What are the best mandoline slicers?

Achieving even slices is a skill perfected by chefs, but it can be a challenge for many home cooks. Enter the mandoline, a tool that ensures uniform cuts for better cooking results, especially when you need ultra-thin slices like those for potato chips. To help you choose the right mandoline, we rigorously tested and evaluated various models based on design, ease of use, convenience, size, cleaning, and overall value. Our tests included a variety of ingredients, from tomatoes to potatoes, to ensure these mandolines are the best on the market.

Best Mandoline Slicers

What to Look for in a Mandoline

Blade Varieties Determine the Mandoline’s Key Feature

When considering a mandoline slicer, the blade is undoubtedly the paramount aspect to evaluate. Three blade variations exist: French, Japanese, and V-shaped, each offering distinct capabilities. The choice of blade type depends on factors such as the foods you intend to slice, how frequently you plan to use the mandoline, and whether you require specialized blades like julienne or waffle-cut.

While possessing extra blades isn’t obligatory, it can be an enjoyable way to explore diverse applications for this kitchen tool, revitalizing your fruit and vegetable preparation. Opting for a mandoline with removable and replaceable blades is advantageous, as it negates the need to replace the entire device once the blade dulls. It’s important to note that some mandolines are fixed at a specific thickness, while others offer adjustable settings. If you desire control over the thickness range for slicing, ensure you seek out a model with adjustable features.

Handheld vs. Kickstand Configuration

Another crucial design aspect to consider is whether the mandoline is handheld or equipped with a kickstand. These options cater to personal preferences, as some cooks prefer to hold the mandoline in their non-dominant hand, while others prefer the stability of a kickstand. Handheld mandolines generally provide greater control, allowing you to choose the slicing angle. Additionally, you can position them directly over a bowl, eliminating the need to transfer sliced items from a cutting board.

On the other hand, the kickstand model, often found in French mandolines, frees up your non-dominant hand while slicing. Many consider this approach safer, but the effectiveness of the rubber stand securing the kickstand can vary, making handheld models more reliable for some users.

Consider the Mandoline’s Size

In terms of mandoline slicers, compact and narrower models are typically preferable as they are easier to store and handle. Larger mandolines can be cumbersome to navigate, increasing the risk of accidents. A broad blade is generally suitable for most vegetables, but oversized produce may require pre-cutting. If you opt for a mandoline with interchangeable blades, it’s essential to have a designated storage area to prevent the blades from being jostled around.

Accessories to Enhance Your Mandoline Experience

Depending on the chosen model, you may have the option to purchase additional interchangeable blades for various cutting styles, such as julienne, waffle, French fry, and straight cuts. If the mandoline lacks a hand guard, investing in a mesh protection glove for your slicing hand is a wise idea. Alternatively, you can acquire a hand guard separately to enhance safety during use.

Best mandoline slicers

Best Price

Benriner Mandoline Jumbo Slicer

4.6 (3690 ratings) $48.50
Benriner's Beige Jumbo mandolin slicer easily slices larger fruits and veggies into consistently sized pieces that cook evenly and look great Made from handcrafted Japanese Stainless Steel Blade and BPA-free plastic; Large open handle for Comfort with non-skid rubber base for added stability
Larger-format slicer
Dishwasher safe
Blade is replaceable
No snags during cutting
Only does straight cuts

In the world of mandolines, the Benriner stands out as the preferred tool in many professional kitchens for a good reason. This Japanese-built slicer boasts a straightforward design, yet it performs like a true workhorse. If your kitchen demands involve slicing larger vegetables, like oversized russet potatoes for crispy chips or whole heads of cabbage for coleslaw, this is the device you need.

With its generous 6.5-inch-wide cutting surface, this mandoline features a substantial stainless steel blade that can effortlessly slice through a wide range of ingredients. The adjustable knob beneath the device allows you to select various thickness settings, though it lacks specific markings for precise measurements. While it excels at slicing cabbages and daikon, it’s equally adept at handling smaller vegetables, from tiny radishes to petite potatoes, as long as you use the provided hand guard. The mandoline’s broad design ensures unrestricted cutting, and the hand guard doesn’t hinder your movements. Expect consistently even cuts without any snagging, thanks to the razor-sharp blade.

