Review the 9 best dishwasher for drying dishes in 2024

Investing in a top-notch dishwasher is a wise decision that offers numerous benefits for your home. Not only does it free you from the tedious task of hand-washing dishes, but it also contributes to energy and water conservation, leading to reduced utility costs.

With the vast array of dishwasher options on the market, selecting the perfect one can feel as overwhelming as facing a mountain of dirty dishes. To simplify your search and save you valuable time and effort, I have conducted thorough research to identify the most dependable dishwasher models currently available. And this post of Food and Meal will be provide to you about the 9 best dishwasher for drying dishes in 2024.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Dishwasher

Why Won’t My Dishes Get Dry?

If you have nostalgic memories of your childhood dishwasher, where every dish emerged sparkling clean, dry, and warm, it can be disheartening to encounter water droplets on your plates and standing water in your Tupperware containers as an adult.

But fear not, there are two valid reasons why your dishes may not achieve perfect dryness: energy efficiency and the use of plastics.

Dishwashers employ various techniques to facilitate drying. In the past, many dishwashers featured an exposed heating element at the bottom. After the washing cycle, the heating element would activate, heating the dishwasher’s interior and causing any remaining water to evaporate.

Review The 9 Best Dishwasher For Drying Dishes In 2024 1

To meet energy efficiency standards and comply with Energy Star requirements, manufacturers have made changes to dishwasher designs. As a result, the traditional heating element has been eliminated in many models.

If you come across a drying option on your dishwasher’s control panel that does not explicitly mention heating, it is likely a ventilation fan. This fan aids in dissipating condensation inside the dishwasher after the cycle is complete. However, if your dishwasher offers a “heated dry” option, it indicates the presence of a heating element.

It’s important to consider the tradeoffs of heated drying. While it may provide enhanced drying performance, it can result in slightly higher energy bills and the risk of plastic items, such as Tupperware, melting if they come into contact with the heating element.

This brings us to the second reason why your dishes may not achieve the desired dryness: plastics. Plastic items, due to their lower heat retention capabilities, may not dry as effectively as other materials. Consequently, water droplets can remain on plastic items even after the drying cycle.

It’s crucial to understand that the absence of perfect dryness does not necessarily indicate a malfunction or poor performance of your dishwasher. Rather, it reflects the industry’s commitment to energy efficiency and the challenges associated with drying plastics effectively.

In conclusion, the shift towards energy-efficient dishwashers, coupled with the use of plastics, can affect the drying performance. While your dishes may not attain the same level of dryness as in the past, rest assured that modern dishwashers are designed to conserve energy and meet stringent standards. Consider the tradeoffs and choose the drying option that suits your needs, ensuring a balance between energy efficiency and achieving satisfactory drying results.

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Why Doesn’t My Plasticware Dry?

Drying plastics poses a challenge for dishwashers, including items like Tupperware, sports bottles, and baby bottles, due to their inherent properties.

Plastics have a lower heat retention capacity compared to materials like ceramic, metal, and glass. As a result, while the residual heat from the dishwasher cycle can effectively evaporate water droplets on regular dishes, plastics lack the ability to retain and utilize that heat for drying.

Moreover, the lightweight nature of most plastics makes them susceptible to being moved around by the water jets inside the dishwasher. Even if you place your Tupperware containers upside down on the upper rack, there is a high likelihood that they will be repositioned right side up during the wash cycle, leading to water accumulation at the bottom.

These factors combined make it more challenging for dishwashers to achieve thorough drying of plastic items, resulting in the presence of water droplets or residual moisture even after the cycle is complete.

Review The 9 Best Dishwasher For Drying Dishes In 2024 2

It is worth noting that this limitation is not unique to a particular dishwasher model or brand, but rather a general characteristic of plastic materials in dishwashers. To mitigate this issue, you may consider employing alternative drying methods, such as towel drying or air drying, for your plastic items to ensure they are completely dry before storage.

In summary, the difficulty in drying plastics stems from their lower heat retention capability and their susceptibility to movement during the wash cycle. While dishwashers excel in drying other materials, such as ceramic, metal, and glass, plastic items may require additional drying measures to achieve optimal dryness.

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How Do I Get Drier Dishes?

