The 9 best dutch oven for glass top stove 2023

The Dutch Oven is an essential and versatile cookware item that no kitchen should be without. Crafted from durable and sturdy cast iron, this deep pot with a fitted lid can handle a wide range of cooking tasks. Whether you’re braising meats, baking bread, or simmering hearty stews, the Dutch Oven is up to the challenge. Its exceptional heat retention and even cooking properties make it a reliable companion for creating delicious meals. With its multifunctional design, the Dutch Oven is truly a must-have for any kitchen. Following the post of Food and Meal to know about the 9 best dutch oven for glass top stove 2023

How to choose a dutch oven?


Top Picks: Dutch Ovens Perfect For Glass Top Stoves
Cooking in style: the ultimate dutch ovens for glass top stove cooking

Choosing a Dutch Oven requires considering several key factors to ensure you select the right one for your cooking needs. Here are some essential points to keep in mind:

Material Dutch Ovens are commonly made of cast iron or enameled cast iron. Cast iron provides excellent heat retention and even cooking, while enameled cast iron offers the added benefit of easy cleaning and maintenance.
Size and Capacity Consider the size of your household and the amount of food you typically cook. Dutch Ovens come in various sizes, typically measured in quarts. A 5- or 6-quart Dutch Oven is versatile and suitable for most cooking tasks.
Lid and Handles Look for a Dutch Oven with a tightly fitting lid to seal in moisture and flavors. The lid should have a sturdy handle for easy lifting and oven-safe compatibility.
Cooking Surface Enameled Dutch Ovens have a smooth, non-reactive cooking surface that doesn’t require seasoning. Cast iron Dutch Ovens may require seasoning and develop a natural non-stick surface over time.
Heat Compatibility Ensure that the Dutch Oven is compatible with your cooking methods, such as gas, electric, induction, or oven use. Not all Dutch Ovens are suitable for all heat sources, so check the manufacturer’s specifications.
Brand and Quality Consider reputable brands known for their quality and durability. Reading customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the performance and longevity of different Dutch Oven options.
Price and Budget Dutch Ovens vary in price, so determine your budget range and find a balance between quality and affordability.

 The 10 best dutch oven for glass top stove

Best Price

Lodge EC6D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

4.8 (30595 ratings) $79.90
This 6-Quart enamel Dutch oven is great for cooking, marinating, refrigeration and freezing. The color porcelain enamel on cast iron can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction cooktops, as well as in the oven. Not recommended for use on outdoor grills or over open outdoor flames.
The right tool to marinate, refrigerate, cook and serve
Unparalleled in heat retention and even heating
Smooth glass surface won’t react to ingredients
Broil, braise, bake or roast in the oven up to 500°F
Sauté, simmer or fry on any stovetop
None that we could find

Introducing the Lodge Dutch Oven, a remarkable combination of style and functionality that never disappoints. This enameled cast iron classic is perfect for creating and presenting unforgettable meals.

But what exactly is porcelain enamel on cast iron? It’s essentially a fusion of glass and cast iron at high temperatures. A layer of glass, known as frit, is carefully applied to the cast iron vessel and then baked at temperatures ranging from 1200 to 1400°F. As a result, the glass frit melts and bonds with the cast iron, creating a durable and resilient finish. Porcelain enamel on cast iron is not only heat-resistant but also highly resistant to water and other consumables, ensuring long-lasting performance.

At Lodge, we understand that cooking is about more than just the food—it’s about the cherished memories created around the table. We strive to make every meal a memorable experience, enhancing the joy of gathering with loved ones.

As a family-owned company, Lodge goes beyond being just a business—it’s a tight-knit family. Since 1896, the Lodge family has been at the helm of the company, and they continue to lead it to this day. With a deep commitment to environmental responsibility and community development, Lodge’s dedication is firmly rooted in America. Every piece of Lodge seasoned cast iron and carbon steel cookware is proudly made in the USA, showcasing the craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. While Lodge Enameled Iron products are made in China, they adhere to rigorous metallurgical and casting specifications to ensure the highest quality.

Choose the Lodge Dutch Oven and embark on a culinary journey filled with exceptional meals and treasured moments, backed by the heritage and expertise of Lodge.

