The 7 Best Vacuum Cleaners under $100

Not all vacuum cleaners need to cost a fortune. While some of the most feature-packed ones we’ve tested may exceed $500, there are budget-friendly options that can still get the job done effectively without breaking your bank.

However, it’s essential to be cautious when opting for a cheap vacuum. In some cases, they might end up costing you more if they break down after just a few months of use. But fear not, our experts have got you covered with valuable insights on what to consider when purchasing a budget-friendly vacuum, ensuring that it’s a worthwhile investment.

For affordable vacuum options, you can explore reputable retailers like Amazon and Walmart. In fact, Food and Meal‘s experts have compiled a comprehensive guide based on their extensive experience with various renowned vacuum cleaner brands. This guide showcases the best vacuum cleaners under $100, so you can make an informed decision without compromising on quality.

What to look for when shopping for the best vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning On A Budget: Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100
Value and performance combined: best vacuum cleaners under $100

When searching for a budget-friendly vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to consider several factors to make an informed choice. Cheaper vacuums often have more plastic components and are more prone to breakage, so paying attention to user reviews regarding durability is crucial to ensure you’re comfortable with its sturdiness. Here’s a guide to help you make the right decision:

Vacuum type Stick vacuums are lightweight but may not be ideal for homes with many rugs or thick carpets. Upright vacuums excel at removing deeply embedded dust and debris from carpets, with adjustable height settings to accommodate different pile carpets. If you need to clean multiple floors, consider a canister vacuum with a motorized brush attachment, as it’s easier to carry up and down stairs. Handheld vacuums are perfect for tidying up small messes on kitchen counters, furniture, and other above-floor areas.
Bagged or bagless Bagged vacuums are easy to empty; just remove and dispose of the bag, keeping dust safely contained. However, you’ll need to have replacement bags on hand. Bagless vacuums don’t incur additional costs, but emptying them can sometimes be messy, and they may release dust into the air during disposal.
Power source Decide whether you prefer a corded vacuum, which limits your range until you find another outlet, or a cordless one, which operates on battery life you’ll need to monitor between charges.
Attachments Motorized power nozzles enhance carpet and rug cleaning efficiency, while a crevice tool enables access to challenging spots prone to dust accumulation, like behind furniture. Additional tools like a mini turbo brush can be a game-changer when it comes to removing pet hair from furniture.
Warranty Most vacuums come with a one-year limited warranty, some may offer less. Use the vacuum regularly to assess its performance within the return or warranty period. For cheap vacuums, repairs may not be feasible or cost-effective, so if it stops working after a few years, replacing it might be a more practical solution.

 The 7 Best Vacuum Cleaners under $100

Best Price

Bissell Featherweight PowerBrush Stick Vacuum

4.2 (1397 ratings) $49.99
BISSELL® Featherweight™ PowerBrush is a 3-in-1 ultra-lightweight corded stick vacuum that’s great for quick and effective multi-surface cleaning. With its powerful motorized brush roll, Featherweight™ PowerBrush can be used as a lightweight stick vacuum for speedy cleaning across multiple surfaces, including carpet, area rugs and hard floors.
Rotating brush for carpet cleaning
Converts to a handheld vacuum
No HEPA filter

Stick vacuums are known for their lightweight and convenience, making them ideal for homes with plenty of bare flooring. However, when it comes to heavily carpeted areas, they may not always be the most efficient choice. Bissell, however, breaks the norm with its stick vacuum, which stands out in its price range. This model is equipped with a rotating brush head, ensuring superior removal of pet hair and debris from carpets and upholstery. On top of that, it can easily convert into a handheld vacuum, providing versatility for various cleaning tasks. Plus, being corded, it allows for uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

Although we haven’t specifically tested this exact model, we’ve had positive experiences with similar Bissell vacuums in our GH Cleaning Lab tests. These vacuums efficiently pick up debris and litter from bare floors and low pile carpets without pushing or scattering it around. The Featherweight PowerBrush features a small washable filter at the top of the dust cup, but it’s not a HEPA filter, and the cleaning head lacks swiveling capability, which may be a minor concern for some users.

