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Tanzania Pilau Rice

Tanzania Pilau Rice easy recipe

Tanzanian pilau rice is often difficult to separate from its Indian roots. However, when it comes to African cuisine, pilau is East Africa’s ubiquitous rice dish and it often extends beyond its coastline from Zanzibar into the Indian Ocean islands such as Mauritius.In this recipe, i will share how to cook Tanzania Pilau Rice A timesaving one, yet delicious for people of all ages. Tanzania …

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How To Make Ethiopia Atakilt Wat 5

How to make Ethiopia Atakilt Wat

Atakilt Wat is a traditional Ethiopian dish made with vegetables. The name Atakilt means “vegetable” in Amharic, and “Wat” means “stew”. Some versions of Atakilt Wat also contain meat, but this is not common. If you are eating at an Ethiopian restaurant, you should order the vegetarian version, which is often more expensive than its …

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