Top pick: The 10 best garlic press 2024

Garlic is a common ingredient in many recipes, but mincing it can be a hassle. To simplify the process and avoid the strong scent on your fingers, a garlic press is a handy tool. Food and Meal tested different presses based on their design, performance, versatility, ease of use, cleaning, and value to help you find out the 10 best garlic press 2024.

Best Garlic Press
Find out the best garlic press

What to Look for in a Garlic Press?

Type Three main types of garlic presses: traditional (squeezing handles), rocking/twisting, and single-hand choppers with blades.
User-Friendliness Consider ease of use based on type, materials, and quality. Look for comfort features like padded grips and textured handles. For limited wrist mobility, choose a rocking or heavy-hinge press over a twisting one.
Size Garlic press size impacts storage. The chamber size determines clove capacity, while hole size and shape dictate garlic texture.
Easy Cleanup Cleaning a garlic press can be a hassle if garlic bits get stuck. Some have brushes for crevice cleaning, wider holes to prevent sticking, or self-cleaning hinges that remove garlic skins as you press.
Knife vs. Press A sharp chef’s knife can crush and mince garlic effectively, but it’s less convenient with certain knives and takes longer than a garlic press. Garlic presses quickly handle garlic, often without peeling, and enhance flavor.

The 10 best garlic press 2024

Best Price

Joseph Joseph Stainless Steel Garlic Rocker

4.4 (46071 ratings) $15.99
The crushed pieces are then held in the curved design, allowing them to be spoon or scraped conveniently into a pan or bowl. Additional cloves can also be crushed at this stage before emptying. Rocker is easy to clean under running water but is also dishwasher safe. As it is made from brushed, 18/8 Stainless Steel, the unit can be rinsed under running water, after use, and used to gently rub the hands and fingers to reduce any garlic odor (Stainless Steel is thought to remove the strong odors left from handling garlic).
Eye-catching design
Converts garlic into mince rather than paste
Occupies minimal storage space
Does not demand significant hand strength or force
Multiple presses necessary to achieve a fine mince

Contrary to a conventional garlic press, this garlic rocker offers a simpler design without any movable components, making it perfect for individuals who may find squeezing a press challenging (it also requires less storage space). To use Joseph Joseph Stainless Garlic Rocker, simply place a garlic clove on your work surface, position the rocker on top, and while exerting gentle pressure, rock it back and forth to squeeze the garlic through the holes. Then, easily scoop out the minced garlic for use in your recipes.

We particularly enjoyed using this press for both peeled garlic and even larger unpeeled cloves. The generous square holes produced a mince that resembled knife-cut garlic, and by repeating the process, we achieved an even finer mince with a high yield. During our tests, the press also performed admirably with ginger, leaving behind only a minimal amount of fibers. This stainless steel tool is dishwasher-safe, but we discovered that hand washing was effortless. As an added benefit, the stainless steel material helped eliminate the lingering garlic scent as we cleaned the press.

Best Price

NexTrend 3rd Generation Clear Garlic Twist

4.4 (1786 ratings) $18.23
The Garlic Twister is a revolutionary kitchen device. Home cooks' kitchens are often crowded with 'single-purpose' devices (think: garlic press). This gadget does so much more! Invented by a father to cook for his children, this is an item for the families.
Great for garlic, ginger, shallots, and more
Clear polycarbonate for easy viewing
Produces very fine mince
Does not work well for ginger

This particular model, constructed entirely from transparent polycarbonate, operates using a twisting motion. To utilize it, simply place peeled garlic, nuts, or herbs in the bowl, cover it with the top, and twist to grind and mince the ingredients to your desired consistency. The clear vessel allows you to observe the coarseness or fineness of the minced garlic without the need to open it. During testing, we found that it required a bit of practice to gather the minced garlic into tidy triangles free from the cutting teeth. It was easiest to achieve this when using two or more cloves in the device.

After overcoming the initial twist, subsequent motions became much easier as the product swiftly minced the garlic, gradually transforming it into a paste-like texture. By adding a small amount of salt to the grinding chamber and continuing to twist for approximately a minute, we obtained a delightful paste.

The Garlic Twist can also be employed to process peeled shallots, small peppers, and similar ingredients. However, we do not recommend using it for herbs as it tends to tear them apart and crush them. Nevertheless, we found that it efficiently handled garlic and peanuts, producing a finely crushed mince. This version represents the fourth generation of this design, incorporating improvements over the original model, resulting in an even more effective and uniform garlic mincing experience. Additionally, it is dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.