In addition to considering one of the dishwashers mentioned earlier, another option to enhance the drying performance of your dishwasher is to utilize a rinse aid.

Review The 9 Best Dishwasher For Drying Dishes In 2024 3

Contrary to its name, rinse aid primarily focuses on facilitating the drying process rather than rinsing. By employing its hydrophobic properties, rinse aid creates a surface that discourages water from collecting and lingering on your dishes. As a result, most of the water slides off easily, leaving your dishes free from water droplets and unsightly water spots.

By using rinse aid in conjunction with your dishwasher, you can optimize the drying efficiency and achieve better overall drying results for your dishes.

Review the 7 best dishwasher for drying dishes in 2023

Best Price

Bosch SHPM88Z75N

4.3 (13 ratings) $836.99
Size and weight Overall appliance dimensions (HxWxD) (in)33 7/8'' x 23 9/16'' x 23 3/4'' Adjustable plinth
No Net weight95.000 lbs Programmes Status indicator
End of program audible, Info
Light red, sanitized LED US, Time remaining indic. internal
Dries plastics
Stellar stain removal
Quiet operation
Nothing significant that we could find

Introducing the remarkable SHPM88Z75N dishwasher, featuring the groundbreaking trademarked CrystalDry technology. Designed to revolutionize your dish-drying experience, this dishwasher utilizes zeolite crystals to achieve unparalleled efficiency in drying all of your dishes.

One common frustration with dishwashers is the difficulty in drying plastic food storage containers. These items often require multiple passes with a dish towel before they can be safely put away. However, with CrystalDry technology, this annoyance becomes a thing of the past. The SHPM88Z75N ensures that even plastic containers emerge from the dishwasher completely dry, eliminating the need for any additional manual drying.

But the SHPM88Z75N offers much more than just exceptional drying performance. As a Bosch dishwasher, it upholds the brand’s well-established reputation for being quiet, efficient, and stylish. Its noiseless operation allows you to carry on with your daily activities without any disruptive background noise. The dishwasher’s efficiency is evident not only in its drying capabilities but also in its ability to remove stubborn stains with ease. From burnt-on cheese to spinach, this appliance effortlessly tackles even the most challenging food remnants.

While the SHPM88Z75N excels in stain removal, it’s worth noting that, like most dishwashers, it may occasionally experience the redeposition of food particles. Therefore, there may be rare instances where spinach or other food remnants are redeposited onto other dishes. However, this is a common occurrence across the dishwasher industry and should not overshadow the overall exceptional performance of this model.

In summary, the SHPM88Z75N with CrystalDry technology is a game-changer in the world of dishwashers. It ensures that every dish, including plastic food storage containers, emerges completely dry, saving you time and effort. With its quiet operation, efficient stain removal, and sleek design, this dishwasher delivers on all fronts. Embrace the future of dish-drying with the SHPM88Z75N and experience a new level of convenience and satisfaction in your kitchen.

Best Price

Miele G 5266 SCVi SFP

4.3 (952 ratings) $1,749.00
Wash, superior cleaning and drying in under 60 min
ExtraComfort Baskets w/3D MultiFlex Tray adjusts for more volume
Clean Touch Steel front w/pocket handle, fingerprint resistant Comfort Baskets w/Original Tray adjusts for easy loading
Impressive cleaning power
Third rack and adjustable upper rack
Nothing significant that we could find

Introducing the luxurious Miele G 5266 dishwasher, a true gem that justifies its price tag with an array of innovative features. Among its standout technologies is the AutoOpen Drying system, where the dishwasher’s door automatically pops open at the end of the wash cycle. This ingenious design allows for condensation drying, as the cool room air interacts with the hot dishes, leaving them perfectly dry.

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In addition to the AutoOpen Drying feature, the Miele G 5266 offers a Sensor dry function and an Extra Dry option. The Sensor dry feature ensures that all glasses and plastic ware are dried to perfection by utilizing elevated water temperatures and an extended drying period. With these advanced settings, you can trust that every item in your dishwasher will come out completely dry, giving you peace of mind and saving you from any additional manual drying.