Best Price

Cooks Standard Lid 7 Quart Hard Anodized Nonstick Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot, Black

4.8 (1827 ratings) $37.50
The Cooks Standard 7 quart hard anodized non-stick Dutch oven casserole stockpot with a lid, Black has a hard anodized surface that is durable and harder than stainless steel. The heavy gauge aluminum core provides even heat distribution and prevents hot spots.
The Cooks Standard 7 quart hard anodized non-stick
Dutch oven casserole stockpot with a lid,
Black has a hard anodized surface that is durable and harder than stainless steel.
The heavy gauge aluminum core provides even heat distribution and prevents hot spots.
Non-stick delivers exceptional performance and makes food release/cleaning easy.
None that we could find

Cooks Standard Lid Dutch Oven with its hard anodized surface that surpasses stainless steel in toughness. Crafted from heavy gauge aluminum, this Dutch Oven ensures even heat distribution and eliminates hot spots for consistent cooking results.

With its non-stick surface, you can effortlessly release food and enjoy easy cleaning. While it is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing to preserve its quality. The Dutch Oven also comes with a convenient tempered glass lid featuring a stainless steel rim. It is oven safe up to 500°F, while the lid can withstand temperatures up to 350°F.

Please note that this Dutch Oven is not compatible with induction cooktops, but it works perfectly on gas, electric, glass, and other stovetops. Additionally, it is dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Included in this set is a 7-qt Dutch Oven along with its matching lid, providing ample capacity for all your cooking needs.

Choose the  Cooks Standard Lid Dutch Oven and enjoy its exceptional durability, even heat distribution, and effortless cleaning. Whether you’re using it on the stovetop or in the oven, this Dutch Oven will be your reliable companion in the kitchen.

Best Price

Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven

4.7 (43452 ratings) $41.10
The Cooks Standard 7 quart hard anodized non-stick Dutch oven casserole stockpot with a lid, Black has a hard anodized surface that is durable and harder than stainless steel. The heavy gauge aluminum core provides even heat distribution and prevents hot spots.
Dutch oven in Blue; ideal for roasting, baking, sautéing, cooking, and more
Heavy-duty cast iron retains heat well and distributes it evenly; smooth enamel finish provides lasting strength
Oven safe up to 400 degrees F
Medium 6-quart capacity serves 4-6 people; perfect for tossing pasta, frying chicken, or making soup
Hand wash only; avoid metal utensils and wash in warm, soapy water for best results; avoid citrus-based cleaners

Introducing the Cast Iron Dutch Oven, featuring convenient side handles and a perfectly fitted lid. This dutch oven is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to effortlessly transition from stovetop to oven.

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Crafted from cast iron, this dutch oven ensures even heat distribution and retention, resulting in deliciously cooked meals. Please note that the enamel coating does not provide a non-stick function, so it is recommended to use cooking oils or sprays when preparing your dishes. Hand washing is the best method for cleaning this dutch oven to maintain its quality and longevity.

Always prioritize safety when handling cast iron cookware. Use hot-pads, oven mitts, or potholders to move or remove the dutch oven from the stove or oven to prevent burns or accidents.

With a generous capacity of 6 quarts, this medium-sized dutch oven can serve 4-6 people, making it perfect for various recipes such as pasta dishes, fried chicken, or flavorful soups. Its dimensions of 13.54 x 11.02 x 4.72 inches provide ample space for your culinary creations.

Choose the Cast Iron Dutch Oven for its superior heat distribution, versatility, and durability. Elevate your cooking experience with this reliable and timeless piece of cookware.

Best Price


4.7 (2976 ratings) $21.25
Create delicious gourmet meals or your favorite Comfort foods with your IMUSA Ruby Red Dutch oven. The IMUSA Dutch ovens are used to cook rice, beans, braise meat, and simmer stews and soups.
Tempered Glass Lid with Steam Vent and 2 Layer, Cream Colored, Ceramic Nonstick Coating with one Layer Marble Coating
Red Metallic Exterior with High Heat Temperature Resistant Paint
Hand Wash Only
Exterior red metallic high heat temperature paint.This product is not oven proof

Introducing the 5-Quart Aluminum Dutch Oven, a versatile and spacious cookware option for your kitchen. This Dutch Oven features a tempered glass lid with a steam vent for efficient cooking. The interior boasts a two-layer cream-colored ceramic nonstick coating, with one layer having a marble coating, ensuring easy food release and convenient cleaning.

