essential to heat the pot for around 3 minutes before controlling the desired temperature and putting the food in the pot to cook. This helps cook well the food because a standard temperature is set up in advance.

Taking advantage of the food’s available oil

Some foods need to be marinated oil before being cooked in the air fryer such as seafood, potatoes,… This helps the foods not be dried and more delicious. However, for foods containing fat such as dark chicken, ground beef, fatty meat, … you can take advantage of the oil content available on them without further seasoning.

Apply a bit of oil to the pot to prevent sticking

For some foods having a high stick content, you can apply a bit of oil on the grilles of the pot to make sure your foods are not broken and look more eye-catching. You can use spray frying oil to limit the amount of oil if needed. Spray cooking oil always uses less oil and is more effective than traditional spreading.

Don’t put too much food in the pot

The air fryer operates by hot air circulating in the inner pot to cook the food. Adding too much food at once will not only make your food is not cooked evenly, but it will also cost you more time to fry. To prevent this, you can divide the food into small parts and cook them many times. Or you can consider buying a bigger air fryer if your family needs it

Stir well when frying small foods

When cooking small foods, it is necessary to stir well to make sure the food is cooked evenly. Don’t worry about opening the pot to check if the food is cooked because the air fryer will temporarily automatically stop and run again when you close it

Pour water into the pot when white smoke appears

When cooking some foods containing a high-fat content, it will not be strange if you see a white smoke flow exits from the pot. To solve it, you just need to pour a little bit of water (about 2 tablespoons) into the pot and then the smoke will disappear.

Benefits of air fryer recipes

You may have heard about the benefits of using an air fryer and wondered whether it is worth the money and time. There are a lot of advantages to using this cooking equipment and here are a few of the most important. 

  • The food cooked inside an electric fryer does not lose any nutrients and ingredients
  • The food is cooked faster than it would in a conventional oven because hot air is circulating through the food instead of oil. 
  • The air fryer uses less oil, which makes it much more eco-friendly than a conventional one. Also, it does not produce a lot of greases, which is an essential feature for any appliance.
  • An electric air fryer is easy to clean, so it is the perfect choice for a busy parent
  • An air-fryer is healthier than a regular oven. Compared to a traditional deep-fried meal, an air-fried meal contains fewer calories and is less likely to cause inflammation, which decreases the risk of chronic disease
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Notices for air fryer recipes

An air fryer is not perfect for foods marinated a wet powder

Some dishes like chicken wings, shrimps, or chicken thighs are often marinated in a wet sifted flour layer before deep frying in oil. However, an air fryer is not designed to cook these kinds of dishes. It’s because instead of drying out, the powder layer will flow down during the cooking process, causing a loss of flavor to the dish.

Notices for air fryer recipe for chicken

Not every air fryers are appropriate to cook a whole chicken. As mentioned above, putting too many foods in the pot makes your dishes are not cooked evenly. This is similar to a whole chicken. To solve this, you can cut the chicken into small pieces before cooking it in the air fryer. Or you can use a large one if you want to have a cooked whole chicken.

Notices for air fryer recipe vegetables

Some kinds of vegetables may be perfect to bake in the air fryer, but some are not. Some vegetables such as spinach, broccoli,… can be too fried if you don’t add a bit of oil to them before preparing them in the air fryer. In addition, you can add 1 tablespoon of water to the tray below to ensure the moisture of the ingredients.

Don’t use too many dry seasonings

Most air fryer products use fan blades to expend warm air within the pot. Dried spices with small portions such as paprika, salt, or pepper need to be used sparingly. The warm air can blow these substances away, which ultimately clogs the engine.

