Top picks: 7 Best Washing Machine 2024, Tests by Food and Meal

Over the years, washing machines have evolved significantly, offering a range of new features and styles, from top-loaders to front-loaders. Modern washers are smarter, gentler on clothes, more efficient at cleaning, and simpler to operate compared to older models. However, the plethora of options available can be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect one for your needs.

To help you easily discover the best washing machine 2024 , at the Food and Meal Lab, conduct rigorous tests that evaluate not only the cleaning performance and fabric care but also the user-friendliness of each washer. With years of experience, we present to you the top-performing washing machines that you can confidently consider purchasing.

What to look for when buying a washing machine

Apart from choosing between a front-loading or top-loading washing machine, there are several other factors to consider when making your decision:

Capacity Determine your laundry needs. If you frequently wash bulkier items or large loads, a washer with a large capacity (usually without a center agitator) would be ideal. On the other hand, for smaller loads, a standard capacity machine should suffice. Ensure that you can comfortably reach inside the drum of the washer you’re considering for easy loading and unloading.
Smart features Modern washing machines offer smart features like remote scheduling, cycle notifications, and AI-based fabric care. These conveniences may come at a higher price.
Detergent dispensing Opt for washers with bulk dispensers for detergent efficiency. They dispense the right amount based on cycle, options, and load size. Some models have single-dose dispensers for effective dissolution and timing.
Cycles Choose washers with customizable cycles, including sanitizing and steam options. Quick wash cycles are handy for lightly soiled items and time constraints. Beware of machines that limit your control over preset settings on specific cycles, which could be frustrating.

7 Best Washing Machine 2024

Best Price

Maytag Top Load 5.2 cu. ft. Capacity Agitator Washer

3.7 (12 ratings) $799.99
Forget the hassle of semi-automatic or manual laundry. Our 1.38 cubic feet/9.92lbs washer completely frees your hands. Just simply press start and wait for the laundry to finish.
Energy-saving Power
Wash cycle to clean extra dirty loads
Some reviewers say they have a hard time reaching the bottom

Despite featuring a center agitator, this top-loading washing machine ensures you won’t experience any compromises in terms of capacity. One of the standout features we appreciated was the clear control panel, which made it effortless to understand, and it proved to be highly responsive to touch commands. Additionally, it excels in energy efficiency, but what sets it apart is the option to add more water using the deep fill function if desired.

For those extra dirty loads, the PowerWash cycle comes to the rescue, while the RapidWash option trims the wash time to under 30 minutes for when you urgently need certain items. Although we didn’t specifically test this model, we did evaluate a similar one in our Lab and can confidently recommend this top-loader for its impressive performance.

Whirlpool Top Load Washer with 2-in-1 Removable Agitator

If you find yourself torn between choosing a washing machine with or without an agitator, look no further than this distinctive Whirlpool top load washer that offers you the best of both options. With the flexibility to keep the agitator in place for regular loads or remove it for handling bulkier items like comforters, you can easily adapt it to suit your laundry needs.

Our team of experts was particularly impressed by the inclusion of a stain-treating station and the Load and Go dispenser, which allows you to add detergent just once and have it last for up to 20 loads, saving you time and effort in refilling. Additionally, we found the accompanying app to be remarkably useful and user-friendly, enhancing your laundry experience even further.

Best Washing Machine 2023

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  • Removable agitator
  • Stain-treating station
  • Allows you to add detergent for up to 20 loads
  • Some reviewers say it’s louder than expected

GE Profile Washer with Smarter Wash Technology

GE has truly transformed the laundry experience with this top-loading washer, featuring an integrated Alexa that responds to thousands of voice commands. With Alexa at your service, you’ll never again worry about the right wash settings for delicate fabrics like cashmere or removing stubborn stains. A simple voice command is all it takes for Alexa to adjust the machine settings accordingly. Moreover, this built-in Alexa functions just like any other Alexa speaker, allowing you to enjoy music, receive weather updates, and much more while doing your laundry.

During our thorough Lab tests, we found this washer to be exceptionally user-friendly, and the generous 5.4 cubic foot capacity was a real plus. Although it exhibited some noise during certain parts of the cycle, we were impressed by the innovative technology designed to prevent tangles. No more dealing with knotted sheets or twisted clothing – this washer takes care of it all.

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Best Washing Machine 2023

Check Price

  • Alexa built-in
  • Voice commands will adjust wash settings for you
  • Tangle prevention technolog
  • Does not have a self-cleaning setting

GE Appliances UltraFresh Front Load Washer with OdorBlock

Bid farewell to the musty odors that often plague front-loading washers with this remarkable GE washing machine. It tackles the issue of water puddling inside, which causes the unpleasant smell, by offering a venting option that automatically dries the interior and door seal when your laundry is done.

This ingenious machine draws in outside air to dry the interior while intermittently spinning the drum. Notably, the door gasket, dispenser drawer, and other internal components are treated with Microban, an additive that effectively combats mold growth. Our experts were delighted to find the drum and door seal perfectly dry after a full vent cycle. However, it’s worth noting that the complete cycle does take eight hours, so it’s ideal to run it after your last load of the day or overnight.

This washer boasts an array of impressive features, including SmartDispense bulk detergent dispensing. Just select the cycle, and the washer automatically adds the precise amount of detergent needed. It also offers steam cycles, WiFi connectivity, and a convenient one-step wash and dry option for small loads that air dry overnight. During our tests, we found the wash cycles to be swift and highly effective, efficiently cleaning cotton and polyester stain swatches in both warm and cold water. Even the quick wash managed to remove a set-in stain in just 20 minutes. However, some reviewers have mentioned that this washer might be slightly louder than their preference.

