Find the 9 Best Immersion Blenders of 2024

Immersion blenders, also known as hand blenders, stick blenders, or wand mixers, offer the convenience of blending and pureeing foods without the need for transferring them to a full-size blender. There are two main types available. The first type consists of a single piece design where the motor is integrated into the blender arm, which houses the blades. The second type features a detachable motor that can be connected to the blender arm as well as other attachments such as a whisk, mini food processor, or beaters similar to those found in hand mixers. Regardless of the type, the best immersion blenders are capable of handling both large tasks like blending smoothies and pureeing soups directly in the cooking pot, as well as smaller tasks like making mayonnaise or salad dressing.

Food and Meal‘s list of top 9 best immersion blenders of 2024 is based on extensive testing. We used them to make sauces, dips, and even chop ingredients like onions and garlic.

Best Immersion Blenders Of 2024
Discover the best immersion blenders of 2024

Is an immersion blender worth it?

Our experts highly recommend incorporating an immersion blender into your kitchen, particularly if you enjoy indulging in smooth soups and whipping up quick sauces. This versatile tool is effortless to operate, convenient to store, and significantly easier to clean compared to a bulky countertop blender.

The immersion blender truly shines when it comes to handling smaller tasks like creating delectable pesto, flavorful dips, creamy mayonnaise, luscious whipped cream, and even fluffy scrambled eggs. While proficient immersion blenders can effortlessly craft smoothies, milkshakes, and frozen beverages for one or two individuals, it’s important to note that their motor and blades are smaller than those of a countertop blender. Consequently, extended use may cause overheating, imposing limitations on blending time.

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We must advise against using hard foods such as nuts and seeds, as well as highly fibrous ingredients like kale and carrots, as they tend to resist achieving a silky smooth texture with an immersion blender. For these tasks, we strongly recommend opting for a high-powered blender or a food processor. Additionally, keep in mind that for an immersion blender to function effectively, the blade must be fully immersed in the ingredients. You may encounter difficulties when blending very small quantities.

What to consider before buying an immersion blender

Corded vs. cordless While a cord provides constant power, it can become entangled, prone to burning, or cause accidents on a busy kitchen counter and stovetop. On the other hand, cordless models offer portability and convenience, but they require periodic charging and may lose power before completing the task.
Blade guard vents The blade guard is vital for blending, covering the blades. Our research shows that wider guards with good ventilation enhance food circulation, resulting in better blending. They’re also easier to clean as trapped food particles are more accessible. Ensure the guard fits well in your pots and cups.
Handle and grip When using an immersion blender, a comfortable and ergonomic handle is crucial. Awkwardly placed buttons, a heavy blender, or an oversized handle can lead to hand fatigue. Easily accessible buttons that align with your fingers and a non-slip rubber handle for a better grip are recommended.
Design Look for a compact model that can be conveniently stored in a kitchen drawer. Although immersion blenders are generally easy to clean, we recommend models with removable blender attachments that are dishwasher-safe for added convenience.
Additional attachments Some immersion blenders offer additional attachments for chopping, processing, whisking, or frothing, all using the same motor. If you have standalone versions of these tools, picking a model without extras can save money. But if you prefer consolidation or lack these attachments, they can be handy. A tall, sturdy blending jar is a recommended accessory, ensuring full immersion, less splatter, and direct serving or storage of food.
Wattage In our testing, we found that wattage is less significant compared to other factors. The immersion blenders we evaluated had motors ranging from 225 to 600 watts. While wattage can indicate power, we discovered that it does not necessarily correlate with quality, performance, or comfort.
Best Immersion Blenders Of 2023
Blend with confidence: 2023’s finest immersion blenders

Our top pick: Best Immersion Blenders of 2024

Best Price

Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender

4.6 (3660 ratings) $48.40
The Breville Control Grip immersion blender has a redesigned blade system to address these problems: a bell-shaped base and internal ribbing break suction for greater control and efficient blending.
Easy to use and operate
Comfortable to grip for long periods
Useful, dishwasher-safe attachments
Blending cup can be too large for some tasks

Our top pick for an immersion blender offers an impressive range of 15 speed settings and boasts several exceptional features. Unlike some models that create suction on the container’s bottom, the Breville immersion blender’s uniquely shaped blade guard minimizes this effect, making it easier to raise the tool during blending and reducing splatters. Although it requires more up-and-down motion for uniform blending, we found it to be effortless to operate.

The soft and narrow rubber handle provides a comfortable grip, while the “on” button is easy to hold down. The nonstick edge on the blender arm ensures that you can blend directly in your pots without worrying about scratching them. The blender attachment securely clips onto the motor, offering a sense of reliability.

