The 10 best ductless range hoods of 2023 

Ductless range hoods are a great choice for keeping your kitchen clean and odor-free. They remove fumes and vapors, saving your walls from grease and oil. Modern range hoods come with various features like adjustable suction power and lighting. They are cost-effective and space-saving. If you’re building or renovating your kitchen, consider ductless range hoods for a fresh and odor-free environment. Follow this article about best ductless range hoods of 2023 of Food and Meal to have more detail.

What is Benefits Of Using A Ductless Range Hood?

The Top Ductless Range Hoods For 202
Top 10 ductless range hoods for 202
Ease of installation This machine offer quick and easy installation without the need for exterior vents. They can be set up in as little as 10 minutes, using just a few screws and plugging into an outlet, and offer flexibility in placement within your kitchen.
Avoid potential hazards It avoid carbon monoxide hazards by recirculating air within the kitchen, preventing negative air pressure and backdraft issues with gas appliances. They are a safer option compared to high airflow capacity ducted hoods that may require an automatic makeup air system.
Energy loss It’s more energy-efficient than ducted hoods, as they retain conditioned air within the kitchen and prevent energy loss through venting.

The 10 Best ductless range hoods of 2023

Best Price

Cosmo Cos – 5MU30 Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

4.4 (8452 ratings) Price: $104.98
Cosmo’s COS-5MU30 under cabinet range hood has modern styling for any kitchen decor. Featured in brushed stainless steel, efficient suction removes smells and odors with ease. Two aluminum mesh filters collect unwanted grease and oil from the air. Easy push-button controls make using our hood easy. Built-in LED lighting ensures visibility for cooking at all times of the day.
Easy to clean
Finger-touch smooth operation
5-inch round duct for exhaust opening
3-prong plug included
Some may find its sound too loud.

Introducing a sleek and modern 30-inch under-cabinet range hood that will elevate the style of your kitchen. Crafted with premium brushed, 430 grade, 20 gauge stainless steel, this range hood seamlessly blends in with your kitchen appliances, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. Designed to fit effortlessly into any existing cabinet, it offers a slim profile, making it an excellent choice for apartments and kitchens with limited space.

This versatile range hood can be easily converted to a ductless system by using an optional carbon filter kit, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a ductless setup. It offers the flexibility of top or back venting, granting you freedom in choosing the installation location—whether it’s under a cabinet or against a wall.

Equipped with a 3-speed motor, this range hood provides adjustable airflow options to suit your cooking needs. Whether you require low, medium, or high ventilation power, it has you covered. The inclusion of durable and reusable multi-layered aluminum mesh filters ensures efficient trapping of grease and oil, keeping your kitchen clean and fresh.

Not only does this range hood enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics, but it also prioritizes energy efficiency. With its high lumen LED lights, you can enjoy well-illuminated cooking spaces while saving on energy costs year-round.

Say goodbye to harmful particles and lingering odors in your kitchen. With this ductless range hood, you can cook with confidence, knowing that it effectively eliminates unwanted particles and keeps your kitchen air clean and fresh. Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and efficiency with this exceptional under-cabinet range hood.

Best Price

Broan-NuTone 413004 Stainless Steel

4.6 (17738 ratings) Price: $119.00
BROAN Ductless Range Hood Insert and Light: Upgrade your kitchen with this versatile stainless steel unit! It functions as an exhaust fan and overhead light, effectively removing smoke and odors with its charcoal filter. Easy to clean and safe, with two-speed fan control and a separate light switch. ADA-compliant and includes a 1-year limited warranty.
2-speed motor
Easy installation
Rust-resistant materials
Easy to clean surface
Can work in an ADA-compliant application
Available in a variety of widths and colors to match appliances
Bulb not included.

Upgrade your kitchen with the high-quality 30-inch stainless steel hood insert that not only enhances lighting but also improves ventilation over your stove. Designed to effectively remove smoke and odor, this hood insert is a valuable addition to your cooking space. For optimal performance, it should be installed at least 18 inches above the cooktop, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The enclosed light area of this hood insert ensures even distribution of light across the stove, providing excellent visibility while you cook. It accommodates up to a 75W bulb, illuminating your cooking area with ease. Additionally, it features a replaceable charcoal filter that effectively captures grease emitted during cooking, helping to maintain a clean and fresh kitchen environment.

