The 8 best electric hot pots of 2024 for purchase

Hot pot is the ultimate interactive dining experience. Originating in East Asia thousands of years ago, this Chinese cooking style involves placing various ingredients directly into a communal pot of simmering broth, right on the dinner table. With the right equipment and a selection of delectable ingredients, it’s guaranteed to be a hit among your guests.

In Food and Meal, our experts rigorously test a wide range of cooking appliances daily. From compact countertop cookers like fondue pots and Instant Pots to larger kitchen essentials such as electric ranges and stoves, we have tapped into this wealth of expertise to identify the best electric hot pots of 2024 for purchase. So, whether you’re a seasoned hot pot enthusiast or a curious beginner, our recommendations will surely elevate your hot pot dining experience.

Best Electric Hot Pots Of 2024
Best electric hot pots of 2024

How to Choose an Electric Hot Pot

Electric hot pots are gaining increasing popularity as people become more aware of the numerous benefits they offer. Firstly, these innovative steamboats provide a consistent and rapid heating of the broth, ensuring an efficient cooking experience.

While electric hot pots may not be as portable as gas stoves, this limitation can be easily overcome by using an extension cord. As long as there is an electrical outlet nearby, you can effortlessly enjoy the modernized version of the traditional hot pot right at your table.

Moreover, electric hot pots offer versatility beyond the conventional hot pot experience. They can be utilized to prepare a variety of dishes such as stews or soups. Some hot pots even come equipped with additional features like grilling and steaming, further enhancing their usefulness and adaptability.

If you’re considering purchasing an electric hot pot, here are some factors to consider:

Construction Electric hot pots come in non-stick or stainless steel options. The choice depends on preferences – non-stick is easy to clean but may scratch, while stainless steel is durable but requires more cleaning effort. Sturdy materials for the exterior are important.
Features Some hot pots offer grilling and steaming functions. Look for versatility like grill plates or steam racks.
Capacity Choose a size that suits your needs, whether small for solo dining or larger for family feasts.
Design Consider aesthetics, from classic steel finishes to modern, colorful designs. Match with your tableware.
Price Higher prices often mean better quality. Avoid the cheapest models, especially for regular use or multifunctionality.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing an electric hot pot that suits your preferences and requirements.

The 8 best electric hot pots of 2024 for purchase

Best Price

TopWit 1.5L Electric

4.6 (266 ratings) $32.66
Our Topwit hot pot electric is equipped with dual power settings (250W and 600W), which can provide you with a variety of choices for your daily meals. It is perfect to make oatmeal, spaghetti, pancake and egg under 250W power. When cooking steak, salmon, sauté or hot pot, you can switch to the 600W power.
Only two heat settings

At Food And Meal, we’ve had the opportunity to explore a myriad of kitchen appliances, and it’s not often that we come across a product that masterfully balances affordability with performance. This electric hot pot is a testament to the fact that budget-friendly doesn’t always mean cutting corners.

First and foremost, the pot’s non-stick coating is a significant advantage. While many might be wary of a cooking bowl that cannot be detached from its base, this feature ensures that cleaning is far from a daunting task. In our experience, the cleanup was straightforward and hassle-free, which is always a plus in the busy modern kitchen.

The transparent lid is a thoughtful touch, offering a window into the cooking process. This means no more guesswork or constant lid lifting to check on your meal’s progress. Whether you’re simmering a broth or cooking up a stew, you can keep an eye on it, ensuring optimal results every time.

One of the standout features is its compact size. For individuals, couples, or those with limited kitchen space, this pot is a dream. It’s efficient in its design, and when it comes to storage, it won’t monopolize precious cabinet real estate.

While the two heating settings might seem limiting to some, we found it offered an unexpected versatility. True, there might be slight variations when heating different soup bases, but the brand’s foresight in providing specific recipes tailored to each setting is commendable. It’s a clever way to navigate the machine’s potential limitations, turning them instead into an opportunity for culinary exploration.

To conclude, this electric hot pot is a shining example of value for money. It brings together convenience, efficiency, and adaptability in one compact package. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or someone just starting their culinary journey, this pot is a worthy addition to any kitchen arsenal. At Food And Meal, we’re always on the lookout for products that deliver more than they promise, and this one certainly fits the bill.

Best Price

Aroma Housewares 5 Quart Stainless Steel Dual-Sided Shabu Hot Pot

4.7 (606 ratings) $59.35
The AROMA® 3Qt. Shabu Shabu Hot Pot is the perfect way to enjoy a hot pot feast at home with family and friends. The two built-in compartments offer the convenience of two flavors in the same pot. Powerful at 1500 watts, it heats up the broth fast and evenly.
Easy to clean
Divider is not removable

The electric hot pot market has seen a proliferation of models and designs, but few stand out as notably as this large stainless steel rendition. Our team at Food And Meal delved into its features to provide an informed review for our readers.