With the inclusion of the largest lidded mixing jar we tested, boasting a capacity of 42 ounces, this pick is ideal for larger batches. However, it may require some maneuvering when dealing with smaller servings. During our tests, we discovered that the jar was too spacious for a small-batch mayonnaise, but the blender itself performed exceptionally well in a smaller vessel. The jar’s lid doubles as an anti-slip mat, providing stability while blending. We appreciate that the jar can also accommodate the chopper attachment, allowing you to make use of the blending cup’s handle. Additionally, this model comes with a food processor and whisk attachment, and all attachments are dishwasher safe, ensuring convenient cleaning.

Best Price

KitchenAid Two-Speed Hand Blender

4.7 (3690 ratings) $29.03
The KitchenAid KHB1231IC 2-Speed Hand Blender in Ice Blue comes equipped with a 3-cup BPA-free jar and lid and a DC motor that blends, purees and crushes quietly and powerfully
Powerful enough to blend even hard, tough foods
Available in a variety of fun colors
Tangle-free cord
Lacks additional accessories

We were genuinely impressed with the quality and affordability of the KitchenAid immersion blender, making it one of our top choices. When it came to smoothies, it quickly became our go-to option due to its impressive performance. It operates quietly, packs a powerful punch, and is incredibly user-friendly. We found that it effortlessly transformed a mixture of ice and whole strawberries into a smooth and creamy beverage. Unlike some other immersion blenders we tested, it didn’t excessively suction to the bottom of containers, and the blender attachment is dishwasher safe, ensuring hassle-free cleaning.

One standout feature we appreciated is the thick power cord, which stays untangled and doesn’t bunch up. This is particularly useful when maneuvering around a busy countertop. However, if you prefer a cordless option, we were equally impressed with KitchenAid’s cordless model for smoothies. Additionally, the handle of the immersion blender is rubberized, providing a comfortable grip, and the trigger is easy to press.

While the KitchenAid immersion blender doesn’t come with numerous accessories, it does include a lidded 3-cup mixing jar. This convenient jar allows for easy storage of leftover smoothies or dressings in the fridge. However, we do wish that the jar had a lipped design to facilitate easy pouring.

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Best Price

Hamilton Beach Two-Speed Hand Blender

4.6 (640 ratings) $29.03
Hamilton Beach Hand Blenders quickly whip, blend, mix, chop and puree directly in your glass, bowl or cooking pan, so you don't have to clean a separate bowl.
Quickly purees soup
Cumbersome to operate for longer periods

This budget-friendly immersion blender excels in blending softer foods such as soups, milkshakes, whipped cream, and dressings. Despite having a 225-watt motor, the lowest among those we tested, it surprisingly delivers sufficient power to blend a pot of soup into a smooth consistency in under 90 seconds. It offers two blending speeds, high and low, controlled by large buttons that are easy to press.

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Compared to the other immersion blenders we evaluated, this model boasts the shortest shaft, measuring 5 inches. This feature makes it ideal for blending small batches; however, it may prove challenging to use in deeper containers, such as tall pots of soup. The immersion blender comes with a whisk and a food processor attachment, both of which are dishwasher safe on the top rack. It’s worth noting that the plastic handle has a wide circumference and feels somewhat slippery, which can be tiring to hold, especially for individuals with small hands. Additionally, the blending attachment may feel less sturdy compared to other models we tested

Best Price

Vitamix Immersion Blender

4.4 (28690 ratings) $124.99
One Handed Operation allows users to add ingredients without interrupting the blend, 5-Variable Speed settings, LED light display & Ergonomic Handle Design , Scratch Resistance Blade Guard prevents scratching and marring favorite pots and pans, Easy twist lock assembly, Powerful Motor makes every blending task faster, Stainless Steel Body compliments other kitchen appliances, 3 Year Full
Emulsified mayo with ease
LED light indicators for speed
Heaviest motor in our tests
Accessories sold separately

In our tests, the Vitamix immersion blender, known for its simplicity, effortlessly produced a rich and velvety berry smoothie. However, what truly stood out was its exceptional performance in creating a quick, silky, and flavorful mayonnaise. Within just two minutes, it expertly emulsified the mixture to perfection. Despite being the heaviest motor among the models we tested, we found its grip to be comfortable and ergonomic. The blender’s speed settings are clearly indicated with illuminated indicators, ensuring ease of use. Additionally, the blade guard is equipped with a scratch-resistant material at the tip, enabling you to puree soups directly in your pots without causing any damage.

