Foods Which Are Known To Contain More Carbohydrates Than You Think
Food sources of carbohydrates. Cereals, beans, fruits, vegetables berries nuts and bread

When it comes to eating, the only problem that most people easily encounter is none other than overeating itself. And when it comes to overeating, the only thing that can somehow ruin our diet is none other than eating what we call ‘free foods’. According to nutrition experts, people are somewhat cautious when it comes to eating fatty and high-carbohydrate foods. However, most of them don’t even pay single attention especially if they know that a certain food belongs to the calorie-free list. Needless to say, you can easily see those people packing their refrigerators with these kinds of food.

The truth is, eating those free foods in an excessive way could also affect your body the way high-calorie or high-carb foods affect you. You can read How high carb foods badly affect your body? to know more. Listed below are some of these free foods that are usually being eaten in excess:

1. Seeds and Nuts

We all know that seeds and nuts are tasty, nutritious and contain small amounts of carbohydrates. However, overeating seeds and nuts especially cashew nuts, are not recommended since they contain lots of starch. To those who didn’t know, our bodies convert starch into carbohydrates before it can be used as energy.

2. Cheese – high carbohydrate foods

Any kind of cheese contains high amounts of calcium and iron but contains very little carbohydrates, a fact that usually tempts us to eat more. However, excessive eating of cheese especially the processed ones can also give you the same effect as high-carb foods give you. Doctors recommend that you must not consume more than 4 oz. per day in order for you to stay fit.

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3. Some of those Non-Starchy Vegetables

Experts often recommend eating vegetables as part of your daily diet. However, they are also careful to warn us that, even though most of them only contain small amounts of carbohydrates, overeating is still not recommended.

4. Fruits

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Any kind of fruit, especially any kind of berries, are known to contain the least amount of carbohydrates and high amounts of Vitamin C, which is needed for easier Iron absorption. However, fruits contain high amounts of organic sugar so eating those must also be observed strictly.

5. Condiments

Condiments such as barbecue and teriyaki sauce don’t contain carbohydrates. However, all of them are known to contain high amounts of sugar. If it isn’t that obvious, our well-beloved jam is mostly composed of sugar so we must watch out while we eat those.