Thinking About Must-Eat Foods To Prevent Iron Deficiency
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Most people nowadays are experiencing iron deficiency because of the fact that they usually eat the right kind of foods. Since most of us are now busy doing lots of work, the only ‘decent’ foods that we can eat as of now are none other than foods that are usually offered in the fast-food chains. Fast foods also contain some nutrients, though. However, in order for us to become healthy, taking in every vitamins and mineral that our body needs must also be prioritized at all times.

Whenever people experience iron deficiency, this could greatly impact our blood, which is our main source of life. Once our blood becomes a problem, other problems could possibly come forth, such as iron deficiency anaemia and other blood-related diseases. If you don’t want your body to suffer from iron deficiency, you must remember to take the right amount of iron every day, especially if your job requires you to work on a graveyard shift.

Listed below are the foods that are known to be rich in iron, foods that you must eat in order to stay healthy:

1. Meat 

Aside from beef, other kinds of meat such as lamb and chicken contain heme iron, a kind of iron that’s easier to absorb by our bodies. If eating meat doesn’t bother you, you can eat it at least once a day. However, always remember that lean meat, especially lean beef, is much better.

2. Shellfish

If you’re somewhat bothered by the additional calories that eating meat can give you, eating shellfish must be the one for you. Just like lean meat, shellfish also contains heme iron.

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3. Tofu – Prevent Iron Deficiency

If you’re a downright vegan and eating anything with ‘face’ really disturbs you, eating tofu is the first that nutrition experts can recommend you. Aside from being a great source of protein, tofu is also known to contain iron. However, make sure that your tofu doesn’t have any added calcium since it is known to make iron absorption hard for your body.

4. Beans

Must-Eat Foods To Prevent Iron Deficiency - Top 5 Foods 1
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If you’re a fan of peanuts, lentils and black beans, then you’re already consuming a good amount of iron. Aside from containing healthy fats and protein, beans are known to contain iron.

5. Broccoli and Potatoes

Not only these two contain carbohydrates; they also contain large amounts of iron. In addition to that, broccoli and potatoes also contain Vitamin C, which helps you absorb iron much easier.

Must-Eat Foods To Prevent Iron Deficiency - Top 5 Foods 2

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