For user convenience, this hood insert includes separate rocker switches to control the light and the fan. With a fan designed for long-lasting and trouble-free service, you can rely on its performance for years to come. The ductless design of this range hood allows for easy installation, and you have the option to install it with an optional power cord kit or hardwire it according to your preference.

Versatile and adaptable, this product offers ventilation suitable for every cooking style and appliance type located beneath it. For a more detailed explanation and demonstration of this product, be sure to watch the accompanying video, which provides additional insights into its features and functionality.

Upgrade your kitchen with this high-quality stainless steel hood insert, and enjoy improved lighting, efficient ventilation, and a hassle-free cooking experience.

Best Price

Broan Nu-Tone PM390 Custom Power

4.4 (119 ratings) Price: $119.00
Introducing the Broan PM390 Power Pack Range Hood: A versatile exhaust fan and overhead light with multi-speed control, easy cleaning, and a sleek silver design. Perfect for your kitchen's ventilation needs!
Dishwasher-safe filters
6-inch round duct connector
Features a centrifugal blower
Lights not included

Introducing a fully integrated range hood system designed to seamlessly fit flush with the bottom of a cabinet or a customized hood installation. This durable hood features a sleek powder-coated silver finish, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen. With its multi-speed functionality, it operates quietly and effectively, ensuring optimal performance.

Enhance both ventilation and lighting with this hood insert’s convenient features. The incandescent lighting illuminates your cooking range, providing ample visibility. The fully enclosed bottom design incorporates a washable aluminum mesh filter, making maintenance a breeze.

Equipped with 3-speed slide controls and a powerful 390 CFM motor, this hood insert improves ventilation efficiency. You can easily adjust the speed settings to suit your cooking needs. The enclosed lighting area accommodates two incandescent 40-watt candelabra bulbs, delivering effective lighting to your cooking.

The heat sentry feature is an added advantage of this hood insert. It detects excessive heat and automatically adjusts the blower to a high speed, ensuring optimal airflow and safety. This hood is recommended for use with LB30, LB36, LT30, and LT36 liners, providing a seamless integration for a streamlined look.

This hood insert is ADA-compliant, offering accessibility and convenience. You can control its operation with a standard 2-rocker or 3-rocker wall switch, allowing for easy on/off functionality.

Upgrade your kitchen with this fully integrated range hood system, and experience enhanced ventilation, efficient lighting, and user-friendly controls. Its sleek design and impressive features make it a valuable addition to any kitchen space.

Best Price


4.4 (2738 ratings) Price: $339.99
Cosmo presents a modern professional top vented under cabinet range hood perfect for homeowners and builders with limited space. Fits easily into an existing cabinet, has premium brushed stainless steel that matches seamlessly with existing kitchen appliances for a modern upscale look.
Dishwasher-safe filters
Energy saving lights
Auto shut-off timer
In-built backlit display
Features remote control
Digital touch control panel
Some may find the installation process challenging.

This versatile hood offers the flexibility of installation as both a ductless range hood and a ducted range hood. It is a modern 30-inch under cabinet range hood, perfect for homeowners with limited space. Designed to fit seamlessly into any cabinet, it is constructed with premium brushed stainless steel, creating an elegant and cohesive look with your kitchen appliances.

Cleaning is made easy with its easy-to-clean stainless steel and permanent filters. These filters effectively capture fumes and grease, ensuring a cleaner and healthier kitchen environment. The twin centrifugal 500 CFM motors with arc flow and premium stainless steel baffle filters are equipped to trap grease and oil, enhancing the hood’s performance.

Despite its powerful operation, the motor operates quietly, producing a maximum sound level of 65 decibels. This ensures a comfortable and peaceful cooking experience. For those opting for the ductless option, a carbon filter kit is available (optional) for installation.

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This hood offers four fan speeds, allowing you to adjust the ventilation power according to your cooking requirements. Whether you’re simmering or frying, you can find the perfect setting for efficient fume extraction. The hood also features two LED lights, each with 1.5 watts of illumination, effectively lighting up the cooktop surface for better visibility.

If you desire a germ-free and odorless kitchen, this range hood is worth considering. Its versatile installation options, high-quality construction, efficient filtration system, and customizable settings make it a reliable choice for maintaining a clean and fresh cooking environment.

Best Price

Ciarra CAS75918B

4.4 (119 ratings) Price: $118.99
30 inch ductless range hood made with premium 430 grade stainless steel, with a long lifespan. 200 CFM suction, keep your kitchen fresh and clean, so you can enjoy the time preparing delicious meals for your family and friends.
Space saving
Easy control
Energy saving
High efficiency
Quiet operation 4.72-inch duct
Some may find the air circulation power a little weak.