With a generous 5-quart capacity, this Dutch Oven is perfect for cooking large meals, whether it’s rice, meats, beans, and more. However, please note that this product is not oven-proof and should be used on stovetops or other heat sources only. The exterior is adorned with a vibrant red metallic finish, enhanced with high heat temperature resistant paint.

To preserve its quality, hand washing is recommended for this Dutch Oven. Enjoy the convenience and durability of this aluminum cookware while preparing delicious meals for your family and friends.

Best Price

Marquette Castings

4.6 (140 ratings) $28.25
This gorgeous cast iron Dutch oven is the perfect addition to your cookware collection. It’s great for stovetop, oven, searing, simmering, baking and so much more! Our design is based on exhaustive research of the leading Dutch ovens and our piece incorporates all of the best elements.
Light colored high gloss interior
Large loop handles that are easy to grip with oven mitts
Totally flat bottom for improved use on induction ranges and glass tops
None that we could find

Indulge in the wonders of the enameled cast-iron Dutch oven that offers a range of features perfect for baking bread. Its metal knob is oven-heat resistant, ensuring durability and convenience. The wide flat bottom contributes to achieving a delightful crust, while its ability to withstand temperatures exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit makes it a versatile kitchen companion. Surprisingly, this Dutch oven comes at an affordable price, allowing you to allocate some savings for exquisite flours, add-ins, and delectable toppings to enhance your culinary creations.

Although bread baking is its forte, we put this Dutch oven through various tests in our Lab and discovered its remarkable versatility. The generously sized cooking surface excelled at searing chicken without any sticking issues. While browning results were slightly less even compared to other models, it flawlessly cooked rice without any sticking or scorching. The white interior enhances browning visibility, making it easier to monitor the caramelization process and witness the development of fond—the coveted caramelized brown bits at the pot’s bottom. In terms of durability, we observed minimal external paint chipping after impact, but rest assured, it doesn’t affect its functionality.

Marquette Castings designed this Dutch oven with oversized loop handles, providing a comfortable grip even when donning your favorite oven mitts. For added convenience, a separate carrying bag is available, allowing you to transport a piping hot pot directly from the oven to potlucks or parties with ease. Embrace the versatility and practicality of this exceptional Dutch oven that exceeds expectations in bread baking and beyond.

Best Price

Emile Henry 6-Quart Round Dutch Oven

3.0 (2976 ratings) $324.95
It is made from state-of-the-art ceramic and is lightweight and highly responsive. In addition, it spreads heat evenly to gently simmer and reveal the most delicate flavors.
Delight is made from state-of-the-art ceramic, is easy to handle and is much lighter than cast iron.

If you’re searching for a Dutch oven that isn’t so heavy, you may want to opt for a ceramic version. Made of high-fired Burgundian clay, this model by Emile Henry can handle temperatures up to 930 degrees and can go nearly anywhere a cast iron Dutch oven can go. Use it on the stovetop, on a grill, or in the oven—it can even be used in the microwave (it doesn’t work with induction, though). The glaze—not enamel—is scratch-resistant and you’ll find drip points inside the lid to keep your food from drying out.

When choosing a ceramic Dutch oven, it’s important to note that it will inevitably perform very differently from cast iron versions, simply due to its materials. Our Lab tested the 7.5-quart Emile Henry model and found that it does not heat as evenly as cast iron, resulting in hotter outer edges and a slightly cooler surface towards the center. That being said, we were still able to create browned chicken thighs and evenly cooked rice with little trouble. When testing durability, our Lab noted it is much more susceptible to breakage—handle it with care, since one drop or heavy impact can potentially crack it and render it useless.

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This Dutch oven can be easily cleaned by hand or sent through the dishwasher. Emile Henry backs this with a 10-year warranty should it have any production or quality defects.

Best Price

Camp Chef Classic Dutch Oven

4.8 (218 ratings) $65.99
Dutch oven cooking allows you to prepare the heartiest meals that are only achieved with cast iron cookware. Use this 6-quart, 12-inch Dutch oven for your family favorite recipes. This cast iron piece has a flange on the lid making it excellent for cooking with charcoal briquettes or wood.
True Seasoned Finish cast iron Dutch Oven Flanged lid for placing coals on top
Convenient loop handle on lid
Metal bail handle on kettle
Built-in thermometer notch
None that we could find

Embarking on an outdoor adventure? Look no further than this camp-style uncoated cast-iron Dutch oven, perfect for satisfying your culinary cravings amidst nature. Equipped with feet to elevate it over hot coals, it also allows you to place coals on top of the flat, snug-fitting lid for optimal heat distribution. The best part? It arrives pre-seasoned, ready to join you on your trip, and its coating improves with additional seasoning and usage.

