The 9 Best Portable Induction Cooktops of 2024

Induction cooktops are energy-efficient, safe, and offer precise temperature control. Portable models combine compact design with modern features like LCD displays, multiple heating zones, and built-in timers. Food and Meal‘s to picks about The 5 Best Portable Induction Cooktops of 2024, provide convenience and superior performance for an enhanced cooking experience.

Best Portable Induction Cooktops Of 2024
Find the best portable induction cooktops of 2024

Factors to Consider

Size Size matters for your portable induction cooktop, especially in tight spaces like dorms or RVs. Choose one that fits well and accommodates your induction-ready cookware.
Power and Temperature When picking a portable induction cooktop, consider power levels (100-1800 watts) and temperature settings (100°F to boiling point).
Features Portable induction cooktops sport user-friendly control panels, some with precise temperature settings and safety features like automatic shut-off and locks. Explore extras like boiling shortcuts, keep-warm functions, and presets to enhance your cooking experience.

The 9 Best Portable Induction Cooktops of 2024

Best Price

Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop

4.3 (6429 ratings) $114.09
Duxtop induction cooktop uses 110/120V 15 amp electrical outlet–standard in all North American homes. ETL listed and built to North American electrical standards. It is lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage. Portable induction burner is perfect for kitchen, dorm, RV, boats, and etc.
From childproofing features to 20 temperature settings, this compact cooktop puts high efficiency in a small package.
It emits a high-pitched whistle at times.

Our top recommendation, the Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop, is an excellent choice to explore the benefits of this lesser-known cooking method. With 1800 watts of power and 20 preset temperature levels ranging from 100 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, it offers versatility and convenience at a reasonable price. The cooktop boasts a user-friendly LCD sensor for easy reading, a keep-warm setting, a quick boil button, and auto shut-off for added safety. It also features a child safety lock and warning systems to notify you of high and low voltage levels.

Best Price

Duxtop BT-180G3 1800W

4.4 (15238 ratings) $44.29
Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120V 15 amp electrical outlet - standard in all North American homes; lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage.
Featuring 10 temperature ranges and 10 power levels, it covers all your basic stovetop cooking needs.
It doesn’t have boil and keep-warm settings.

For a more budget-friendly option compared to the aforementioned Duxtop cooktop, the 8100MC model offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on essential features for induction cooking. It shares many similarities with its counterpart, including temperature presets up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, a timer function, and 1800 watts of power. The timer settings extend up to 170 minutes, providing ample flexibility for various culinary preparations. The LED display is clear and easy to read, ensuring user-friendly operation.

Although the 8100MC model lacks boiling and keep-warm functions, as well as a child safety lock, it still delivers comparable performance to the higher-end version. While it may be slightly smaller and less visually appealing, it efficiently serves its purpose as a reliable induction cooktop.

Best Price

Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

4.5 (1480 ratings) $232.10
This professional digital countertop induction cooktop by Duxtop is equipped with two independent heating zones that allow you to set each one separately using the LCD display screen. The Duxtop induction burner uses 120 Volts, 15 amp of electricity—standard in all North American homes.
This double induction cooktop is great for families while still being compact.
The left side gets up to 1800 watts, while the right gets up to 1000 watts.

For those who require more cooking space but still want to conserve countertop real estate, our top choice for a two-burner induction cooktop is the ideal solution. With this double induction cooktop, you can simultaneously sauté vegetables on one side while searing meat on the other, allowing you to prepare complete meals with ease.

The beauty of this cooktop lies in its separate control systems for each side, eliminating any confusion regarding settings and sensor display. It offers 20 power levels reaching up to 1800 watts, 20 temperature settings up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, and eight cooking modes that cater to various culinary needs, such as frying eggs, heating milk, and boiling water. Additionally, it boasts convenient features found in other Duxtop models, including a child safety lock, voltage warning system, and a surface that is quick and easy to clean.

Best Price

NuWave 30532 Flex Precision 11-in-1 Element

4.6 (5714 ratings) $71.99
Select from the 6 convenient preset temperature settings or fine tune your own temperature from 100°F to 500°F in 10°F increments.
Compact and intuitive, it’s a beginner-friendly unit that can work with a limited power supply.
It might be too small for some, and the button-heavy control panel might be a bit overwhelming.

Perfect for student housing, camping, and those who embark on adventurous journeys, the NuWave cooktop is an excellent choice for its affordability and lightweight design. Its compact size sets it apart from other units on our list, making it exceptionally convenient for tight spaces. Despite its smaller footprint, this cooktop doesn’t compromise on features.

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Best Price

Breville|PolyScience the Control Freak Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking System

4.5 (146 ratings) $1,499.95
The Control °Freak induction cooking system accurately measures, sets and holds 397 cooking temperatures from 86°-482°F.
Impeccable temperature accuracy and stability make this model ideal for professionals.
It’s more expensive than some multiple-burner induction cooktops.

For serious home cooks and professionals, the Breville Induction Cooking System will set you up for success as well as any cooktop could. It offers optimal temperature precision with its through-glass sensor that directly measures the pan’s temperature and its included probe control that clips onto your cookware, maintaining your desired temperature within 1.8 degrees.

You can set it between 86 and 482 degrees Fahrenheit for any duration and save your go-to settings as presets, which is ideal for delicate recipes like sauces, ganaches, and curds. From simmering to deep frying, this cooktop helps you do it all effortlessly. Although on the pricier side, customers claim this cooktop is the best culinary investment they’ve made.