Experience the versatility of this 30-inch kitchen hood, which can be used both as a ducted and recirculating range hood, providing options to suit your kitchen setup. If you prefer ducted operation, simply connect it through the top venting hole of a pre-installed chimney. For ductless operation, the CACF006 carbon filter is required, which can be purchased separately and easily installed on the motor.

Designed with a slim profile, this kitchen hood is an excellent choice for condos and apartments where space is limited. It features a 3-speed fan, allowing you to adjust the ventilation intensity based on your cooking needs. The powerful motor and suction efficiently eliminate smoke and odors, creating a clean and fresh kitchen environment.

Convenience is key with its sensitive push button controls, providing easy operation and accessibility. The inclusion of 2 LED lights ensures ample illumination of your cooking range and the overall kitchen area, enhancing visibility while you cook.

Maintaining a clean hood is effortless, thanks to its efficient 5-layer aluminum mesh filter. This filter effectively traps grease and is easily removable for cleaning, ensuring a consistently efficient performance.

Upgrade your kitchen with this versatile and functional kitchen hood, offering both ducted and ductless options. With its slim design, powerful suction, adjustable fan speeds, and convenient features, it is a reliable choice for keeping your kitchen fresh and well-ventila.

Best Price

Iktch IKPO2

4.3 (119 ratings) Price: $199.99
The iKTCH range hood is manufactured using advanced technology and high quality materials to ensure its performance and durability. Its design focuses on a combination of simplicity, style and functionality.
Dishwasher-safe filters
Easily removable filters
6-inch diameter aluminum duct hose
1 to 15 minutes adjustable timer
In compliance with ETL and CETL US and Canada safety standards
Some may not find the suction satisfactory.

Experience the superior quality of this hood, constructed from durable 19-gauge brushed stainless steel. With its sleek design, it adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. What sets it apart is its remote control functionality and unique gesture sensing feature, providing convenience and ease of use.

Featuring a powerful airflow of 900 CFM and well-balanced fans, this hood efficiently eliminates fumes, smoke, and cooking odors from your kitchen, ensuring a clean and fresh cooking environment. The 4-speed setting, controlled through a touch control switch panel or by simple gestures, allows you to adjust the ventilation intensity according to your cooking needs.

Noise level is a priority, and this hood operates at a whisper-quiet 40 decibels on the lowest setting, ensuring a peaceful cooking experience. Even at its highest setting, it maintains a tolerable noise level of 65 decibels.

Illuminate your cooking area with the two energy-efficient 3-watt LED lights. The brightness can be adjusted to suit your requirements, providing optimal visibility while conserving energy.

Maintaining a clean hood is effortless with the two stainless steel permanent and washable baffle filters. These filters effectively trap grease and oil, preventing buildup and ensuring efficient performance. Additionally, a charcoal filter is included, allowing for ductless operation and recirculating range hood functionality.

Upgrade your kitchen with this high-quality hood, offering a combination of functionality and style. With its durable construction, powerful airflow, convenient controls, energy-efficient LED lights, and effective filtration system, it is an excellent choice for a clean and pleasant cooking experience.

Best Price

Kitchenexus Stainless Steel T-16A

5.0 (1071 ratings) Price: $299.99
Modern, sleek, and efficient with 300 CFM airflow, LED illumination, and hybrid baffle filters. ETL licensed for confidence, it complements your kitchen design and is easy to use and clean
Carbon pre-filter
Slim and sleek
Ultra quiet design
Reusable filters
Dishwasher-safe filters
Easy to disassemble
Has ETL licence
Some may not find the suction powerful enough.

Introducing a 30-inch under cabinet stainless steel range hood that combines power, efficiency, and style. Equipped with powerful aluminum fans and a bronze motor delivering 300 CFM, it ensures effective ventilation for your kitchen. The 3-speed push button panel allows you to adjust the ventilation intensity to meet your cooking needs.

Experience excellent visibility with the two front-mounted high lumen LED lights. These lights evenly illuminate your cooking range, providing optimal lighting while being energy efficient.

Maintaining a clean and odor-free kitchen is made easy with the inclusion of two hybrid filters. These innovative and durable filters, made of stainless steel baffle and mesh, effectively trap grease and keep your kitchen fresh during cooking.