One minor drawback is that this Benriner model doesn’t come with a variety of interchangeable blades. However, if your primary goal is straight cuts, it will meet your needs perfectly. It’s also dishwasher-safe on the top rack, but hand washing is recommended to maintain the blade’s sharpness. Should you require replacement blades, they can be purchased separately, ensuring years of continued use with your trusty mandoline.

Best Price

Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper, Mandoline Slicer & Cheese Grater

4.6 (22262 ratings) $31.95
Greatest functionality on the market - 5 interchangeable blades means this kitchen gadget meets all of your slicing, grating and chopping needs. Choose the perfect thickness of your sliced vegetables with the easy-to-use adjuster dial and select the ideal size for your chopped vegetables by simply changing the inserts.
Great multi-purpose tool All parts are dishwasher safe Convenient drawer catches vegetables
Dicer requires extra strength to use

This multifunctional tool goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional mandoline, making it a fantastic choice for culinary enthusiasts who adore vegetarian cuisine. Equipped with five easily interchangeable blades and an adjustable cutting thickness dial, this model ensures that your cuts are consistently precise.

Among its features, the standalone spiralizer excels at producing both large and small julienne strips or ribbon slices. Additionally, the dicer blades offer two distinct sizes for added versatility. The mandoline, meanwhile, can effortlessly handle julienne cuts, straight cuts, and grating tasks.

We put the slicing blade to the test with various vegetables and were impressed by the speed and uniformity of the cuts. The included hand guard proved convenient for medium-sized to smaller veggies, although it may feel somewhat cumbersome for larger, bulkier items. Fortunately, this set also includes a cut-resistant glove as an alternative option. For smaller vegetables like radishes and petite potatoes, the hand guard worked exceptionally well, though it leaves approximately 1/4-inch of unused produce at the end of the cut.

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The mandoline and dicers securely fit atop a catch tray within a nonslip base, ensuring stability during use. The catch tray is removable and doubles as a container for storing prepped ingredients. Once your cutting tasks are completed, all components are dishwasher-safe on the top rack, simplifying the cleaning process for your convenience.

Best Price

Oxo Good Grips Adjustable Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer

4.5 (15357 ratings) $18.95
Adjustable for slices in 3 thicknesses Window shows slices below Slice directly onto plate, on a cutting board or hook over a bowl Non-slip handle, knob and foot Dishwasher safe
Non-slip handle and 'foot'
Hand guard that stabilizes food
Great for quick and small projects
No julienne or French fry cutting options

The OXO hand-held mandoline slicer offers three adjustable thickness settings for slicing various fruits and vegetables. Designed with a non-slip handle and a secure non-slip “foot” at the base, it remains firmly in place during use. A transparent portion of the mandoline allows you to monitor the slices below, providing clear visibility of your progress. It’s dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning and includes a hand guard for safety. Unlike some other models, this mandoline focuses solely on straight cuts and does not offer julienne, wavy, or French fry options.

During our testing of this mandoline, we observed that it excelled in slicing firmer produce, while softer items occasionally posed more of a challenge. It effortlessly delivered thin potato slices, allowing us to slice a full-sized cucumber in just about 30 seconds. When it came to tomatoes, the slices were somewhat uneven but still serviceable. Notably, the mandoline’s compact size did not compromise its grip, offering both security and comfort during use. In summary, the three slicing options covered our tasks with minimal difficulty, and the non-slip “feet” added a practical touch, making it even more convenient for slicing over a bowl or cutting board.

Best Price

OXO Good Grips Chef’s Mandoline Slicer 2.0

4.2 (15357 ratings) $67.84
Indicator window clearly displays Thickness setting from above in inches and millimeters Spring-loaded food holder features a wide rim to protect fingers and stores on underside of mandolin Soft, non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip Textured runway prevents food from sticking and parallel surfaces create even slices without wedging
Stable tabletop design
Straight and julienne blade
Wide range of thickness settings
Slight learning curve
Bulky to clean

This all-in-one mandoline unit is your kitchen’s Swiss Army knife, capable of executing a wide range of cutting styles. From straight cuts to waffle and wavy patterns, small julienne strips, and larger French fry shapes, it covers it all. Impressively, it offers a total of 21 different thickness settings, spanning from 1 millimeter to 9 millimeters, with half-millimeter increments to ensure precision. It features a straight blade for tackling tough foods like carrots or potatoes and a serrated blade ideal for tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions. Moreover, the cutting thickness is easily adjustable with a simple knob, and the julienne and French fry cutters remain safely covered when not in use.