Stainless steel’s reputation for rapid and uniform heating isn’t unfounded, and this pot is no exception. In our tests, it heated up noticeably faster compared to other materials. Additionally, the lightweight design is a boon for regular use, ensuring easy transfer to and from its base. The inclusion of cool-touch handles further bolsters this user-friendly design, emphasizing safety in handling – a feature we particularly appreciate.

The dishwasher-safe components undoubtedly ease the post-cooking process. After all, who wants to labor over cleaning when they could be savoring a delicious hot pot meal? The ease of cleanup also prolongs the life of the pot, reducing wear and tear.

However, what genuinely differentiates this pot is the dual-sided design. The ability to prepare two distinct broths is not only innovative but incredibly practical. Whether you’re hosting a dinner where guests have varied tastes or managing a family with diverse culinary preferences, this feature is a game-changer. As Leung aptly put it, this design “grants the freedom to accommodate diverse taste preferences seamlessly.”

That said, the fixed divider may be seen as a limitation for those who occasionally want a large single pot option. It’s a trade-off but one we believe is worth it given the pot’s primary dual-purpose design.

While the lack of direct sautéing capability might initially seem like an oversight, when weighed against the pot’s myriad of other features, it becomes a minor drawback. In our opinion, the other features more than make up for this omission.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a hot pot that embodies versatility, efficiency, and thoughtful design, this model stands tall among its peers. Its features make it not just a kitchen appliance but an essential tool for creating memorable dining experiences. At Food And Meal, we believe it’s a worthy addition to any culinary enthusiast’s collection.

Best Price

Aroma Housewares Whatever Pot

4.5 (322 ratings) $54.99
Maximize your kitchen’s potential and easily cook complete recipes with the two-in-one Aroma Hot Pot. The dual cooker only takes up a foot of counter space, so it’s easy to use and store in small apartment kitchens, tiny homes, and dorm rooms.
Small footprint
Sautéing and grilling capabilities
Hot spots can cause foods to burn

Food And Meal’s quest to uncover kitchen treasures led us to this compact electric hot pot, and we were certainly not disappointed. For those with limited counter space or who prefer more intimate dining experiences, this pot’s compact design offers a unique blend of functionality and convenience.

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Measuring just under a foot from handle to handle, this model is the epitome of space efficiency. But its compact size does not compromise its utility. The inclusion of a removable stainless steel insert is a thoughtful design choice, offering easy cleaning options – and the dishwasher compatibility is always a welcomed feature in any busy kitchen.

The addition of the 8-inch non-stick grill pan is a masterstroke, broadening its range of culinary applications. Whether it’s a traditional hot pot dish or a simple grilled treat, this electric hot pot is up to the task.

One standout feature our team at Food And Meal were particularly thrilled about was the sautéing capability. Few hot pots in its category offer such a function. While our test kitchen experts did observe some sticking, especially when dealing with certain ingredients at high temperatures, a bit of attentiveness and adjusting the heat should mitigate these issues. The slight learning curve does not overshadow the utility this function brings to the table.

Concluding our review, this compact electric hot pot embodies versatility, efficiency, and a sleek design. While it might have minor quirks, like any kitchen gadget, its pros heavily outweigh the cons. It promises to be a valuable ally in the kitchen, catering to a range of cooking needs. For those looking to invest in a multifaceted cooking appliance without breaking the bank or hogging the kitchen counter, this one certainly merits consideration.

Best Price

Zojirushi Electric Skillet for Yin Yang Hot Pot

4.7 (78 ratings) $182.43
The Gourmet d'Expert Electric Skillet is a multi-functional electric skillet with two cooking plates; a deep pan (3-1/8” deep) with a divider to enjoy two types of hot pot at once and a dual surface griddle pan for grilling meats and vegetables.
Comes with griddle pans
Stable base with rubber feet
More expensive than others

Food And Meal’s journey into the world of kitchen appliances introduced us to this remarkable electric hot pot from a revered Japanese brand. Having a reputation for delivering a vast range of top-tier countertop appliances, from trusty rice cookers to reliable bread makers, their foray into the hot pot domain did not fall short of our expectations.

Indeed, the price tag may seem a tad steep for some, but a closer look at its rich feature set justifies the investment. The yin-yang style divider, in the deep soup pot, is a thoughtful touch for those who adore the variety in their meals. It offers the liberty to explore diverse broth flavors concurrently – a treat for both chefs and diners.