Best Price

Braun MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender

4.5 (1310 ratings) $169.53
Included Accessories: Beaker, Exterior Features: Soft touch handle, Included Blades & Attachments: Stainless steel whisk attachment, chopper attachment (500 ml), Max Power Consumption:750 W
Adjustable blade height
All four attachments are dishwasher-safe
Blade attachment collects water and must be dried thoroughly

Distinguishing itself from the other immersion blenders we tested, the Braun immersion blender offers a unique feature: a variable speed button that adjusts the blending power based on the pressure applied. The harder you press, the more powerful the blending action becomes. Additionally, the height of the blade can be adjusted while blending by pushing down with the handle, providing added versatility. This feature allows for easy blending of smaller quantities by lowering the blade. In our tests, this feature contributed to the creation of a thick, uniform, and luscious smoothie.

The Braun immersion blender boasts a narrow bell-shaped blade guard without any vents. This design eliminates the need to pause the blending process to remove food particles that can become stuck around the vents. As a result, you can blend continuously without interruptions. The blender comes with a mixing jar, food processor attachment, and whisk attachment, all of which are dishwasher safe, ensuring convenient cleaning.

Best Price

All-Clad Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

4.4 (1596 ratings) $229.95
The All-Clad Cordless Hand Blender offers the high performance of a premium corded immersion blender without the inconvenience of a cord.
Features a motor with variable speed options for precise control
Cordless for ultimate portability and mixing wherever you go
Compatible with most container and large enough to get to those hard-to-reach spots

Opting for a cordless immersion blender can be a wise decision if you prefer the freedom to move around the kitchen without being constrained by cords or if your stove area lacks an outlet. The All-Clad model, equipped with a rechargeable battery, showcased impressive performance in our tests. On a full charge, the battery ran for over 15 minutes at high speed, and it took approximately two hours to fully recharge from empty. It’s worth noting that you will need a small amount of counter space for the charging unit.

We were particularly fond of the safety feature incorporated in this model. By tapping the button on top, you can easily unlock it, and then simply press the trigger to operate. If you happen to not press the trigger within 30 seconds, the blender will automatically lock itself. The blade attachment and handle are both constructed with stainless steel, providing durability and a sleek appearance. We were impressed by its power, and it boasts one of the quieter motors among those we evaluated. Additionally, it is also available in a more affordable corded model, providing flexibility based on your preferences and needs.

Best Price

Nutribullet Immersion Blender

4.6 (1310 ratings) $27.99
The NutriBullet Immersion Blender dives right into ingredients, giving you full control over speed and texture as you mix directly in your pot, bowl, or cup. Compact enough to store in your silverware drawer, this hand-held blending companion features a variable speed dial that blends at low, high, and everywhere in between.
Two speeds and variable
Soft grip handle
Blade attachment collects water and must be dried thoroughly

The NutriBullet Immersion Blender offers excellent value for its reasonable price and comes equipped with both a whisk and blender attachment, making it versatile for creating delicious desserts, smooth soups, and sauces.

It features two speed settings, allowing you to achieve different intensities and consistencies based on your preferences. The soft-grip handle adds an extra level of convenience by ensuring a secure and slip-free grip during use. We particularly enjoyed the performance of the whisk attachment. Unlike some other immersion blenders where the whisk feels flimsy and secondary to the main blending function, the NutriBullet’s whisk has a sturdy build that instilled confidence in its long-lasting durability.

Although the motor power is half that of our top pick, the Braun MultiQuick, and it lacks anti-scratch designs to protect your pans from damage, considering its price point, it remains a fantastic choice. Additionally, its compact size allows for easy storage in most flatware drawers when not in use.

Best Price

Cuisinart Evolutionx Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

4.3 (2024 ratings) $78.55
Introducing blending taken to a new level of professional performance and cordless convenience. Powered by 7.4 volts of lithium ion efficiency and easily rechargeable with a USB cord, the EvolutionX Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender does it all, from puréeing soups and blending smoothies, to whipping cream, mixing sauces and more. Includes 30 oz. beaker and chef’s whisk.
Cordless control
Powerful whisking
Reasonably priced
It’s easy to switch out attachments
Only takes 2 hours to recharge
Safety lock is fiddly

For an affordable cordless hand blender that doesn’t compromise on quality, consider the Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender. Despite its reasonable price, it boasts a sleek design and a powerful lithium-ion motor. While it may not deliver the smoothest consistency when making soup, it excels in handling a variety of ingredients and stood out as one of the fastest in achieving stiff peaks when using the whisk attachment for egg whites.

The convenience of a cordless immersion blender is truly remarkable. It allows you to freely move around your entire kitchen and even blend soups directly in the pot, simplifying the cleaning process. With a 30oz blending cup, it is spacious enough to prepare a morning smoothie. The blender offers a 20-minute runtime and requires only 2 hours of charging time.