While this particular mandoline may be a tad bulkier compared to some handheld models, its added stability and multifunctionality more than compensate. In our tests, the hand protector securely held foods in place during slicing, offering excellent hand protection to prevent any accidents. The millimeter adjustment slider proved highly accurate in controlling slice thickness without any wastage of the product.

Crafted from durable angled Japanese stainless steel, this mandoline is built to endure. It includes a hand guard for added safety and features robust legs that maintain a comfortable slicing angle. Cleaning is a breeze with removable blades, though hand-washing is recommended to ensure longevity. This mandoline is truly the ultimate kitchen companion for precise and versatile slicing.

Best Price

Prepworks by Progressive Adjust-A-Slice and Julienne Mandoline

4.6 (8452 ratings) $29.78
Get perfect, even slices of carrots, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, kiwi and apples Flip the knob to pop up the julienne blades and cut zucchini for stir-fry or carrots for garnish Sliding button adjusts between 3 thicknesses: thin, medium and thick Non-skid base and ridges keep mandoline slicer stable on cutting surface and allow for use over a bowl Dishwasher safe, hand wash for best results
Easily adjustable thickness
Includes julienne blade
Hand guard that stabilizes food
Julienne blade may need hand washing

If you’re not in need of a multitude of intricate features or are still in the process of mastering mandoline skills, this model offers an economical yet efficient solution for vegetable slicing. It seamlessly adjusts to three distinct thickness settings and incorporates convenient julienne blades that effortlessly pop up for cutting zucchini, carrots, and other vegetables destined for salads and stir-fries. The inclusion of a hand guard and a non-skid base enhances safety during use. While it is dishwasher-safe, opting for hand washing may be more practical to ensure thorough cleaning of all the nooks and crannies.

In our testing, we discovered that the blades on this model were just as sharp as those on some pricier counterparts, allowing for swift and precise slicing of denser foods such as sweet potatoes, radishes, and carrots. The julienne function was equally effective, efficiently handling onions and proving easy to adjust

Best Price

Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline 5 Piece Set

4.5 (5833 ratings) $59.95
With the first-class V-Slicer Plus set, you have a practical helper for preparing delicious dishes of all kinds: Crunchy raw vegetable salads, delicious vegetable carpaccio & much more! With its micro-fine, ground stainless steel blade, the slicer cuts even the hardest fruit and vegetables into wonderfully even slices.
Multiple slicing blades and thicknesses
Style better for softer foods
Compact holder for storage
Should be washed by hand

Among compact mandolines, the Swissmar model stands out as a superb choice. It arrives with a set of blades tailored for julienne, straight, and French fry cuts. What sets this model apart is its V-style blade, which excels at slicing softer foods like tomatoes, while still proving proficient with a variety of other fruits and vegetables.

The design’s simplicity is a notable feature. It boasts grooves that conveniently fit over a bowl, eliminating the need for transferring food from the cutting surface to a separate container. Slicing through peppers and tomatoes is a breeze, although larger potatoes may require a bit more effort to push through. Keep in mind that this mandoline offers just two thickness settings for straight cuts (3.5 and 7 millimeters), so it may not accommodate paper-thin chips or translucent radish slices. However, it performs admirably for cucumbers, carrots, and other ingredients suitable for potato gratin recipes or salad toppings.

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Cleaning is straightforward; hand-washing is recommended. The blades are easily removable and replaceable, and all components neatly fit together in a compact holder, ensuring effortless storage when not in use.