The inclusion of a griddle pan and a transparent lid only amplifies its versatility, catering to different culinary inclinations. Be it a sizzling barbecue or a heartwarming broth; this electric hot pot has got it covered.

A standout feature, which we at Food And Meal particularly appreciated, was its stability. The meticulous design featuring rubber feet not only promises durability but also a safe cooking experience, ensuring that the pot remains steadfast on any countertop. The ceramic non-stick coating on both pans is yet another feather in its cap, ensuring hassle-free cleaning.

The dual functionality of the deep pan, allowing it to transition from the stovetop to the electric base, is ingenious. The capability to sauté ingredients before immersing them in simmering broths speaks volumes about its adaptability.

With safety being paramount, the design ensures the handles remain cool to the touch. This eliminates any apprehensions about accidental burns during cooking sessions, bolstering user confidence.

In conclusion, while this electric hot pot from the esteemed Japanese brand does come at a premium, its unparalleled combination of versatility, safety, and durability deems it a worthy addition to any culinary enthusiast’s collection. For those looking to elevate their cooking game and are willing to invest in an appliance that promises both form and function, this hot pot certainly deserves a spot on their countertop.

Best Price

Breville Hot Wok

3.8 (300 ratings) $82.43
EW30XL Features: -Steel bowl. -Non-stick surface. -Detachable high-grade polymer base, dishwasher safe. -Rubber grips provide secure footing on variety of surfaces. -15 precision-controlled temperature settings. -Cook 'n' Look glass lid. -All cooking parts are dishwasher safe.
Versatile usage
Multiple specific temperature settings
More expensive than others

At Food And Meal, we have a penchant for diving deep into the culinary world to find the best tools for our community. When it comes to electric woks, while there are many contenders in the market, one particular model caught our attention, even with its slightly steeper price.

This electric wok’s versatility is undeniably its crowning glory. From impeccable sautéing to perfectly stir-fried greens, its performance remained unmatched. But what truly sets it apart is its adeptness in crafting a rich and delectable soup base, turning it into an essential tool not just for stir-fries but also for hot pot enthusiasts.

Its design mirrors the essence of a traditional wok, with tall sides that are instrumental in maintaining those soaring temperatures ideal for that quintessential wok sear. This design, combined with the electric base, effectively bridges the gap between tradition and modernity.

Precision is pivotal in cooking, and this wok doesn’t fall short. With its multiple temperature settings, we found it incredibly user-friendly, allowing us to tailor the heat according to the dish’s requirements. This feature is especially handy in ensuring uniformity in results, a dream for any home chef.

The sizable bowl of the wok, enveloped in a nonstick coating, further elevates the cooking experience. This ensures that ingredients glide effortlessly without sticking, making both cooking and cleaning a breeze. Speaking of cleaning, the detachable bowl design is a testament to the thoughtfulness behind the wok, making it dishwasher-friendly and ensuring longevity.

To wrap it up, if you’re in pursuit of an electric wok that seamlessly merges functionality with ease of use, this model, despite its premium pricing, is a worthy investment. Its expansive range of features not only promises a delightful culinary journey but also ensures that the journey is as smooth as possible.

Best Price

Proctor-Silex Hot Pot With Adjustable Temperature

4.3 (626 ratings) $64.99
Proctor Silex Hot Pot 32 oz capacity variable temperature hot water pot
Opaque lid

In our quest to discover kitchen tools that offer both functionality and convenience, we at Food And Meal found a true gem in this compact electric hot pot. Designed keeping the avid traveler in mind, its lightweight and portable nature stands out, making it a treasured companion for those on the move.

Its feather-light weight of under two pounds coupled with its diminutive footprint means setting it up is a breeze, even in the most constrained spaces. Be it a tiny dormitory kitchen, an apartment, or during a hotel stay, this hot pot seamlessly fits in. While one might assume its size may compromise its capacity, this isn’t the case. It holds a decent one quart, making it just right for whipping up small servings.

When it comes to cleaning, the nonstick insert of this hot pot is truly a lifesaver. No more scrubbing or scraping; it slides right into the dishwasher, ensuring cleanliness without the elbow grease. This, in combination with the pot’s durability, guarantees its longevity, promising countless cooking sessions.

Versatility is the name of the game with this model. The six temperature settings it boasts are quite a feat for its size. Whether you’re simmering a delicate broth or boiling water for a cup of tea, this hot pot has you covered. The thoughtful inclusion of a built-in handle and spout means you can pour out liquids without any spillage – a minor but essential detail for a hassle-free cooking experience.