Best Price

Bissell CleanView Upright Bagless

4.4 (10588 ratings) $69.99
The BISSELL goal is to help you improve the ways you take care of your home, right down to the microscopic irritants. Since 1876, we've spent years developing cleaning tools designed to keep your living environment up to the highest standards.
Rotating brush for carpet cleaning
Converts to a handheld vacuum
No HEPA filter

Bissell vacuums have consistently demonstrated their strong performance in our Lab, especially in carpet cleaning tests. While we haven’t specifically tested this particular model, we’ve had positive experiences with other similar upright models from the brand that excelled in our tests.

This Cleanview upright vacuum stands out with its five height settings, allowing you to effortlessly clean various surfaces, from high-pile carpeting to bare floors and everything in between. One of its appealing features is the bottom-emptying bagless dust cup, a design we appreciate as it minimizes mess during disposal. Additionally, the turbo brush attachment is a bonus, as it effectively tackles pet hair and lint on upholstery and carpeted stairs, emulating features seen in pricier vacuums.

The vacuum comes with convenient components such as a washable foam filter, a 25-foot cord for ample reach, and a two-year limited warranty from Bissell for peace of mind. Although it lacks HEPA filtration, variable suction, or a brush roll on/off switch at this price point, the brush roll is thoughtfully designed to minimize scattering on bare floors. Moreover, the multi-stage filtration system captures both large and tiny particles, ensuring thorough cleaning performance. With its lightweight build, weighing just 12.5 pounds, carrying it up and down stairs becomes a breeze.

Best Price

BLACK+DECKER Furbuster Handheld Vacuum

4.4 (8214 ratings) $85.00
Eliminate dirt that's out of reach, but not out of sight. Extend your reach with our longest built-in crevice tool. The versatile 20V dustbuster AdvancedClean+ Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum cleans hard to reach areas with less effort. 4X more powerful suction and Power boost with the touch of a button to tackle any mess.
Five height settings
Easy-to-clean dust cup Turbo brush attachment for pet hair
No HEPA filter

The Black+Decker vacuum offers remarkable value for its price. During our rigorous Cleaning Lab tests, it secured the second-highest overall score, thanks to its impressive suction power that even rivaled some higher-end models we tested. A standout feature is the motorized power brush attachment, an unexpected addition for a handheld vacuum in this price range, making it highly effective in removing pet hair and deeply embedded debris. The power brush attachment performed admirably on carpets, delivering satisfying results even on the standard power mode.Among its other commendable features, the vacuum boasts a lengthy runtime of 32 minutes, which is considerably generous for a handheld model. The washable filter and easy-to-empty dustbin add to its user-friendliness. Furthermore, it earned accolades for being one of the quieter hand vacuums we tested, and its comfortable handle further enhances the cleaning experience. The large, easy-to-read battery indicator ensures you’ll always be aware of the power level.

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While it excels at deep cleaning and tackling pet hair, it’s worth noting that the vacuum lacks a HEPA filter, which could have been advantageous for those with allergies. Nonetheless, considering its exceptional performance and handy features, this Black+Decker vacuum remains a highly competitive choice.

Best Price

WORX Power Share Cordless Cube Compact Vacuum

4.4 (3452 ratings) $101.80
A powerful-for-its-size portable vacuum that you don’t have to plug-in. It’s a clean person’s dream. You can take it anywhere, making it the perfect car or office vacuum.
Long, flexible hose
Battery and charger sold separately

The Worx Power Share Cordless Cube is a compact yet powerful vacuum, weighing in at only 3 pounds, and it truly stood out in our recent test of 18 handheld vacuums, earning the highest overall score. Across six of our seven ease-of-use tests and five of our seven performance tests, it achieved a perfect score. Adding to its allure, this vacuum is cordless, offering the freedom to move without being tethered to an outlet.

The rechargeable battery is compatible with any 20v or 40v Worx power tools, so if you already have one at home, there’s no need to purchase an extra battery. However, if you don’t already own one, acquiring it separately will add to the overall cost. In our test, the vacuum ran for an impressive 23 minutes on a single charge, surpassing the run time of many larger handheld vacuums.

Equipped with a HEPA filter that can be easily cleaned with warm water, it ensures excellent air filtration. The inclusion of a crevice tool and a dusting brush attachment, along with a flexible hose extending up to 4 feet, makes reaching under and between car seats or accessing hard-to-reach corners a breeze. Surprisingly, we found its unique boxy shape and convenient top handle to be quite appealing, adding to its overall user-friendliness.

