Basic and easy recipe to cook Low Potassium Bread And Celery Stuffing

As the leaves don their auburn hues and the harvest whispers its arrival, I find myself wrapped in the cozy embrace of the kitchen at Food and Meal, eager to share with you a dish that encapsulates the essence of home and heartiness. It’s time to talk about Bread and Celery Stuffing—a timeless recipe that I, Gobble, hold dear for its familiar notes and soul-soothing warmth.

In my culinary nook, where the scent of baked loaves lingers like an old friend, this stuffing emerges not just as a side dish but as a centerpiece of comfort during gatherings or quiet nights in. Forgive me if I get a tad sentimental, but there’s something profoundly touching about tearing bread by hand, listening to the comforting chop of crisp celery, and weaving these humble ingredients into a flavorful tapestry enriched with aromatic herbs.

The longing to make this dish comes from my yearning to recreate moments of togetherness, to sit down to a meal that feels like an embrace from loved ones past and present. Each ingredient in Bread and Celery Stuffing tells a story—a crumbly loaf that speaks of the baker’s early morning efforts, celery stalks that recall the earthy touch of the garden, and the dance of sage and thyme that carries the legacy of traditional home cooking.

Crafting this stuffing is less about following a recipe and more about engaging in a ritual passed down through generations. It’s a meditative process that asks for nothing more than patience and presence, rewarding the cook with a dish that’s both simple and profound; a dish that resonates with shared joys and memories around the dinner table.

Bread And Celery Stuffing Recipes

Bread And Celery Stuffing.
A heaping spoonful of our savory bread and celery stuffing.
Basic And Easy Recipe To Cook Low Potassium Bread And Celery Stuffing 1

Low Potassium Bread And Celery Stuffing

A classic Bread and Celery Stuffing recipe includes a secret pan that is the ideal size for this dish. Using this pan for this recipe is a great addition to any holiday meal. This is a great side dish to complement any holiday feast. The herbs and celery are perfect for this recipe.
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Course: Bread
Diet: Low Calorie
Keyword: celery, celery stuffing
CookingStyle: Baking
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 15 minutes
Servings: 4 servings
Calories: 623kcal
Author: Gobble The Cook
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  • 1 1 pound loaf sliced white bread
  • 3/4 cup butter or margarine
  • 4 stalks celery chopped
  • 2 teaspoons poultry seasoningsalt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 1 onion chopped


  • Let bread slices air dry for 1 to 2 hours, then cut into cubes.
  • In a Dutch oven, melt butter or margarine over medium heat. Cook onion and celery until soft. Season with poultry seasoning, salt, and pepper. Stir in bread cubes until evenly coated. Moisten with chicken broth; mix well.
  • Chill, and use as a stuffing for turkey, or bake in a buttered casserole dish at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 30 to 40 minutes.



This Bread and Celery-stuffed dish is delicious served with turkey or chicken
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Serving: 4servings | Calories: 623kcal | Carbohydrates: 59g | Protein: 11g | Fat: 38g | Saturated Fat: 23g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 10g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 92mg | Sodium: 1080mg | Potassium: 245mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 7g | Vitamin A: 1111IU | Vitamin C: 6mg | Calcium: 326mg | Iron: 5mg
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Alternative Preparation Method: Slow Cooker Savory Bread and Celery Stuffing

Bread And Celery Stuffing.
Bread cubes toasted to perfection for the stuffing.

To create a delicious Slow Cooker Bread and Celery Stuffing, begin by preparing the bread. Cut the loaf into 1-inch cubes and spread them on a baking sheet. Allow the cubes to dry overnight, or toast them in the oven at 275°F (135°C) for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent sogginess. In a large skillet, melt unsalted butter over medium heat and sauté chopped celery, onion, and garlic for 5-7 minutes until soft and fragrant. Season with salt and black pepper. In a mixing bowl, whisk beaten eggs, chicken or vegetable broth, dried sage, dried thyme, and fresh parsley. Place the dried or toasted bread cubes in the slow cooker, pour the sautéed vegetables over them, followed by the egg and broth mixture. Gently toss for even distribution. Cover the slow cooker and cook on low for 4-6 hours or high for 2-3 hours until the stuffing is moist and tender with a slightly crispy top. Serve directly from the slow cooker, keeping it on the “warm” setting for serving. Enjoy this flavorful and comforting dish!

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Tips for making Bread and Celery Stuffing

Bread And Celery Stuffing
Sautéing aromatic celery and onion for the stuffing.

Cooking Tips

The heart of this delightful stuffing is, undoubtedly, the bread—the very essence of comfort. Choosing the right bread is akin to selecting the foundation for your culinary abode; it must be sturdy yet willing to absorb the flavors you’ll introduce. Whether it’s a day-old baguette or a loaf of whole-grain goodness, tearing it into bite-sized pieces by hand adds a touch of rustic tenderness that no knife could ever provide.