Best Price

Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler Set

4.5 (14167 ratings) $15.99
Upgrade your kitchen tools with a rust-resistant garlic smasher press made from 100% premium 304 stainless steel and an included garlic peeler tube made from tough silicone. Bonus cleaning brush included.
Includes a peeler tube
Heavy-duty construction
Produces a fine mince
Easy to push handles together
Lower yield than others

The Alpha Grillers garlic press is crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, ensuring its exceptional strength to effortlessly crush unpeeled garlic cloves. Not only is it robust, but it is also resistant to stains, rust, and odors, making it a durable and long-lasting kitchen tool.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the handles of this garlic press provide optimal comfort while squeezing, allowing for easy and efficient garlic pressing. And when it comes time to clean up, you’ll be pleased to know that this press is dishwasher-safe, making maintenance a breeze.

During our testing, we evaluated the press by using the included peeler tube to prep the peeled cloves. Inserting one clove at a time and rolling the tube on the counter effectively removed the peels with just a few motions. However, it is worth noting that peeling an entire bulb’s worth of garlic using this method could become tiring. Nonetheless, we were impressed with the smooth movement of the hinge, which could be used without straining or cramping our hands.

While the manufacturer suggests that this press is capable of crushing ginger and nuts, we found that it didn’t quite deliver on these expectations in our testing. Ginger mostly turned into juice and the chamber became clogged with peanut solids. Therefore, it is recommended to reserve this press primarily for garlic cloves.

Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a seasoned chef looking to expedite your prep time, the Alpha Grillers garlic press is a reliable and solid choice for your culinary arsenal. Its sturdy construction, comfortable design, and easy cleaning make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Best Price

Chef’n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper

4. (4881 ratings) $12.71
Mince garlic faster than ever with the Chef'n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper. This small but mighty gadget allows you to mince garlic to your desired texture without dirtying cutting boards or knives with sticky garlic juice. Simply load the GarlicZoom chamber with garlic, roll the unit back and forth on a smooth surface, and let the interior blades take over. Rolling more will result in a fine mince while less rolling offers a coarser chop. The Garlic Zoom is top rack dishwasher safe for easy care and its compact design takes up little space in your kitchen.
Can be used one-handed
Easy for kids to use
Chops more than just garlic
Comfortable ergonomic design
Doesn’t work well on unpeeled garlic

This garlic chopper utilizes spinning blades to chop and mince the garlic. Its operation involves rolling the wheels back and forth on the work surface, and due to the fully enclosed blades during use, it can be safely used by children to assist with cooking. Testing revealed the comfort and pleasantness of the rolling motion, thanks to its soft ergonomic design. The more rolling is performed, the finer the garlic is chopped. Furthermore, this chopper offers the added benefit of being able to chop leafy herbs such as mint.

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One feature we appreciated was the ability to tap the chopper gently against a countertop, causing most of the garlic to fall onto the hinged doors. This makes it easy to scrape out the minced garlic using a spoon, avoiding contact with the blades. By aligning the blades vertically (indicated by faint impressions on the clear plastic), the roller base can be popped out, allowing for another tap to remove any remaining bits. It is worth noting that while this roller efficiently minces garlic, it may not produce uniformly consistent results, as there may be some larger and uneven chunks. However, overall, its safety features and user-friendly design make it a fun option for children to use in the kitchen.

Best Price

Zulay Premium Garlic

4.6 (20.966 ratings) $11.99
Our premium quality garlic press is constructed from food-grade, rust-resistant materials meant to be among your favorite kitchen gadgets for years to come. This garlic and ginger mincer is designed with built-in studs to extract more paste within seconds. It is great for both professional and home kitchens.
Spiked plate presses garlic smoothly through holes
Ergonomic handles
Stylish design
Easy to clean
Small capacity chamber

The Zulay Premium Garlic press is a highly efficient tool that excels at its job. Not only does it perform admirably, but it also boasts affordability, ease of cleaning, and an appealing design. The smooth, rounded ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip and effortless squeezing. With its spiked plate, this press effortlessly extrudes juicy, finely minced garlic that effortlessly slides off the press and into your culinary creations. It’s worth noting that this press is designed to accommodate even unpeeled cloves, although we recommend peeling them beforehand to achieve the most delectable minced garlic from each clove.

One minor drawback is that the Zulay’s chamber is relatively compact compared to other presses we tested. However, handling larger quantities of garlic remains a breeze—simply remove the excess garlic pulp with a quick peel and rinse, and it’s ready for the next clove in no time.