Best Price

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Cleaner, Yellow, Pet Vacuum

4.5 (11786 ratings) $109
The Eureka 3670G Canister Vacuum is a sleek new compact canister that makes bare floor cleaning easy. This lightweight canister vacuum weighs less than 9 pounds and gives its customers value for money.
Great at cleaning bare floors
Very lightweight
Dust bags easy to change
No rotating brush for deep-cleaning carpets

This mini vacuum cleaner has truly stood the test of time, and it’s no surprise why: It simply gets the job done! We had the opportunity to test this exceptional canister vacuum in our Cleaning Lab years ago, and we still regard it as one of the best options available at its price point. Not only is it lightweight and effortlessly portable, but the Eureka excels as a champion for bare floors and hardwood surfaces.

Equipped with a HEPA filter, it efficiently traps allergens, making it a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. The vacuum comes with a range of attachments, including a hose, wands, and even a shoulder strap, facilitating seamless floor-to-ceiling cleaning. Changing the dust bags is a breeze, and the blower port unleashes a powerful blast, perfect for clearing debris from workbenches, garages, driveways, or decks.

What’s particularly impressive at such an affordable price are the fingertip controls and the generous 20-foot cord, allowing for convenient maneuverability. Although the floor nozzle excels at cleaning bare floors, flat, and low pile rugs and carpets, it may not be as effective at retrieving deeply embedded dirt and debris in medium and high pile carpets, as it lacks a rotating brush for that specific task. However, for its intended purposes, this Eureka model is an outstanding performer.

Best Price

Dirt Devil Versa 3-in-1 Cordless Stick

3.9 (55 ratings) $85
The Dirt Devil Versa Cordless 3-in-1 stick vacuum was designed to give you 16V power and versatility to clean anywhere with multi-floor capability. Its detachable hand vac is great for quick pick-ups and above floor cleaning for those hard to reach areas. Enjoy this lightweight, yet powerful stick vacuum that lets you easily clean anywhere and quickly wrap up your cleaning with the easy empty dirt cup.
Easy to maneuver around furniture
Extremely lightweight
Basic, simple-to-use design
Can pick up a variety of debris
Must be lifted when transitioning from hard flooring to carpet
No attachments provided

Throughout our testing experiences, we have often found 3-in-1 stick vacuums to be disappointing due to their lack of suction power and design shortcomings. However, the Dirt Devil Versa 3-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner pleasantly surprised us. If you’re seeking a basic vacuum that can handle a wide range of debris, from large particles like popcorn kernels to finer ones like coffee grounds, the Dirt Devil Versa is a solid recommendation. Despite a few quirks, its price tag of under $100 and user-friendly features make it a worthwhile choice.

The vacuum’s lightweight design and smaller floor head allowed effortless maneuverability around furniture and corners during testing. Though the suction is non-adjustable, it efficiently picked up various debris in our testing lab without diminishing over time. There are a couple of minor downsides to note: it tends to be surprisingly loud for its compact size, making conversations difficult during cleaning, and its floor head has low clearance, requiring manual lifting when transitioning between hard flooring and carpets. While we don’t consider these to be major drawbacks, they are worth considering if you prioritize quiet operation and seamless surface transitions.

While the vacuum can transform into a handheld unit for smaller cleaning tasks, it does not include any attachments, limiting its versatility on different surfaces. The absence of attachments also impacted our ability to complete half of our testing process for upholstery and stairs, leading to a relatively short overall testing time (under four minutes of use). The manufacturer states a run time of 12 minutes for this model, and though we cannot attest to its full battery life, we still believe it serves as an excellent basic option for everyday cleaning. Furthermore, we found the lack of attachments, hoses, and cords to be advantageous, as it made handling and maneuvering the vacuum even more convenient during testing.