Designed to fit seamlessly into any cabinet, this range hood saves valuable kitchen space. Its premium brushed stainless steel construction blends harmoniously with most kitchen appliances, adding a touch of class to your kitchen decor.

For added convenience, the range hood comes with a built-in power cord featuring two outlets: one on the top and another at the rear. This allows you to connect additional kitchen appliances without the need for separate power sources.

When it comes to venting options, this range hood offers versatility. Choose from three venting options: top rectangle vent, back rectangle vent, or a ductless setup, depending on your kitchen’s requirements and configuration.

Upgrade your kitchen with this high-quality and stylish range hood. With its powerful motor, efficient lighting, durable filters, space-saving design, and multiple venting options, it provides a reliable and elegant solution for keeping your kitchen fresh and clean.

Best Price

Tieasy Wall Mount Convertible

3.9 (119 ratings) Price: $99.99
This item Range Hood 30 Inch, Tieasy Wall Mount Kitchen Hood with Ducted/Ductless Convertible Duct, Tempered Glass, Stainless Steel Chimney and Baffler Filters, Soft Touch Control, LED Lights, 3 Speed Fan
Premium quality
Powerful motor
Energy saving
Easy to clean and use
Modern design
Operates smoothly with finger touch
6-inch round top vent
Some may feel that the lights are set too far back.

Introducing the Tieasy Wall Mount Convertible Range Hood, a versatile and efficient addition to your kitchen. This range hood can be easily mounted on the wall, offering flexibility and convenience in installation.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this range hood is designed to withstand the demands of everyday cooking. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, while adding a sleek and modern touch to your kitchen decor.

Equipped with a powerful motor, this range hood effectively removes smoke, grease, and odors from your kitchen. With its convertible design, it offers both ducted and ductless options, allowing you to choose the ventilation method that suits your needs.

The range hood features a user-friendly control panel, giving you easy access to the various functions and settings. Whether you need low, medium, or high speed, you can adjust the fan accordingly to achieve the desired ventilation level.

Illuminate your cooking area with the built-in LED lights, which provide bright and clear lighting for your stovetop. This ensures improved visibility while cooking, making your culinary tasks easier and safer.

Maintaining a clean and fresh environment is effortless with the included filters. These filters effectively capture grease and other airborne particles, preventing them from circulating in your kitchen. The filters are removable and washable, making them convenient to clean and maintain.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Tieasy Wall Mount Convertible Range Hood in your kitchen. Its durable construction, powerful ventilation, user-friendly controls, and effective filtration system make it a reliable choice for keeping your kitchen fresh and free from cooking residues.

Best Price

Kobe CHX3830SQBD-3

3.9 (119 ratings) Price: $445.39
Very easy to install - no need for any ductwork A very powerful ductless hood with 400 CFM Utilizes baffle filters and charcoal filters inside for extreme air filtering Beautiful, stylish, elegant
Easy to install
Convenient to clean
Stylish and elegant design
Extreme air filtering
Some may find the baffle filters difficult to remove.

Discover the exceptional performance and sleek design of this 30-inch ductless range hood. Crafted from durable 18-gauge commercial-grade stainless steel, it combines durability with a seamless design and a satin finish, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Equipped with a powerful motor delivering 400 CFM, this range hood ensures efficient ventilation, effectively removing smoke, fumes, and unwanted odors from your kitchen. The 3-speed mechanical push buttons offer easy control, allowing you to choose between quiet, low, and high modes to suit your cooking requirements.

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Illuminate your cooking area with the two energy-efficient 3-watt LED lights. These lights provide bright and focused illumination on your cooking range, enhancing visibility and creating an inviting ambiance in your kitchen.

For improved air quality, this range hood comes with washable baffle and charcoal filters. The baffle filters effectively trap grease and oil, while the charcoal filters purify the air, capturing unwanted particles and odors. This ensures that the air recirculated into your kitchen is clean and fresh.

Experience the reliability and functionality of this ductless range hood. With its durable stainless steel construction, powerful ventilation, easy-to-use controls, and effective filtration system, it is an excellent choice for keeping your kitchen air clean and comfortable.

Best Price

Firegas Under Cabinet Range Hood

4.1 (2976 ratings) Price: $99.52
FIREGAS new kitchen hood is made with high standard of 0.8mm premium 430 grade stainless steel, it is highly corrosion resistant and can use for long term. This range hood 30 inch under cabinet with slim space saving & modern design for any kitchen decoration
Slim design 4.7 inch pipe diameter
5 easy push button controls
ETL compliance with US and Canada safety standards
The suction may not be strong enough to open the vent.