Best Price

Orblue Premium Mincer

4.5 (20119 ratings) $21.97
Smooth lever mechanism and large press chamber EMPOWER the AVERAGE AMERICAN with minimal grip strength, lessening the food preparation time so that you can FOCUS on creating dishes on par with professional chefs. Design allows you to easily clean the garlic press by just rinsing it under running water or through the dishwasher.
Large chamber
Includes silicone peeler and cleaning brush
Sturdy build
Harder to clean

When it comes to quickly obtaining freshly pressed garlic with minimal effort, the Orblue Premium Mincer garlic press takes the crown. It is the ideal choice for those who desire simplicity in their garlic-preparation routine. With its spacious chamber, it can accommodate one to two cloves at a time, and its robust handles ensure easy pressing, even for individuals with smaller hands or limited grip strength.

While it’s worth noting that all the models we tested yield better results when using peeled cloves, the Orblue stands out in its ability to handle unpeeled cloves as well. However, pressing unpeeled cloves requires thorough cleaning of the skin and excess pulp that gets flattened onto the sieve between each use, making the process slightly more involved when pressing multiple cloves. Additionally, the chamber of the press features small openings in the corners, which can trap garlic pieces and make cleaning a bit cumbersome. Fortunately, the Orblue includes a handy cleaning brush as part of its accessories, simplifying the cleaning process. With the added benefit of two accessories, this press offers excellent value for its price.

Best Price

Rosle Stainless Steel Press

4.5 (2738 ratings) $36.26
Prepare your garlic easier than ever with this garlic press with Scraper from Rosle. Made out of durable stainless steel, this garlic press can both press and scrape garlic. It has optimal crushing result, thanks to a sieve with 48 offset conical holes. It features a fold-out sieve for easy cleaning. It can also be used to grate fresh ginger. Even better, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 8' L
Sleek and well-made
Smooth pressing action
Heavy handle for easy pressing
Rounded sieve makes pressed garlic hard to scrape off
Hinges and chambers collect garlic, causing waste

The Rosle Stainless Steel Press is an elegant, meticulously engineered garlic press from Germany, renowned for its exceptional build quality. Crafted entirely from stainless steel, it boasts heavy handles and a smooth camming action that effortlessly facilitates the pressing process. If you value both functionality and aesthetics in your kitchen appliances, the Rosle is sure to meet your expectations.

One drawback is that the rounded design of the sieve slightly compromises the efficiency of extracting the pressed garlic. Unlike other presses with a flat design that allows for easy scraping of the final product with a knife, the Rosle’s curved design presents a slightly more challenging task.

Additionally, this press incorporates several moving parts and hinges that may trap garlic, leaving it unused. While it may not be the most efficient option we tested, the Rosle undoubtedly excels in its striking appearance. Moreover, thanks to its robust stainless steel construction, we anticipate that this press will endure for a long time, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Best Price

Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel

4.4 (4167 ratings) $18.99
The Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel tool makes it fast and easy to peel, slice, dice or grate garlic without leaving an odour on your hands. Simply peel garlic using the rolling silicone peeler, add garlic to the top of the tool and press through one of the 2 two interchangeable sharpened stainless steel blades, into the storage container
Easy to use one-handed
Includes two different-sized blades for mincing or slicing
Uses the entire garlic clove and produces little waste
Many parts to clean
Silicone peeler is small and hard to use

The Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel is a compact, square device equipped with a detachable plastic chamber. Its operation is simple: just position a peeled garlic clove beneath the lid, press it down through the stainless steel grid, and watch as the minced garlic accumulates in the chamber. This versatile tool offers interchangeable dicing and slicing blades, enabling you to obtain garlic in small chunks or elongated slivers.

Among all the models we tested, the Garlic-A-Peel generated the least amount of garlic waste. It effectively utilizes the entire clove, leaving minimal pulp behind. The removable chamber proves to be highly convenient, facilitating easy extraction of all the minced garlic. While this device is suitable for chopping only one clove at a time, its chamber has ample capacity to collect five or six chopped cloves, enabling you to swiftly chop multiple cloves without the need for frequent cleaning, and ensuring all the chopped garlic is conveniently gathered in one place.

The included silicone peeler, although smaller and shorter than the tubular ones found in other models, can be a bit more challenging to use. However, it neatly fits into a storage compartment located at the bottom of the unit, making it easier to keep track of. Our primary concern with the Garlic-A-Peel is its multiple removable components, which increase the complexity of the cleaning process. For optimal results, each piece must be individually hand-washed instead of being placed in the dishwasher.

However, if you dislike the waste generated by traditional press-style devices and don’t mind the additional cleaning steps, the Garlic-A-Peel is an excellent choice for you.