Best Price

KitchenAid - KN310BXOBA KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer

4.6 (396 ratings) $48.92
Cut your food in 5 different thicknesses: this mandolin slicer is perfect for making precise straight slices and julienne strips in 5 different thicknesses (1/16-inch, 1/8-Inch, 3/16-Inch, 1/4-Inch and 5/16-inch).
Legs keep mandoline at comfortable slicing angle
Five different cuts and thicknesses
Dishwasher safe
More expensive option
Bulky when in use

We have a soft spot for kitchen appliances that are designed for efficient storage, and KitchenAid’s mandoline fits the bill perfectly. Its thoughtful design allows the legs to neatly tuck away, shields the main blade, and accommodates additional pieces—a spare blade and an oversized pusher—all securely nestled underneath for clutter-free and safe storage.

This mandoline offers the flexibility to cut both straight and julienne slices in five different thicknesses: 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, and 5/16 inches. We particularly appreciated the dedicated thickness settings, enabling us to choose the ideal slice size for various culinary creations, from a Provencal tian to thinner potato slices for homemade chips. The razor-sharp blades effortlessly sliced through bell peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes, without any snagging, and handled even extra-large potatoes, radishes, and onions with ease. The hand guard provided a secure grip on food and proved exceptionally user-friendly, minimizing waste during slicing.

Crafted from cutlery-grade stainless steel, both the slicing table and blades promise long-lasting durability and an appealing appearance. While the julienne storage case and blade cover should be hand-washed, the convenience of top-rack dishwasher-safe cleaning extends to all other components.

FAQs about the Best Mandoline Slicers

  • Q1: What is a mandoline slicer, and how does it work? Answer: A mandoline slicer is a kitchen tool with a flat, angled surface and adjustable blades. It works by sliding food items across the blades to achieve uniform slices or julienne cuts.
  • Q2: Why should I consider using a mandoline slicer? Answer: A mandoline slicer offers precision and efficiency in slicing fruits, vegetables, and other foods. It helps save time and produces consistent slices for various recipes.
  • Q3: What features should I look for in the best mandoline slicers? Answer: Look for adjustable slicing thickness, a variety of cutting blades, a stable base, safety features like hand guards, and ease of cleaning. Additionally, consider the material and build quality.
  • Q4: Can I use a mandoline slicer for different types of cuts, such as julienne and waffle cuts? Answer: Yes, many mandoline slicers come with interchangeable blades to achieve various cuts, including thin and thick slices, julienne, and waffle cuts. Check the product specifications for available cutting options.
  • Q5: How do I maintain and clean a mandoline slicer? Answer: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for disassembly and cleaning. Many mandoline slicers have removable blades and components that are dishwasher-safe. Always use caution when handling sharp blades.
  • Q6: Are mandoline slicers safe to use? Answer: While mandoline slicers are efficient, safety precautions are crucial. Look for models with hand guards to protect your fingers. Follow proper techniques and use the safety features provided.
  • Q7: Can I use a mandoline slicer for slicing softer foods like tomatoes or mushrooms? Answer: Yes, many mandoline slicers are versatile enough to handle softer foods. Look for models with serrated blades or adjustability to accommodate various textures.
  • Q8: Are there mandoline slicers suitable for professional kitchens? Answer: Yes, there are high-quality mandoline slicers designed for professional use. These models often feature durable construction, advanced slicing options, and robust safety features.
  • Q9: What is the recommended maintenance routine for keeping a mandoline slicer in good condition? Answer: Regularly inspect the blades for sharpness and any signs of wear. Clean the slicer after each use, and if applicable, store it in a safe place to prevent damage to the blades.
  • Q10: Can I use a mandoline slicer for slicing cheese or other semi-hard foods? Answer: Yes, many mandoline slicers are suitable for slicing semi-hard foods like cheese. Ensure the slicer has the appropriate blade and adjustability for the desired thickness.

In summary, choosing the best mandoline slicer depends on your specific needs. For simplicity and affordability, consider the OXO Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer. If you value versatility, look for mandolines with multiple cutting options. For space-saving efficiency, the Swissmar Compact Mandoline is a great choice. KitchenAid’s Mandoline impresses with smart storage and precision slicing. Ultimately, your choice depends on your priorities, but these models offer excellent options for different requirements.

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