When it comes to overall performance, the Miele G 5266 surpasses expectations and ranks among the best dishwashers ever tested in our labs. Its cutting-edge features and meticulous craftsmanship make it a top choice for those who value exceptional performance and reliability. While it may require a significant investment, the Miele G 5266 is a worthwhile one, and its performance will not disappoint.

In conclusion, the Miele G 5266 dishwasher offers a range of innovative features that make it worth its luxury price tag. With AutoOpen Drying, Sensor dry, and an Extra Dry option, it ensures that all your dishes, glasses, and plastic ware are impeccably dry. When it comes to performance, this dishwasher shines and stands out among its competitors. If you have the means to invest in the Miele G 5266, you can rest assured that it will exceed your expectations and prove to be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Bosch SGX78B55UC/13

Introducing the Bosch SGX78B55UC/13, another remarkable addition to the 800 Series dishwasher lineup. This model also incorporates the exceptional CrystalDry technology for efficient drying performance. What sets this particular dishwasher apart is its ADA compliance, making it equipped with enhanced accessibility features. Additionally, it boasts a slightly smaller physical footprint, so if your cabinetry is designed for a standard-sized dishwasher, keep that in mind during installation.

Best Dishwasher For Drying Dishes
Bosch sgx78b55uc/13

In terms of overall performance, the SGX78B55UC/13 proves to be an outstanding dishwasher, delivering robust cleaning power within relatively short cycle times. It strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that your dishes come out sparkling clean without compromising on speed.

When it comes to features, the SGX78B55UC/13 is fully loaded, offering a range of options to enhance your dishwashing experience. With a third rack, adjustable upper rack, and foldable tines in the lower rack, this dishwasher provides ample flexibility to accommodate dishes of various shapes and sizes. Furthermore, it includes Bosch’s suite of smart features, allowing you to streamline your dishwashing routine and take advantage of advanced technologies.

In summary, the Bosch SGX78B55UC/13 dishwasher from the 800 Series is an excellent choice. With CrystalDry technology for efficient drying, ADA compliance for enhanced accessibility, and a compact size suitable for specific cabinetry, it combines convenience and performance. The strong cleaning power, short cycle times, and a host of impressive features make this dishwasher a standout option. Upgrade your kitchen with the SGX78B55UC/13 and enjoy the benefits of a truly exceptional dishwasher.

  • Excellent cleaning power

  • Gets dishes dry

  • Tons of features

  • Minor issues with redeposit

Café CDT875M5NS5

The GE Café CDT875M5NS5 dishwasher shines with its flagship feature, the Dual Convection Ultra Dry. During our testing in the labs, we were extremely pleased with the exceptional results it delivered.

With a strong commitment to providing thoroughly dry dishes, Café has gone above and beyond with the CDT875M5NS5. This dishwasher ensures that your dishes are dry enough to be directly stored in your cupboard, eliminating the need for additional drying steps. Impressively, it even achieves remarkable drying performance with plastics, leaving them mostly dry and preventing any water pooling on top of reusable containers.

Best Dishwasher For Drying Dishes
Café cdt875m5ns5

In summary, the GE Café CDT875M5NS5 dishwasher’s standout feature, the Dual Convection Ultra Dry, sets it apart from the competition. With its excellent drying capabilities, this dishwasher guarantees that your dishes will be ready for immediate storage. Say goodbye to wet plastic containers and embrace the convenience and efficiency of the CDT875M5NS5.

  • High-end aesthetics

  • Third rack, bottle jets, and smart features

  • Inconsistent cleaning

  • Not the best value at its current price

Best Price


4.4 (952 ratings) $599.99
Product Height: 33 5/8 inches
Product Width: 23 3/4 inches
Product Depth: 24 5/8 inches
Operating Sound Level: 48 decibels adjusted
Number Of Racks: 3 Tub Finish Stainless steel
Exceptional cleaning performance for spotless dishes.
Ultra-quiet operation maintains a peaceful environment.
Thoughtful design with adjustable racks and user-friendly controls.
Energy and water efficiency contribute to responsible usage.
Drying performance could be more consistent.
Limited color options may not match all kitchen aesthetics.

Although the LG LDFN4542S dishwasher has a couple of aspects that didn’t quite meet our expectations, such as its shallow third-rack and underwhelming cleaning power, its Dynamic Dry technology is certainly a standout feature.