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During our testing, we found the safety lock to be a slight drawback. While it certainly enhances safety, it needs to be reactivated even if you momentarily release your finger from the trigger, which can be a minor inconvenience.

Best Price

Braun Multiquick 9 Hand blender

4.5 (543 ratings) $227.65
The MultiQuick 9 is Braun’s best performing and most powerful hand blender yet. It now features Active PowerDrive Technology, with its high-performance 700-watt motor that results in up to 40% faster performance*. The new MultiQuick 9 is equipped with a wide range of new, cutting edge features like the imode Technology, which lets you create even more precise results at the push of a button.
Plenty of attachments
Powerful motor
Less suction and risk of splashing
Flexible blending shaft
One of the most expensive options on the market

The Braun MultiQuick 9 Immersion Hand Blender offers a range of attachments that enhance its versatility in the kitchen. It includes a blending wand, whisk, and masher, as well as a 2-Cup Chopper with an Ice Crush Knife for crushing ice.

The blending wand stands out for its innovative design, featuring a flexible blending shaft that can be easily controlled with the press of a button. This allows for increased reach around bowls or pitchers while blending. In our tests, this immersion blender showcased remarkable power, surpassing all others. It excelled in achieving desired soup consistencies and produced some of the quickest and smoothest pestos among the machines we evaluated.

However, there were some mixed results. The whisk took longer to create stiff peaks from egg whites compared to other models, and it felt relatively flimsy in comparison to KitchenAid models. The masher performed well, but we noticed that it tended to jam unless the potatoes were fully peeled.

The included 20oz pitcher and dishwasher-safe attachments add convenience to the overall experience. Additionally, the splash control technology effectively reduces suction and minimizes the risk of splashing when blending wet ingredients for soups and smoothies.

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FAQs About the Best Immersion Blenders

Q: What is an immersion blender, and how does it differ from a traditional blender? A: An immersion blender, also known as a hand blender or stick blender, is a handheld kitchen appliance used for blending and pureeing directly in the cooking pot or container. Unlike traditional blenders, it is compact, portable, and can be immersed directly into the ingredients.

Q: Why should I consider using an immersion blender? A: Immersion blenders offer convenience and versatility. They are ideal for blending soups, sauces, smoothies, and more directly in the cooking vessel. Their compact design and ease of use make them a practical choice for everyday kitchen tasks.

Q: What features should I look for in the best immersion blenders? A: Consider factors such as power, speed settings, blade design, material quality, ease of cleaning, and additional attachments. A variable speed control, durable blades, and dishwasher-safe components are often desirable features.

Q: Can immersion blenders handle hot liquids? A: Yes, many immersion blenders are designed to handle hot liquids. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the blender is suitable for blending hot ingredients.

Q: What are the different types of blades available in immersion blenders? A: Immersion blenders typically come with different blade attachments for various purposes. S-blades are versatile for general blending, while some models include specialized blades for chopping, whisking, or frothing.

Q: Can immersion blenders be used for crushing ice or frozen ingredients? A: While some immersion blenders have the power to crush ice or blend frozen ingredients, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines. Not all models are suitable for heavy-duty tasks, so choose one with sufficient power if this is a priority.

Q: Are there cordless options for immersion blenders? A: Yes, cordless immersion blenders are available and provide greater flexibility in the kitchen. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing you to move around without being tethered to an electrical outlet.

Q: Can immersion blenders be used for making smoothies? A: Yes, immersion blenders are suitable for making smoothies. Many come with blending containers or cups specifically designed for smoothie preparation. Ensure the blender has enough power to handle the ingredients you typically use in your smoothies.

Q: What safety features should I look for in an immersion blender? A: Safety features may include a secure grip handle, a safety lock, and splash guards to prevent accidental splatters. Some models also have overheating protection to ensure the motor doesn’t get damaged during prolonged use.

Q: Can immersion blenders replace traditional countertop blenders? A: While immersion blenders are versatile, they may not completely replace traditional countertop blenders for certain tasks, especially when dealing with larger quantities. Immersion blenders excel in convenience and precision for smaller-scale blending and cooking tasks.


In conclusion, the Breville Control Grip immersion blender emerged as our top pick, offering precise control and efficient blending with its redesigned blade system and 15-speed settings. The KitchenAid Two-Speed Hand Blender impressed with its powerful performance and tangle-free cord, while the Hamilton Beach Two-Speed Hand Blender provided affordability and quick pureeing for softer foods. The Vitamix and Braun models excelled in power and durability, with the All-Clad Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender offering the convenience of cordless operation. Each option has its own strengths and considerations, allowing users to choose based on individual preferences and blending needs.


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