Best Price

Best Press With Built-in Cleaning Tool

4.0 (667 ratings) $13.99
The all steel garlic press is made of commercial grade 10/18 stainless steel that will not break or rust. Easy to use, easy to clean (with or without the bonus brush), the i Kito garlic press is your dreamed garlic press comes true.
Built-in silicone cleaning tool
Can press unpeeled cloves
Large chamber
Made of cast aluminum, not stainless steel
Cleaning device is hard to use accurately

The Zyliss Susi 3 is a classic-style garlic press that offers the convenience of a built-in silicone cleaning device, ingeniously stored within the unit. Its spacious chamber can accommodate two to three garlic cloves, and it boasts a flat grate that allows for effortless scraping of the minced garlic. The standout feature of this press is its cleverly designed cleaning tool, which is unlikely to be misplaced.

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The cleaning tool resembles a silicone brush, featuring small rubber spikes that can be inserted through the holes of the grate to loosen any excess garlic pulp. Simply rinse the tool under running water to remove the loosened pulp. However, using the brush accurately can be somewhat challenging, as it takes a few moments to align it precisely with the holes in the grate. Furthermore, the flexible nature of the silicone spikes can cause them to bend, making alignment even trickier. To prolong the lifespan of the brush, it’s important to avoid exerting excessive force when inserting the spikes.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the press is constructed with “cast aluminum” rather than high-quality stainless steel like some of the other models we tested. Therefore, it is advisable to hand-wash the press rather than running it through the dishwasher to preserve its finish for as long as possible.

Best Price

Vantic Stainless Steel Rocker

4.1 (8214 ratings) $9.97
This new garlic press with arc shape, comfortable handle design make squeezing a breeze, even for those with weaker grip or small hands.
Suitable for one-handed use
Uses downward pressure
Includes silicone peeler and scraper
Must press onto a cutting board or surface, creating more things to clean
Must be rocked back and forth, or clove will flatten against holes

The Vantic Stainless Steel Rocker simplifies the process of pressing garlic with its handle and bottom grate design. To crush garlic, you simply place a clove underneath the rocker and press down while rocking back and forth, effortlessly mincing the garlic. Some individuals prefer this straightforward pushing motion over the two-handed squeezing action required by traditional presses, and the Vantic excels in this regard, thanks to its large and comfortable handle. As an added benefit, this affordable model includes a silicone peeler and a small knife to aid in scraping the minced garlic off the rocker.

It’s important to note that you need to press the garlic onto a hard surface like a cutting board, unlike other models that allow for direct pressing into your recipe. This introduces an additional cleaning step, although it’s likely that if you’re cooking with fresh ingredients like garlic, a cutting board is already a part of your cooking process. It’s also possible to accidentally flatten the garlic clove if excessive pressure is applied and the rocking motion is forgotten, resulting in less efficient mincing. However, once you master the proper rocking motion, this press serves as an excellent alternative to traditional options. It lacks moving parts that could break and features a large surface that is easy to clean.

It is undeniable that freshly chopped garlic surpasses the flavor of pre-minced alternatives found in jars. Crushing and chopping garlic play a vital role in creating delectable dinners, and we believe investing in a tool that simplifies this somewhat intricate process is worthwhile. Whether you prioritize a garlic press that minimizes waste, offers ease of use, or provides effortless cleaning, we are confident that our selection of the best garlic presses will offer options that cater to your preferences.

FAQs about garlic press

  1. How do I clean a garlic press?
    • Most garlic presses are dishwasher safe. If not, cleaning is often as simple as rinsing it under running water immediately after use. Some models come with cleaning tools to remove residual garlic.
  2. Can I press other ingredients with a garlic press?
    • Garlic presses are designed for garlic, but some people use them for ginger, shallots, or even small fruits. However, this may not work as well as with garlic.
  3. Do garlic presses work with unpeeled garlic?
    • Some garlic presses claim to work with unpeeled cloves, but peeling the garlic is generally recommended for optimal results and easier cleaning.
  4. What materials are best for a garlic press?
    • Stainless steel is a popular choice due to its durability and resistance to rust. However, some people prefer models with plastic components for a softer grip.
  5. How do I prevent garlic odor on the press?
    • Cleaning the press immediately after use can help minimize garlic odor. Some people also rub the press with a cut lemon or use baking soda to neutralize odors.
  6. Are there left-handed garlic presses?
    • While many garlic presses are designed for right-handed users, some models are ambidextrous or explicitly designed for left-handed individuals.
  7. Can I mince garlic without a press?
    • Yes, you can mince garlic with a knife. However, a garlic press is a convenient tool for quickly obtaining finely minced garlic with less effort.
  8. What features should I look for in a garlic press?
    • Consider features such as ease of cleaning, durability, ergonomic design, and whether it has additional functions (e.g., ginger grating).
  9. How do I use a garlic press properly?
    • Place peeled garlic cloves in the chamber, close the press firmly, and then squeeze the handles together. This should extrude finely minced garlic.
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