Best Price

Hart Pro Bagless Upright Vacuum with HEPA Media Filter

4.3 (11786 ratings) $76
f your cleaning routine involves removing massive volumes of pet hair, you will need a vacuum with powerful cleaning suction. Introducing HART’s Pro Upright Vacuum. This vacuum is pet grade and uses cyclonic technology to suck up dirt and dander from high-pile carpets as well as suction up pet hair from hardwood floors. The filter media lasts up to 3x longer to maintain peak cleaning performance and traps over 99. 9% of dust and allergen matter while the XL capacity dirt cup means less emptying to deal with.
Easy to maneuver around furniture Extremely lightweight
Basic, simple-to-use design
Can pick up a variety of debris
Hair wraps on brush head
Only one power level

In our testing, the HART corded model, although from an unfamiliar brand, managed to impress us with its remarkable suction power and a detachable nozzle perfect for detailed tasks. The vacuum’s swivel head greatly contributed to its outstanding maneuverability around corners and under furniture, seamlessly transitioning between various floor types. Moreover, the HEPA filter in this model ensures that a remarkable 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, including allergens, are effectively trapped, preventing them from being released back into the air while vacuuming.

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Assembling the vacuum was a straightforward process, thanks to the detailed instruction manual accompanied by pictures. It is worth noting that the manual indicated the vacuum had two suction levels, a low and high setting, but we couldn’t locate a way to adjust it. Nevertheless, even without adjustable suction power, this vacuum excelled in cleaning on all of our testing surfaces. The only slight challenge was maneuvering it on high-pile carpets, which is typical for upright models with higher suction power. However, it efficiently sucked up hair within seconds, though we needed a seam ripper to remove hair from the brush roller. Alternatively, you can remove the entire brush from the vacuum using a Phillips screwdriver.

The detachable handheld nozzle proved to be highly useful in cleaning corners and joints on stairs, as well as for picking up debris that the vacuum might not have initially caught. Although the floor head did an impressive job, collecting at least 90 percent of debris across various surface tests, it’s reassuring to have the attachments for those hard-to-reach areas. Overall, the HART corded model delivered exceptional performance, making it a reliable choice for your cleaning needs.

FAQs About the Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100

  1. Q: Can I find effective vacuum cleaners under $100? Yes, there are several effective vacuum cleaners available under $100 that offer decent performance for basic cleaning needs. Look for well-reviewed models from reputable brands for the best value.
  2. Q: What types of vacuum cleaners are available in this price range? In the under $100 range, you can find upright, stick, and handheld vacuum cleaners. While they may not have all the advanced features of higher-end models, they are suitable for everyday cleaning tasks.
  3. Q: Do budget vacuum cleaners have sufficient suction power? While budget vacuum cleaners may not have the same suction power as high-end models, many still provide sufficient suction for regular cleaning tasks. Read product reviews and specifications to ensure it meets your cleaning needs.
  4. Are bagless vacuum cleaners common in this price range? Yes, many budget-friendly vacuum cleaners are bagless, making them convenient and cost-effective. Bagless models often have transparent dustbins, allowing you to see when it’s time to empty them.
  5. Q: Can these vacuums handle different floor types, including carpets and hard floors? Yes, many budget vacuum cleaners are designed to handle multiple floor types, including carpets and hard floors. Look for models with adjustable height settings or brushroll controls for optimal performance on different surfaces.
  6. Q: Are there cordless vacuum cleaners under $100? While cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be pricier, there are some budget-friendly cordless options available. Keep in mind that battery life and suction power may vary in lower-priced cordless models.
  7. Q: Do these vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters for allergen removal? Some budget vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters, but it’s not a universal feature in this price range. If allergy or asthma concerns are a priority, check the product specifications to ensure it has a HEPA filter.
  8. Q: Can I find lightweight and compact vacuum cleaners under $100? Yes, many budget vacuum cleaners are lightweight and compact, making them easy to maneuver and store. Consider your storage space and mobility needs when choosing a vacuum cleaner.
  9. Q: How long is the power cord on budget vacuum cleaners? The length of the power cord can vary among budget vacuum cleaners. While some models may have shorter cords, others offer more generous lengths. Consider the layout of your space and the availability of power outlets.
  10. Q: Do budget vacuum cleaners come with attachments for versatile cleaning? Yes, many budget vacuum cleaners come with basic attachments such as crevice tools, dusting brushes, and upholstery tools for versatile cleaning. Check the included accessories to ensure they meet your cleaning requirements.
  11. Q: What should I consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner under $100? Consider factors such as suction power, floor type compatibility, cord length, additional features, and user reviews. Look for a vacuum cleaner that aligns with your specific cleaning needs and preferences within your budget constraints.
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