Experience the versatility and functionality of this under cabinet range hood, designed to adapt to your ventilation needs. Whether you prefer ducted or ductless operation, this hood has you covered. It includes a carbon filter for ductless use, making installation and setup hassle-free. With options for top or back venting, you have the flexibility to install it under a cabinet or against a wall, depending on your kitchen layout.

Crafted from high-quality 20-gauge premium 430 grade stainless steel, this 30-inch range hood combines durability with a sleek and modern design. Its space-saving construction ensures it seamlessly integrates into your kitchen, while providing efficient performance.

Equipped with a powerful and quiet motor, this hood delivers an airflow of 200 CFM, effectively removing smoke, fumes, and odors from your kitchen. The noise levels are kept under 54 decibels even at maximum speed, ensuring a peaceful cooking environment.

Select the ideal fan speed from the three available options to accommodate different cooking needs. Whether you’re simmering delicate dishes or preparing sizzling stir-fries, you can easily adjust the ventilation to match the intensity of your cooking.

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with the dishwasher-safe permanent filters. The two 3-layered aluminum filters efficiently capture grease and oil, while the included charcoal filters enhance odor absorption. The R-shaped rounded corners not only add a touch of style but also offer protection against accidental collisions.

Illuminate your cooking range with the two energy-efficient LED lights, each with a power rating of 1.5 watts. These lights evenly distribute illumination, providing optimal visibility for your culinary tasks.

Upgrade your kitchen with this versatile and stylish range hood. Its durable stainless steel construction, multiple venting options, powerful yet quiet motor, easy-to-clean filters, and energy-efficient LED lights make it a reliable choice for enhancing your cooking experience while maintaining a clean and pleasant environment.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a ductless range hood?
A: A ductless range hood, also known as a recirculating range hood, is a kitchen appliance designed to remove smoke, fumes, and odors generated during cooking. Unlike ducted range hoods that vent air outside, ductless range hoods recirculate the air through filters and release it back into the kitchen.

Q: How does a ductless range hood work?
A: A ductless range hood uses filters to capture grease, smoke, and odors as the air is pulled in. The air then passes through the filters, which trap the particles, and the clean air is recirculated back into the kitchen. The filters require regular cleaning or replacement to maintain their effectiveness.

Q: What are the advantages of a ductless range hood?
A: Ductless range hoods offer several advantages. They are easier to install compared to ducted range hoods since they don’t require complex ductwork. They are also suitable for kitchens where installing a duct system is not feasible. Ductless range hoods are often more affordable and can be installed in various locations within the kitchen. They provide effective filtration and can help improve indoor air quality.

Ductless Range Hoods 2023: Reviews And Recommendations
Faqs about ductless range hoods 2023

Q: Can a ductless range hood remove all cooking odors?
A: While ductless range hoods are designed to remove and filter cooking odors, they may not eliminate all odors completely. The effectiveness of odor removal depends on factors such as the strength of the odors, the type of filters used, and proper maintenance of the hood.

Q: How often should I clean or replace the filters in a ductless range hood?
A: The frequency of cleaning or replacing filters depends on the usage and the type of filters. As a general guideline, it is recommended to clean or replace the filters every 3 to 6 months to maintain their efficiency. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidance on filter maintenance.

Q: Can a ductless range hood be converted to a ducted hood?
A: Some ductless range hoods offer the option for conversion to a ducted hood. This typically requires additional components and modifications to the hood. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions to determine if your specific ductless range hood is convertible to a ducted system.

Q: Do ductless range hoods require professional installation?
A: While professional installation is not always necessary, it is recommended to consult with a professional, especially if you are unsure about the installation process or if electrical or venting modifications are required. Professional installation ensures proper placement, ventilation, and compliance with safety standards.

Q: Can a ductless range hood be used for all types of cooking?
A: Ductless range hoods are suitable for various cooking methods, including stovetop cooking, frying, grilling, and boiling. However, for heavy-duty cooking that produces excessive smoke or steam, a ducted range hood may provide more effective ventilation.

Note: It’s important to refer to the specific manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the ductless range hood model you choose, as features and specifications may vary.

The 10 Best Ductless Range Hoods Of 2023  11
The 10 best ductless range hoods of 2023  16

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