Top air fryer recipe dishes for healthy meals

Pumpkin Oatmeal by Air Fryer
For a healthy and filling breakfast, try making pumpkin oatmeal. This recipe is very versatile. The sweetness of pumpkin can be substituted with maple syrup or honey, and the texture will remain creamy and fluffy for hours. You can also make it gluten-free if you prefer. This pumpkin oatmeal is also a good choice for breakfast and can be eaten for lunch or dinner, and it's good to keep in the fridge for up to four days.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 1
Veggie Burrito With Tofu by Air Fryer
Tofu is a great source of plant-based protein. You can use it in a variety of ways, including in a tofu scramble. Tofu can also be mashed in a blender or sliced into small pieces. Alternatively, you can add a small amount of tofu to a large burrito. Depending on your preference, you can serve a vegetarian or vegan veggie burrito with tofu!
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 2
Apple Steel Cut Oats by Air Fryer
Apple steel-cut oats are an easy and healthy way to start your day. This simple recipe is made with local apples and cinnamon. It's a great option for breakfast and can be eaten hot or cold. Aside from being a healthy choice, apple steel-cut oats are also vegan and gluten-free. Unlike other brands of oats, this delicious breakfast is low-calorie and satisfying.
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Apple Steel Cut Oats
Blueberries Vanillas Oats by Air Fryer
You will love BLUEBERRIES VANILLAS OATS, which are the perfect breakfast to start your day off on the right foot. They're the perfect blend of sweet and savory.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 3
Banana And Walnuts Oats by Air Fryer
Banana and walnuts OATS are the perfect breakfast or dessert. They are nutritious and delicious, and you can enjoy them anytime of the day. Besides, they are easy to make and are an excellent choice for snacking after a heavy dinner. 
The combination of oats and walnuts is healthy for your heart and helps you stay active throughout the day. You can also increase your potassium intake by using organic wheat flour. You can eat as much as you want of banana and walnut oats with your daily diet.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 4
Cinnamon Granola by Air Fryer
This sweet and crunchy Cinnamon granola is great for breakfast. It is a good addition to milk or yogurt. You can also use it to top yogurt. It has multiple health benefits and is great for kids of all ages.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 5
Zucchini Oatmeal by Air Fryer
Zucchini oatmeal is a tasty and healthy breakfast. It is a great option for a low-carb diet. It is also a versatile food choice for any meal. You can add it to your favorite dishes. As long as you don't add too much salt, it is good for you. If you want to add more protein or creaminess to your zucchini, you can add it to your favorite yogurt or to your smoothie.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 6
Almond And Cranberry Quinoa by Air Fryer
Almond And Cranberry Quinoa is an excellent side dish for a healthy breakfast or snack! This recipe can be served at any time of day. It can be refrigerated or frozen, depending on your preference.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 7
Air Fried Sweet Quinoa Mix
For a delicious breakfast, try this sweet quinoa mix. It has 12 times more fiber than cornflakes and is gluten-free. This breakfast dish is also a great way to get the day started off right! It is a perfect way to start your day and is a healthy snack for the whole family! For breakfast, try a bowl of this yummy, nutritious treat. It is a perfect way to kick-start your day!
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 8
Air Fried Couscous And Black Bean Bowl
The Couscous And Black Bean Bowl is a tasty, nutritious lunch. Its flavorful ingredients will leave you feeling satisfied for days! If you're a busy mom, it's a great way to start the week! You can make a huge Couscous And Black Bean Bowl the night before and enjoy it with friends! If you're a vegetarian, this dish will fill you up and satisfy your hunger. It's also great for your next meal prep.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 9
Air Fried Spicy Cauliflower Rice
If you're making Spicy Cauliflower Rice for a family dinner, you'll want to keep in mind that it is low-carb and gluten-free. But while this meal isn't exactly low-carb, it's still full of health-enhancing spices and seasonings. If you're concerned about the carbs, this dish is also low-carb and low-fat. The recipe is easy to make and is the perfect side dish for a busy day.
Air Fried Spicy Cauliflower Rice
Air Fried Radish Hash Browns
You'll have a delicious and healthy breakfast! These low-carb Radish Hash Browns are a great alternative to regular potatoes and are a great brunch, snack or side dish!
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 10
Air Fried Brussels Sprouts