Present in all LG dishwasher models manufactured from late 2020 onwards, Dynamic Dry utilizes steam to effectively blast dishes and elevate the interior temperature of the washing compartment. This innovative approach ensures that your dishes come out much drier, with fewer spots. By harnessing the power of steam, LG has created a drying system that significantly enhances the overall dish-drying experience.

In summary, while the LG LDFN4542S dishwasher may have certain areas that leave room for improvement, its Dynamic Dry technology is not one of them. With the ability to utilize steam and increase the interior temperature, this feature ensures that your dishes emerge from the dishwasher with exceptional dryness and reduced spotting. Embrace the convenience of Dynamic Dry and elevate your dish-drying game with LG.

Bosch SHEM3AY52N

Experience the exceptional cleaning performance of the top-selling Bosch SHEM3AY52N dishwasher, part of the budget-friendly 100 Series line by Bosch.

When it comes to drying your dishes after each wash cycle, this Bosch dishwasher employs the innovative PureDry technology, a closed condensation drying process. Instead of relying on a heating element, PureDry effectively removes moisture from your dishes, resulting in a 100% dry load on both the Normal and Quick cycles in approximately one hour. Say goodbye to wet dishes and hello to convenience.

Best Dishwasher For Drying Dishes
Bosch shem3ay52n

In terms of overall performance, the SHEM3AY52N offers the reliable Normal and Heavy cycles. These cycles excel at tackling even the toughest food stains, ensuring that your dishes come out immaculately clean. While this dishwasher doesn’t feature a true third rack, it does include a small utility rack that sits atop the second rack. This handy addition provides space for items such as ladles, short glassware, or extra cutlery, enhancing the versatility and convenience of this model.

In summary, the Bosch SHEM3AY52N dishwasher from the 100 Series line delivers exceptional cleaning performance at an affordable price. With its innovative PureDry technology, it ensures that your dishes are thoroughly dried without the need for a heating element. The Normal and Heavy cycles tackle tough stains effectively, and the utility rack provides additional flexibility for organizing your items. Upgrade your kitchen with the SHEM3AY52N and enjoy the perfect balance of performance and affordability.

  •  Great cleaning performance
  • Great features
  • Too expensive for what it offers
  • Confusing controls

Samsung DW80R9950UT

Experience the ultimate in dishwashing technology with the Samsung DW80R9950UT dishwasher. This impressive appliance offers a range of features, from customizable Bespoke panels to its innovative AutoRelease Door drying feature.

The AutoRelease Door feature is a game-changer when it comes to dish drying. During the final minutes of the wash cycle, the dishwasher’s door automatically opens, allowing fresh air to circulate within the washing compartment and facilitate the drying process. To enhance this feature further, an internal fan activates, ensuring efficient drying and leaving your dishes perfectly dry and ready for use.

Best Dishwasher For Drying Dishes
Samsung dw80r9950ut

Check Price

But the Samsung DW80R9950UT doesn’t stop at drying performance; its cleaning capabilities are also outstanding. In our testing, all the cycles, including Normal, Quick, and Heavy, proved to be highly effective at removing stubborn food stains. Impressively, they achieved over 97% stain removal, and all this was accomplished in a remarkably short time.

In summary, the Samsung DW80R9950UT dishwasher is a true powerhouse, offering a range of exceptional features. From its customizable Bespoke panels to the innovative AutoRelease Door with an internal fan, this appliance ensures thorough drying and outstanding cleaning performance. Upgrade your kitchen with the DW80R9950UT and enjoy the convenience and efficiency it brings to your dishwashing routine.

  • Short cycles

  • Third rack

  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish

  • None that we could find

GE UltraFresh Dishwasher with Microban

GE recognized the value of a remarkable discovery and embraced it fully. By integrating their cutting-edge technology that harnesses fresh air to hinder the growth of odor-causing bacteria, initially employed in their UltraFresh front-loading washing machines, GE has now applied this innovation to their dishwashers.