With a generous 6-quart capacity, it’s ideal for solo camping or small group cooking. This versatile cookware offers even more functionality as the lid can be flipped over and used as a skillet or griddle. Our tester put it to the test by warming tortillas and frying eggs directly on the lid, creating a delightful outdoor breakfast. Don’t worry if you’re new to using coals for temperature control—our tester wasn’t an expert either. The Dutch oven comes with a guide featuring charcoal distribution guidelines. Once our tester mastered coal placement, she effortlessly whipped up shakshuka and cheesy enchiladas.

Keep in mind that this Dutch oven shines in outdoor cooking. While it is oven-safe, the legs may make it cumbersome to fit inside. It may work on a gas cooktop depending on your stove grates, but it is not recommended for electric or induction cooktops.

Best Price

Staub Cast Iron 6-qt Cochon Shallow Wide Round Cocotte

4.7 (2976 ratings) $67.99
The Staub cocotte is unsurpassed for slow-cooking meats and vegetables to tender perfection, and for simmering hearty stews and soups. Cast iron possesses exceptional heat-retaining qualities, so the pot heats evenly throughout.
Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops, including gas, electric, glass, ceramic, induction, and halogen
None that we could find

Crafted in France, this Staub cocotte offers a wider and slightly shallower design compared to other pots of similar size, providing ample room for your culinary creations. Its black interior is resistant to food stains, maintaining a pristine appearance. The interior of the lid features nubs that shower moisture back onto the food for self-basting. Despite its small size, the raised top knob allows for easy grip when removing the lid. The lid is oven-safe up to 500 degrees, while the pot can handle temperatures up to 900 degrees.

Our home tester was astounded by its exceptional performance in various tasks and praised its abilities as a bread baking chamber and a vessel for cooking beans and stews. In our Lab tests, it exhibited uniform and deep browning when searing chicken thighs, demonstrating even heat distribution without any hot spots. Rice cooked perfectly, reaching an ideal texture just shy of al dente, and there were no issues with sticking or burning when steaming with the lid closed. (Note: Our Lab tested the Staub 5.5-quart round cocotte, which shares similar materials and construction with the 6-quart shallow cocotte.)

During our testing, we observed no signs of wear or damage, although it’s important to note that enamel can potentially crack or chip upon impact. While this model comes at a higher price point, its performance and durability are in line with expectations for a Dutch oven of this caliber. Cleaning is a breeze, though the dark interior requires careful inspection to ensure it’s free of debris. With its lasting quality, this cocotte promises decades, if not a lifetime, of use.

Best Price

4.7 (8690 ratings) $60.41
Move effortlessly from stove to oven to table with the versatile Crock-Pot Artisan Dutch Oven. Made of durable cast iron with an easy to clean and naturally nonstick enamel finish, this American classic is perfect for roasting, slow cooking, simmering, sautéing, baking and more. Whether you’re making everyday one-pot meals or special Sunday roasts, this kitchen essential serves up consistently delicious results.
Perfect for slow-cooking, simmering, braising, baking and more
Durable cast iron construction retains and distributes heat evenly
Porcelain enamel finish is easy to clean and naturally nonstick
Hand wash only

For a budget pick, this 5-quart model by Crock Pot performs well above its modest price point. The cast iron build gives the oven heft so it doesn’t move on the stovetop and also offers even heat distribution and retention. The lid’s texture gives it a self-basting feature, allowing condensation to collect and redistribute itself over whatever is cooking so it doesn’t dry out. Oversized handles make it easy to grab with pot holders on, and the metal knob and Dutch oven are oven-safe to 500 degrees.

In our tests, we were able to achieve consistent and even browning with a nice crust on chicken thighs, though we did find the cooking surface to be on the small side—not a deal-breaker if you’re okay with browning in batches. When it came to cooking rice, it didn’t stick or burn when left to simmer and steam and all liquid was completely absorbed.

It was hard to find any major flaws with this oven. Like many enameled versions, using a metal utensil may leave scratches on the inner enamel, and you’ll have to be careful not to crack the outer coating with rough handling. The manufacturer highly recommends hand washing it to clean, which is pretty easy.


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