Next comes the celery, its crisp snap and earthy tones forming the pillar of our stuffing’s flavor profile. Chopped with rhythmic precision and sautéed just so, we seek to soften it slightly, allowing the subtle, verdant notes to peek through. A sprinkle of love, in the form of butter or olive oil, ensures each morsel is glistening with promise and potential.

Ah, the herbs! Sage, thyme, perhaps a whisper of rosemary. These are not merely seasonings but characters in our play, each contributing a verse to the ballad of aromatics that will waft warmly through your kitchen. Handpicked, fresh, or dried, they join the melody to sing harmony with their botanical zephyrs.

And let us not forget the broth, a gentle tide that brings cohesion to our dish. Poured judiciously, it encourages the dry bread to blossom anew, transforming into bites of savory succulence without descending into mush.

Assembling this symphony of stuffing is much like arranging a bouquet—each ingredient layered with intention, with care that each bite offers comfort and assurance that here, within these flavors, lies home.

In the tranquility of my kitchen at Food and Meal, as I guide this stuffing to its golden-brown zenith, I’m filled with a sense of serenity, knowing that each spoonful carries with it echoes of shared laughter, conversations around the dinner table, and the threads that weave the fabric of family and tradition.

Serving Suggestions

Bread And Celery Stuffing
A classic pairing: bread and celery stuffing with roast turkey.

A steaming bowl of Miso Soup can provide a soothing start to a meal featuring our stuffing, its umami depth offering a comforting foundation. Each spoonful—gentle and serene—prepares the palate for the stuffing’s more robust flavors, making it an ideal light appetizer.

Should there be a yen for something more substantial alongside, consider the Oyakodon. This Japanese comfort food, with its delicate balance of savory chicken, sweet onions, and fluffy eggs, served over rice, can unite with the stuffing to deliver a symphony of home-cooked goodness.

For a touch of verdant crispness, a Daikon Salad could pleasantly punctuate your plate. Its peppery bite and refreshing juiciness offer a delightful contrast to the hearty stuffing, allowing for a breath of freshness between each savory spoonful.

On the side, you might pour a glass of gentle Rice Milk or nutty Almond Milk—both unassuming yet agreeable companions. Their subtlety allows the more dominant flavors of the stuffing to prevail while providing a mild counterbalance best savored with each bite.

And finally, for an indulgence in textures, look no further than a serving of Katsu Curry. The crispness of breaded cutlets drenched in a warm, spiced curry sauce paired with the familiar softness of our stuffing creates a playful juxtaposition of mouthfeels that can only be described as comfort food elevated.

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FAQs about Bread and Celery Stuffing

Bread And Celery Stuffing
Create a vegetarian delight with our stuffing-stuffed bell peppers.
  • Can I prepare the stuffing in advance? Yes, preparing the stuffing a day in advance and refrigerating it can enhance the flavors. Simply reheat before serving.
  • How can I make this stuffing vegetarian or vegan? To make it vegetarian, use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth, and for a vegan version, substitute the butter with a plant-based alternative.
  • What do I do if my stuffing turns out too dry? If your stuffing is too dry, gently drizzle some warm broth over it until you achieve your desired level of moisture.
  • Can I freeze leftover stuffing? Yes, you can freeze leftover stuffing in an airtight container for up to 1-2 months. Thaw and reheat in the oven when ready to use.
  • How do I reheat stuffing without it becoming mushy? To reheat stuffing without making it mushy, use an oven or toaster oven. Place it in a preheated oven at 350°F (175°C) for about 15-20 minutes until it’s heated through and slightly crispy on top


As we tie the final knot on our Bread And Celery Stuffing tale, it’s with a sense of contentment and a kitchen filled with the heady aromas of home cooking. At Food and Meal (, we’re more than just recipes; we’re about the stories that unfold in every simmer, stir, and serve.

This stuffing isn’t merely a blend of bread and herbs—it’s a tapestry of tradition, weaved through with the threads of shared experiences and sprinkled with personal nuances. As you lay this dish on your table, know that it carries with it the essence of communal feasts and solitary satisfactions, where each mouthful is a nod to the comforting power of a well-loved recipe.

Whether nestled next to a golden-roasted chicken or served as a cherished element of a vegetarian banquet, this Bread and Celery Stuffing stands tall, brimming with flavors that speak of history and a future of many more gatherings.

In closing, I urge you all to carry not just the recipe but the warmth it represents into your meals. May your holidays, family dinners, or quiet nights alone be wrapped in the richness of flavor and the simplicity of ingredients that our beloved stuffing so humbly provides.

And with that, we part ways—for now. Until our next culinary adventure, remember that Food and Meal is always here, your companion in the joyous journey of cooking and eating. Explore with us again at, as we continue to share the love of food, one delicious word at a time.

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