The Hamilton Beach Portable Induction Cooktop also caught our attention. Its sleek profile measures a mere 11 inches in width and 2.5 inches in thickness, making it one of the most slender choices available. With a weight of just 6.5 pounds, it’s remarkably lightweight, rendering it an excellent option for recreational vehicles, glamorous camping excursions, and outdoor activities wherever a power source is accessible.

While it boasts a modest selection of 10 temperature settings, ranging from 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it unquestionably fulfills its purpose. The manufacturer asserts that its burner heats up 40 percent faster than conventional stoves, managing to bring a pot of water from room temperature to boiling point within seven minutes. An additional feature of this cooktop is the inclusion of an induction test magnet: if your pans adhere to it, you can ascertain their compatibility with induction cooking.

Best Price

GreenPan Portable Induction Cooktop

3.9 (32 ratings) $123.92
Featuring a black crystal glass surface for effortless cleaning, this cooktop boasts a rapid touch control panel with customizable presets and an LED display. With Quick-Response Technology, it ensures accurate high-heat cooking.
Weighing barely more than 5.5 pounds, this lightweight, slim burner is perfect for on-the-go use.
It’s not ideal for larger pans.

In search of a lightweight solution for your mobile needs? The GreenPan Portable Induction Cooktop might be your answer, weighing just slightly over 5.5 pounds. Its sleek form factor also makes it a breeze to transport or utilize in various settings like RVs, compact homes, small studios, or accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

This elegantly designed burner boasts user-friendly touch controls accompanied by an LED display and customizable presets. What sets it apart is the ability to fine-tune the temperature precisely, foregoing the common 5 or 10-degree increments. Furthermore, a rapid-boil function is integrated, significantly reducing your cooking time. Additionally, the cooktop features a child-lock setting and pan detection feature, ensuring it only activates when cookware is present. The crystal surface is easy to clean, adding to its overall appeal.

Best Price

Zavor Induction Pro Cooktop ZSEPR01

3.9 (77 ratings) $129.95
The Induction PRO is a versatile, sleek, & portable induction cooktop that is safe and easy to use. The 8 user-friendly quick launch buttons take the guesswork out of cooking. Not only does this unit use 90% of energy produced while providing precise and instant heat, it also cooks up to 50% faster than other cooking surfaces - saving you energy, time, and money.
The Zavor Pro is lightweight, compact, and easy to clean, with quick heating and safety features to boot.
If you have the space, consider getting a double burner for your RV.

Opting for the Zavor Pro proves to be an excellent decision. This induction cooktop boasts a lightweight construction, tipping the scales at under 7 pounds, and flaunts a relatively compact size of 15 x 13 inches. Temperature adjustments are available in 5-degree increments, spanning from 140 to 465 degrees Fahrenheit, or you can select from the array of eight preset options.

As per Zavor’s claims, this portable cooking solution accelerates heating by up to 50 percent compared to traditional gas or electric stovetops, all while consuming less energy. An additional advantage lies in its absence of open flames or gas emissions. Smartly designed, the unit automatically powers down in the absence of cookware, and a child lock function ensures that adjustments to settings aren’t meddled with during cooking. It’s worth noting that the nonstick glass surface remains pleasantly cool to the touch and can be effortlessly wiped clean.

The iSiLER Portable Induction Cooktop garners our admiration as well. Its lightweight and compact design, clocking in at less than 6 pounds and occupying a mere 14 x 12 inches of space, stands out. The device offers a spectrum of 17 temperature settings, spanning from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring consistent and even heating for your induction-compatible cookware.

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Enhancing its practicality, a magnetic sensor safeguards against heating unless a suitable pot or pan is attached. Furthermore, a child-safety lock feature is present, granting the ability to restrict children from activating the device or altering settings while cooking is underway. The resilience of the glass surface against wear and tear is noteworthy, and its hassle-free maintenance with a damp cloth adds to its appeal. As a bonus, the cost-effective price point adds to its allure.

Tips for Buying a Portable Induction Cooktops

Ensure the burner diameter matches the base diameter of your cookware

One of the notable advantages of induction cooktops is their ability to uniformly heat your cooking utensils. Nevertheless, this capability hinges on the condition that the burner size equals or exceeds the diameter of the cookware you employ. Before making a purchase decision for a cooktop, it’s prudent to verify the burner’s diameter (not the cooktop’s width) to confirm that it aligns correctly with the dimensions of your intended cookware.

Prioritize cooktops with an extensive range of temperature and power settings

It is advisable to select a portable induction cooktop that offers a wide array of temperature and power settings. This selection affords you heightened authority over the burner(s), enabling optimal dispersion of heat. While certain alternatives come with a restricted number of pre-set temperatures, others provide precise control through adjustments in increments as small as a single degree.

Factor in the dimensions

Contemplation of the cooktop’s size is equally crucial, contingent on your culinary requirements and the available space, whether it’s for household usage, in a recreational vehicle, or within a vacation lodging. Majority of portable induction cooktops come equipped with a solitary burner, though larger variants featuring two burners also exist. It’s prudent to review the dimensions before making a purchase, ensuring suitability for storage, transportation, and the available surface area on your countertop.


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