Filling the machine with liquid detergent is a breeze, as it allows up to 50 ounces to be added at once without any spills or hassle.

Best Washing Machine 2023


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  • Option to dry machine and door to prevent musty smell
  • Automatically adds the correct amount of detergent
  • Can wash and dry a small load
  • Door gasket, drawer, hose and other parts are treated to prevent germ growth
  • Some reviewers say the washer is loud

LG 5.8 cu.ft. Mega Capacity Washer

While our Labs haven’t specifically tested this LG washer, we have thoroughly evaluated similar models, and based on our expertise, we wholeheartedly recommend this front loader. When combined with LG’s 1 cu. ft. top load pedestal washer, which we have tested extensively, it results in an impressive total washing capacity of 6.8 cu. ft.

The Mega Capacity Washer boasts an array of 14 wash programs, including normal, perm, press, delicates, speed wash, heavy duty, towels, and more. Additionally, it offers 13 extra features, such as child lock, remote start, and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with four spin speeds ranging from no spin to extra high, and five soil levels. The manufacturer’s claim of built-in sensors that detect the size and weight of your load to adjust the wash time and water level for optimal results adds to its appeal.

Although purchasing both the washer and pedestal may lead to a higher price tag, the added washing space makes it a worthwhile investment, especially for large families in need of ample laundry capacity.

Best Washing Machine 2023

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  • Extra large capacity with pedestal washer
  • 14 wash programs
  • Have to buy pedestal separately
  • Expensive

Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer with Opti-Wash

This Samsung washer is a laundry game-changer, boasting an array of smart features that make the task easier and more efficient. The Opti-Wash feature stands out, as it automatically detects soil levels and adjusts by adding more time or detergent if necessary, ensuring your laundry always comes out impeccably clean. To further enhance convenience, the washer can be paired with a user-friendly app, enabling remote start and stop, wash cycle scheduling, and receiving alerts when the cycle is completed, among other handy functions. One notable perk is that the washer learns your favorite wash cycle settings after a few uses, streamlining the laundry process even further.

In addition to its superb cleaning performance, this washing machine operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful laundry experience. The drum is treated with an antimicrobial solution to keep the washer smelling fresh for an extended period, while the Self Clean+ feature alerts you when it’s time for a cleaning session. As a bonus, the matching dryer can be installed either stacked or side by side. If stacked, you can conveniently set the dryer right from the washer’s control panel, adding to the overall ease and efficiency of doing laundry.

Best Washing Machine 2023

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  • Automatically detects soil level and adjusts the wash
  • Easy to use app
  • Quiet
  • Can control the dryer from the washer when stacked
  • Only comes in brushed black color

Miele TwinDos Washing Machine

With its compact dimensions measuring 23.5 x 33.5 x 23.375 inches, this Food and Meal Seal holder stands out as one of the most space-saving washing machines available. Despite its smaller size, the 2.26 cu. ft. capacity makes it an excellent choice for small homes, apartments, or as a second washing machine discreetly installed in a closet or bathroom. Though not jumbo-sized, the drum offers ample space to handle large loads efficiently.

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A standout feature our experts adore is the unique TwinDos system, which automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent for each wash. The machine offers a wide array of cycles, including silks, handwash, express, and more, catering to diverse laundry needs. During our rigorous tests, the QuickIntenseWash cycle impressed us by whitening cotton test swatches and efficiently removing tough stains in less than an hour. Moreover, its WiFi-enabled capability allows you to monitor and control your wash cycles conveniently through your smartphone.

Best Washing Machine 2023

Check Price

  • Saves space
  • Carries the Good Housekeeping Seal
  • Automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent
  • Cannot handle overly large loads


1. What types of washing machines are available in 2024?

  • Answer: Common types include top-loading, front-loading, and high-efficiency (HE) washing machines. Some models may also have smart features and advanced technologies.

2. What are the key features to consider when choosing the best washing machine?

  • Answer: Consider factors such as capacity, energy efficiency, water usage, spin speed, wash cycles, noise level, and additional features like steam cleaning, smart technology, and detergent dispensers.

3. How do front-loading and top-loading washing machines differ?

  • Answer: Front-loading machines are typically more energy-efficient and use less water, while top-loading machines are often more budget-friendly and allow for adding clothes mid-cycle.

4. Are there washing machines with built-in dryers in 2024?

  • Answer: Yes, some washing machines come with an integrated dryer, known as washer-dryer combos. They are suitable for homes with limited space.

5. What is the optimal washing machine capacity for a household?

  • Answer: The capacity needed depends on the size of your household. For smaller households, a capacity of 4-5 cubic feet may be sufficient, while larger families might opt for 5.5 cubic feet or more.

6. Can I use regular detergent in high-efficiency (HE) washing machines?

  • Answer: It’s recommended to use HE detergent in high-efficiency machines. Regular detergent can produce too many suds, affecting the machine’s performance.

7. How do I clean and maintain my washing machine?

  • Answer: Clean the detergent dispenser, drum, and door seal regularly. Run a cleaning cycle with vinegar or a washing machine cleaner. Leave the door ajar between cycles to allow air circulation.

8. Can I wash delicate fabrics in all washing machines?

  • Answer: Most washing machines have a delicate or hand wash cycle, but front-loading machines are generally gentler on clothes, making them suitable for delicate fabrics.

9. Are there washing machines with smart features in 2024?

  • Answer: Yes, smart washing machines with features like Wi-Fi connectivity, remote control, and compatibility with smart home systems are becoming more common.

10. What is the expected lifespan of a washing machine?

  • Answer: The average lifespan is around 10-14 years. Regular maintenance, proper usage, and following the manufacturer’s guidelines can contribute to longevity.
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