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However, every product has its quirks. The opaque plastic lid, while durable, doesn’t allow for easy monitoring of the cooking process. While this is a minor setback, a transparent lid would have been a cherry on top.

In conclusion, for those who prioritize portability and convenience without compromising on functionality, this compact electric hot pot is a no-brainer. Whether you’re a student, a traveler, or someone looking to maximize limited kitchen space, it’s a worthy addition to your culinary arsenal.

Best Price

Housewares 3-in-1 Super Pot with Grill Plate

4.5 (6548 ratings) $33.61
Skillet, steamer, slower cooker, stir fryer, Sukiyaki cooker, and warmer. .. Only your creativity contains your cooking. Aroma 3-in-1 Super Pot heats fast. Removable die-cast aluminum cooking pot with 3.2-quart capacity and built-in pouring spout, nonstick cooking surface provides ridges to channel fat away from food.
Auto-shutoff feature
Dishwasher safe pot Nonstick, 10-inch ridged cooking pan allows for grilling as well as cooking hot pot
Adjustable heat from 350 to 450 degrees
Some reviewers said the non-stick coating got scratched too easily

The quest for kitchenware that melds convenience, capacity, and versatility leads us to this exceptional pot, which has firmly etched its mark among our top recommendations at Food And Meal. The centerpiece of its allure? The remarkable dishwasher-safe components – a feature that transforms the often tedious task of cleanup into a straightforward, fuss-free experience.

Boasting a generous three-quart size, this pot promises to not leave you wanting for space, making it perfect for those sumptuous hot pot feasts or dinner parties. Its size is complemented by its versatility. Whether you’re simmering, boiling, or stewing, this pot gracefully rises to the occasion. However, it’s noteworthy that the ridged bottom design makes it less than ideal for frying eggs, a minor limitation in its otherwise broad culinary repertoire.

As with all products, while the pot shines in many aspects, it isn’t without its critiques. A handful of reviewers have reported isolated issues such as the pot overheating, paint bubbling on the exterior, or occasional electrical glitches. However, it’s essential to view these concerns in perspective. The overwhelming majority of users laud this pot, with particular emphasis on its seamless cleaning process and culinary adaptability.

In the vast landscape of kitchen appliances, this pot stands tall. Its thoughtful design, capacity, and versatility make it a valuable asset for both novices and seasoned chefs alike. The occasional hiccup, when weighed against its manifold benefits, seems a small compromise for a pot that promises and delivers so much.

Best Price

Electric Shabu Shabu Hot Pot with Divider

4.5 (379 ratings) $133.61
Shabu Shabu Hot Pot is the perfect way to enjoy a hot pot feast at home with family and friends. The two built-in compartments offer the convenience of two flavors in the same pot.
Welded divider so you can cook two soups
Four temperature control settings
Large five-liter capacity
Anti-skid feet
Look and test for cracks and leaks in the main body before using
Some say it can take a while to heat up

Navigating the crowded market of kitchen appliances can be a challenge, but this particular model stands out for its unique features tailored for those with specific culinary preferences. One of its undeniable strengths is the removable pot, which makes the often dreaded task of cleaning an absolute breeze. However, it’s crucial to note that this pot isn’t designed for stovetop use, so users need to be aware of its exclusive utility with its own electric base.

Its fixed divider becomes a game-changer for hot pot enthusiasts or ramen lovers. This feature ensures that ingredients remain distinct, perfect for those occasions when you want a spicy broth on one side and a milder one on the other. Such a design is particularly appealing to households or gatherings with varying taste preferences, as it allows simultaneous preparation of diverse flavors.

However, no product is without its quirks. Some users have raised concerns about the pot’s durability or cited quality control issues, such as holes appearing after some use. Yet, it’s essential to stress that these reports are sporadic, and a larger pool of users have celebrated the pot’s unique features.

Moreover, while a few individuals have pointed out occasional leaks from one side to the other, the broader consensus suggests that the divider does its job admirably. As a result, most meals end in satisfaction, not a melding of unintended flavors.


In summation, this pot emerges as a top contender for those who prize the convenience of easy cleanup and the novelty of preparing two distinct dishes simultaneously. While it’s essential to handle with care to maximize its lifespan, the model’s advantages overwhelmingly place it as a worthwhile addition to one’s kitchen arsenal.

In conclusion, 2023 has been a fantastic year for electric hot pot enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a simple, user-friendly model or a seasoned hot pot lover seeking advanced features, there’s something in the market for everyone. The emphasis on versatility, ease of cleaning, and user-focused design has made this year’s offerings stand out. While keeping an eye on durability is advisable, the vast majority of users will likely find a hot pot that aligns perfectly with their needs and preferences.
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