How to Reduce Your Cancer Risk from Grilling Meat – 7 Tips

Unless you’ve been banning yourself from media, you should have known by now that grilling poses us in greater risk for cancer.  Actually, heating foods at high temperature gives us the risk.  Hence, processed foods, smoked and barbecued meat exposes us to the said risk. Let’s see how to Reduce Cancer Risk from Grilling Meat!

Reduce Your Cancer Risk from Grilling Meat
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It is hard to eliminate carcinogens in our food, but what we can do is to reduce our intake of them.  So our goal herein is to suggest several steps in how to diminish our digestion of these harmful agents.

Tips and Suggestions Reduce Cancer Risk from Grilling Meat!

delicious grilled meat
delicious grilled-meat steak with fresh vegetable
  1. Eat plenty of amount of plant foods like fruits and vegetables. This is because they balance out the negative effects of carcinogens compounds in our body.  Remember the balanced meal consisting of Go, Grow and Glow food groups?  Well, they really ring the right tune when it comes to health, agree?
  1. Try to use these cooking methods often: boiling, braising, steaming and stewing. These said methods do not make the same carcinogens found in frying, roasting, broiling or grilling.
  1. Lessen your intake of processed foods and opt for the fresher ones.
  1. Clean your grill and choose leaner meats instead of the fatty ones.
  1. In marinating, add herbs such as rosemary, mint, thyme, basil, oregano, etc. They actually reduce the presence of carcinogens during the grilling process.
  1. Don’t overcook the meat and use exhibitions like flare-ups.
  1. Kabobs are healthier options than going all-meat. You can alternate meat with veggies or fruits just to even out the harmful compounds.
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 Reduce Your Cancer Risk from Grilling Meat
Reduce Your Cancer Risk from Grilling Meat