Ge Ultrafresh Dishwasher With Microban
Ge ultrafresh dishwasher with microban

Check Price

Within the realm of the GE UltraFresh dishwasher, various components such as handles, controls, filter, and flatware basket have been infused with Microban, a germ-fighting agent, to maintain cleanliness and eliminate germs in these frequently touched areas. Moreover, during intermission periods between cycles, the dishwasher facilitates the circulation of fresh air and water throughout its interior, effectively upholding a clean and odor-free environment.

The cleaning performance of this GE model surpassed our evaluations, and it operated with remarkable quietness and user-friendliness. Stubborn objects like water bottles and soiled cutlery need not be wary, for the dishwasher employs targeted water jets both in the top rack and beneath the flatware basket, ensuring the optimal cleanliness of these troublesome items. We particularly appreciate the inclusion of extra space between the tines, a standard feature across all GE dishwashers we put to the test. This additional room makes it effortless to load curved or deep plates. The front display, discreet yet informative, promptly signals the completion of each cycle.

  • Handle, basket, filter and more protected with Microban
  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel front
  • Pulls in fresh air between cycles to control odors
  • Warranty is somewhat limited

Beko 24-Inch Dishwasher

Beko, a fresh presence in the US appliance market, has captivated our attention with its unprecedented innovations. While cleaning the filter of a dishwasher is a crucial step for optimal performance, it is often overlooked. However, Beko has ingeniously taken this responsibility off your hands by incorporating water jets inside the filter well. By simply selecting the designated option on the control panel, the fine mesh filter is effortlessly cleaned, saving you the hassle.

Beko 24-inch dishwasher

In our rigorous assessments, this dishwasher demonstrated remarkable prowess by effortlessly restoring the cleanliness of our heavily burned and charred cookware items. In terms of capacity, it accommodated our entire test load with room to spare, including nine additional glasses and an extra dinner plate. Notably, the dishwasher operates with whisper-quiet efficiency, and to provide real-time updates on its progress, a floor-mounted light illuminates accordingly—red when running and green upon completion. The only minor drawback we encountered was that the controls required a firm touch for engagement, but with practice, this hurdle became less pronounced.

  • Filter has built-in water jets for self-cleaning
  • Extra large capacity
  • Sprays water in a square pattern to better reach the corners
  • Controls could be more responsive

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the best dishwashers for drying dishes

  1. Why is the drying performance of a dishwasher important?
    • The drying performance ensures that dishes come out of the dishwasher completely dry, eliminating the need for towel drying and reducing the risk of water spots.
  2. What factors contribute to effective drying in a dishwasher?
    • Efficient drying is influenced by the dishwasher’s heating element, drying system, air circulation, and the materials used in the dishwasher interior.
  3. Is a dishwasher with a heating element better for drying dishes?
    • Dishwashers with heating elements are generally more effective at drying dishes. The element heats the air inside the dishwasher, aiding in the evaporation of water.
  4. What is a condensation drying system, and is it effective?
    • Condensation drying systems rely on the residual heat from the wash cycle to evaporate water from the dishes. While energy-efficient, they may not be as quick as drying with a heating element.
  5. Can I improve drying performance by using a rinse aid?
    • Yes, rinse aids can enhance drying by reducing water droplets on dishes, promoting water sheeting, and preventing spots. Most dishwashers have a dispenser for rinse aid.
  6. Are stainless steel tubs better for drying than plastic tubs in dishwashers?
    • Stainless steel tubs are known for better heat retention, which can contribute to improved drying. However, modern high-quality plastic tubs also offer effective drying.
  7. Can dishwashers with a fan or vent system enhance drying?
    • Dishwashers equipped with a fan or vent system can improve drying by expelling moist air from the dishwasher after the wash cycle, aiding in the drying process.
  8. Do all dishwashers have a sanitize or extra dry option for better drying?
    • Not all dishwashers have these options. Sanitize and extra dry settings are features found in some models, designed to enhance the drying performance.
  9. Can the dishwasher’s layout impact drying efficiency?
    • The dishwasher’s interior design, rack layout, and spacing can influence drying efficiency. Optimal loading ensures better air circulation around the dishes.
  10. Is it necessary to use heated drying, or can I air dry my dishes?
    • While some dishwashers offer air-dry options, heated drying is generally more effective and faster. It’s especially beneficial for items with concave surfaces that may retain water.
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