Best Foods For Your Sex Life
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With your daily work and routine, do you still have the energy to keep up with your nightly romance? Eating three meals a day doesn’t guarantee you a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t really give you a healthy amount of calorie your body actually needs.  Try to eat these nourishing foods for your sex life that are not only tasty but can give you enough nutrients to sustain your sexual well-being.

Best Foods for Your Sex Life


These creepy looking things are already famous as an aphrodisiac and are rich in a mineral called zinc. Between male and female, zinc plays a more vital role at the former since it keeps testosterone levels and sperm production healthy.  However, if you’re one with an aversion to oysters, try to eat lean beef, lamb or pork meat.

Salmon and Tuna

Salmon and Tuna are both rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc which help your senses of smell and taste.  It also promotes healthy and radiant skin with the added benefit of good muscle and nerve performance.

Dark Chocolate

Best Foods For Your Sex Life
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While dark chocolate may be a good ingredient for romance (it greatly improves mood), it also bears phytochemicals that might enhance blood flow all throughout the body system particularly in the areas of brain and genitals.  Indulge an ounce of dark chocolate every night.

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Ditto with the dark chocolates, these little munchies give off phytochemicals that also serve as antioxidants which are great for your skin and blood flow.  Cranberry and blueberries in particular also thwart infections in the bladder. Moreover, berries are rich in potassium and vitamin C.

Water – Nessecary Foods for Your Sex

Best Foods For Your Sex Life
Coffee in bed. Selective focus. Love drink.

Since water does not have calories, it’s perfect in maintaining your weight.  We also know that water keeps us hydrated.  Not only that, but it also keeps our inside system clean and your skin smooth and moisturized. Let’s try that kind of foods for your better sex life.