If you are looking for a healthy, delicious side dish, air fried brussels sprouts are an excellent option. You'll have the perfect charred edges without the calories and fat of traditional cooking methods. The best part is that you can easily double the batch! You can even add parmesan and buffalo sauce to the brussels sprouts. These recipes will make any Brussels sprout lover smile.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 11
Air Fried Rosemary Green Beans
These Rosemary Green Beans and potatoes are perfect for a weeknight meal. You can make them ahead of time and freeze them for later. These beans will last for several days. Unlike some other recipes, this dish is ideal for meal prep. In fact, it can be used for more than one meal. This recipe will enhance the flavor of your food and make it more delicious. It will be an excellent complement to your steak or chicken!
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Air Fried Garlic Eggplant Slices
Make Garlic Eggplant Slices for an impressive side dish or a delicious appetizer. This recipe uses minimal sauce and is a great way to make your eggplant crispy.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 12
Air Fried Lemony Falafel
A classic lemony falafel recipe combines a chickpea base with a tahini sauce, garlic, and red onion. The flavor is bright and citrusy, and it's great with any type of salad. You can even serve this dish as a finger-food appetizer! And as a bonus, it can be served as a snack, lunch, or dinner. Depending on the size of the balls, you can serve them with pickled beets.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 13
Air Fried Sweet And Sour Tofu
Marinate tofu in a zesty blend of apple cider vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, lime juice, ginger, and garlic. Air fry until crispy. Simmer the marinade into a thick sauce. Serve tofu drizzled with sauce, adorned with green onions, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. A savory, quick delight!
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 14
Air Fried Crispy Chickpeas
The chickpeas can be roasted in the oven or air fryer. You can serve them hot or cold. They go well with salads and are good for your heart and diet. You can also make vegan meringues, marshmallow fluff, and confetti cake with aquafaba. This is one of the healthiest recipes for Crispy Chickpeas. This recipe is so tasty that it will make you want to snack on them all day long.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 15
Air Fried Skinny Pumpkin Chips
Air-fry pumpkin sticks brushed with coconut oil, seasoned, and cooked at 395°F for 13 mins. Shake basket halfway. Enjoy Homemade Skinny Pumpkin Chips with mayo.
Check out this recipe
20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 16
Air Fried Rainbow Vegetable Fritters
This recipe is ideal for kids and parents. They're a great snack for kids or as part of the main course, and they're easy to make. They're an ideal snack for little ones and they're also an excellent lunchbox choice. And because they're so simple to make, they're also great to make with your family. Just mix up the veggies, add a dip, and serve the fritters!
Check out this recipe
20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 17
Air Fried Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers
Make these easy Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers in 30 minutes or less with just a few basic ingredients and a grill. You don't need a barbecue grill to make them! You can use an air fryer or oven. Join the Vegan Mediterranean Diet Recipes Facebook group for support, inspiration, and fun! It's easy to get started and delicious food is only minutes away. Here are some tips for preparing them.
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20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 18
Air Fried Balsamic Root Vegetables
Balsamic Root Vegetables are a great side dish to serve on Thanksgiving or any other holiday. You can also serve it with chicken, pork, or poultry. To prepare balsamic root vegetables, use a slow cooker. To roast root vegetables, add oil, garlic, and dried cranberries. Pour the dressing over the veggies. You'll have a delicious side dish with a delicious flavor!
Check out this recipe
20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 19
Air Fried Thai Veggie Bites
Thai Veggie Bites are the ideal snack! You can also make a meal out of them. The vegetables are steamed or air-fried and the curry sauce is bursting with the delicious flavors of the region. The sauce is perfect for dipping rotis or naan. It's quick and easy to prepare, so you can snack on them whenever you like! The resulting meal is an incredible combination of flavor and texture.
Check out this recipe
20+ Air Fryer Recipes For Your Healthy Meals 20


Above are all the answers to the question of what is an air fryer? Once you have a clear understanding of the principle of operation and how to use an air fryer, you can consider how to cook food with this equipment effectively. Besides, refer to all air fryer recipes listed above to provide your family with healthy meals as most as possible. Good luck!

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